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Elipson Planet M Speakers (Pair) - $199 Delivered (RRP/Last Sold $799) @ RIO Sound and Vision


Massive PRICE DROP on the Elipson Planet M Speakers (Pair) in ALL COLOURS to ONLY $199 Delivered!!

These speakers are an ideal speaker for a desk, small shelf space, or living area and pack quite a punch. Looks can be deceiving so don't be fooled by their small appearance.
There are also accessory options available for any mounting preference (stands, wall mounts, in ceiling mounts) if the table ring is not your style.


  • Minimum Frequency Response: 90 Hz
  • Maximum Frequency Response: 22 kHz
  • Crossover Type: 2-way
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • RMS Output Power: 80 W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Driver Type: 100 mm Paper Woofer
  • Diameter: 150 mm
  • Weight Approximate: 1.70 kg

As an Authorised Australian Dealer, buy from RIO with peace of mind with a full 5 year Australia-Wide Warranty.

And don't forget that we also have our MASSIVE WAREHOUSE CLEAR-OUT on to move as much stock as possible as we make room for our Preston Store renovations which are currently underway so there are price reductions on all your favourite items store-wide.

Looking for a stereo amp to pair with these Elipson Speakers? We can recommend a couple:

For a stereo amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity and minimal size, the Elipson MC Mini Stereo Amplifier at only $499 (RRP $799; Last Sold $599)!!

For a traditional stereo amplifier with a built in phono stage and analogue inputs, the AMC XIA30 Stereo Amplifier at only $399 (RRP $699)!!

If you're after something bigger with a larger sound stage, then the Elipson Planet L at $999 a pair (RRP/Last Sold $1499) are the way to go!

Our physical stores may be closed due to restrictions but you can still shop online today for some great bargains!!

Can't afford to buy outright but want the product now? No problem at all! We have ZipPay available online now so you can have your item now and pay for it later!

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  • Hmm no photo of the Mercury Ice colour. Mercury (planet) is red but Mercury (Hg) material is silver .. but Ice is white or blue … so it must be either a Chrome / silver or Pink/purple?

  • how good are these bamboo balls???

  • +1 vote

    They actually sound amazing for their size and build quality is extremely high quality…

  • What connections do these have? Are they useful for PC speakers?

  • The subwoofer is $999 for anyone wondering. The sub is required to get those sub frequencies and these speakers were designed with the subwoofer in mind so while these are very cheap, the whole set up could cost you just under $2k if you starting from scratch and also need a decent amp.

    • Can't really factor the amp into a comparison though.. $1200 is apples for apples comparison price.

      An alternative subwoofer would do (considering budget buyers are likely to be the ones interested, matched speakers isn't likely a requirement)

  • Can these be used as rear speakers for a theatre setup? Also can they be mounted to a wall or ceiling


    100% they are awesome for as a 5.1 system or 7.2.2 etc


    We have all types of mounts available for these speakers, in ceing, wall mount, stands wtc

  • Oooh, they'd go well as surround speakers for my vintage Grundig Audiorama 8000s!! aka 'Deathstars' :)

  • It seems like these are meant to be paired with a matching subwoofer. Bear in mind these speakers were released 9 years ago!


  • +1 vote

    Yes Version 1 was 9 years ago these are version 4 their latest. Better tweeter more dynamic.

  • How does this compare to the Morrell?
    They have the same looking speakers as well…

  • $100 off on $1000 Code if anyone interested :

    Disclaimer havent tried myself.

  • can i use this for computer speaker 2.0? would this sound ok? or would require additional subwofer?


      Just keep in mind these are a passive speaker so you would also need an amplifier to drive them before you can plug into your PC…


    For a PC these are perfect!!
    You wont need a subwoofer as they will provide good range, however if you want extra pound and bass then yes look at a subwoofer. With have German Made Canton 601 for $499 which is a perfect match..

    • Would the Cyrus Soundkey be able to drive these speakers? It would be perfect for using from a laptop if so. I see you stock the Cyrus so if you successfully test it and you get good sound quality I will bite the bullet.


    Hello unfortunately no….the soundkey is designed to drive headphones…you will need an amplifier for these speakers we do have a AM160 amp that streams and has a USB and RCA connection and this will work, hope this helps

  • Can you recommend a good priced center speaker (Wall mount) to go with this?
    Iโ€™m looking to replace an old setup that came with the house.

    • +1 vote

      Are you looking to replace a 5.1 system?
      If so, these do also come in a 5.1 pack and I can price it up with some wall mounts for you..
      Give us a call at our Preston store to discuss :)

  • bought this one today.
    Cp, do you know how long would be the delivery?๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

    • Last month my speakers took less than 24 hours to arrive, i was blown away.
      Copped a pair of these aswell now because why not.

      • Yeah, i just revieved notification from austpost, i reckon will get it next Wednesday๐Ÿ˜„

        • Assuming youโ€™ve tested them, how do they sound?

          • @Franckel: It is a good looking product, not like your normal bookshelf speaker. And this is the main reason i bought this.

            Sound wise is good as well, you need to buy amplifier as this is passive speaker

            The cons is, youre going to need to buy subwoofer, as lack of bass on this 2.0 setup. However at this stage it is enough for me as i am only using this as computer speaker.

            Hope this helps