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The Dan Murphy Story Coffee Table Book $0.01 @ Dan Murphy's


The Dan Murphy Story Coffee Table Book
Normal Price $49.99
Member Offer $.01


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    Christmas gifts sorted! Thanks OP

  • works fine

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    "It's a coffee table book about coffee tables!"

    • Put some coffee on me.

    • Is that the one that turns into a miniature coffee table?

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    bought one…but i dunno what i bought…

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      they have a generous refund policy

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        Generous? They wouldn't give you 5 cents if you tried to return it.

  • Definite OZBARGAINER Medal

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    Was going to get one. Then realised WTF4. Holted

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      Literally the only person here with any common sense

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      Straight up. I wouldn't bother getting this if it were free.

      • Yeah, a tad embarrassing to have on the coffee-table.

    • wtf4?

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    exactly my thought, bought one and now it'll cost more money driving to the Dan Murphys to pick it up, than the 1c they charged us for their company's founder story…
    OzBargain at its best and free promotion to Dan Murphys!

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      Thanks for the laugh today. Ozbed literally. I would have brought it home flicked through it and left it on the coffee table to collect dust. My partner everyday would then complain to me why I have it. It'd have say the Ozber's made me do it.

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    Good Bed Time story book for Kids :)

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      Don't forget their rum & milk bedtime drink to help them to slumber.

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    Think you also get the 4% cashback if going through Cashrewards :-)

    • Think it may be "non alcoholic" so would be only 1% - Won't buy !… :-)

    • forgot cashrewards…oh well

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    Having seen these in store it's nothing more than a nicely presented advertisement for Dan Murphy's / Woolworths. Calling it a coffee table book is very generous.

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      Guess I have to use it as a monitor riser then

      • 5 of these would be about the height of a yellow pages.

        • A DIY work-from home monitor stand?

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    Drinktator Dan

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    Oh no I paid full price for this yesterday

    • Maybe try price guarantee insurance on your credit card or return it and re-buy it ;P

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      buy another to reduce average price by half

      • +2

        Double down

  • -1

    Hello eBay!

    • You can double your profit if you have a signed copy.

      Maybe if it was signed right in the centre of the front cover.

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    I wonder if it includes the bit where Dan gained a pricing advantage by avoiding sales tax and went to jail for six months.

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    6.90 delivery kills it :P

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    Got 2. How does 4% cashback work?

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • Oh no I missed out on paying 1c for a glossy advertising brick oh dear.

    • Seems to be available still.

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    does this book also turn into a coffee table? lol
    i miss seinfeld

  • got one cheers, and $200 worth of alcohol i don't need, damn they're good

  • Got one for me drunk dad!

  • Ozbargained!

  • Just picked one up from Alexandria. Thanks OP.

    • Can you let me know if it's worth picking up? if not I might just not bother

  • Just got one from a store that still had stock. Thanks OP

  • Just ordered one from St Peters, SA. Thanks

  • Just bought this at5.45pm Vic time, the deal is still on.
    I couldn't check out online using cc/PayPal. Had to go to the store and access my acc using their system, which worked out like a charm.
    Garry from Malvern store helped me immensely and signed the book himself, being an old timer since 80s. He told quite a fair bit about the book, great guy!!!

    • +3

      The Garry Murphy Story… A life dedicated to helping people piss up

  • Got 2 thanks!! Awesome gift just picked them up they are packed well and look like they are worth something

  • are you ok?

  • Is it just me or does the picture look like an old Roger Federer

  • This is still available in stores around Adelaide for C&C and delivery..not sure why it’s expired?

  • Does it include the part where he was a crook?

  • dangit missed, can someone gib me

  • Funny, plastered with clearance stickers for $14.99…

    Nicely packed in a hard case, thick hard cover book, nice quality pages etc, whether its worth reading or not, dont know as yet.. picked up 3, maybe a secret santa pressie olus chocolates etc, plus for that random other present, and for me

  • Ordered long after deal was marked EXPIRED… for c&c on discount Wish eGift card.
    Store rang to say out of stock.
    Oh no! How would I be refunded my 1c??

    Popped in to pick up another c&c order today & staff member called out my name. She presented me with my Book of Dan!
    Now my bargain life is complete😉

  • ordered one for a laugh to send to my brother, somehow my phone must've corrected it to 10 copies and I didn't notice, the .1 in the cart just made me laugh and I thought it must've just rounded up. Cost me a whole 10 cents plus $6.90 for shipping,

    2 massive boxes arrived at their door with them this morning. Looks like their Christmas gifts are sorted, hahahahahahaha.