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[eBay Plus] Corsair LL120 Dual Light Loop RGB LED 120mm PWM Fan $48.98 Delivered @ Futu_online eBay


Cheapest I can find delivered. Amazing fan may be found cheaper elsewhere for pickup.

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  • 120mm fan now the same price as 8GB of DDR4 lol, 2020 is whack

  • Is that for a single fan only? Good lord!

  • More expensive than my Thermaltake tower heatsink. Light show better be damn impressive for $50 /fan

  • complete waste of money

  • When I was looking into some ARGB fans for my case, I honestly couldn't see myself paying such a premium for a brand name fan for no real benefit….. https://www.amazon.com.au/upHere-Intelligent-Addressable-Mot... (upHere "brand", 6-pack 120mm PWM ARGB with a controller hub for $76.40 + delivery)

    Check those out, and look at reviews of that on YouTube, I myself have been using a 6-pack of upHere fans for coming up on 2years now, still no issues. I don't know if they are more noisey or less powerful than brand name ones, but to be completely honest, they work just as well as my previous mid-tier fans from what I can tell?? The UpHere ARGB colours and responsiveness is absolutely beautiful compared to the shitty 200mm ARGB ThermalTake ones that came with my case as well, so there's that too…. The ThermalTake fans don't even have nicely centered stickers on them, so distracting.

  • More expensive than noctua….lol…no

  • seriously…just get a 3 pack rgb thermal take kit for a little more ~$70 last time i bought a 3 x 140mm kit.

  • I got 10 of these in my 011 XL. While they look great, I do have my regrets.

    Had a nice clean meshify c build prior but had an itch to try that case ffs.

    • I was thinking of getting o11 dynamic case for my LL120 fans. (I'm using corsair 280x case now)
      How's the cooling? any improvements?

    • Currently running the Meshify C and had an itch to change when I saw the size of the new GPUs.
      My O11 (non-XL) arrived the other day and as it turns out I'm now doing a full custom loop haha. Got the distro plate today.
      What are your regrets? Are they with the fans or the case?

      • Are you talking 3rd party GPU sizes? What have you seen?
        I noticed the FE 3080s are 285mm in length which should fit in a Meshify C with 315mm clearance for GPU with a front fan mounted.
        I'm looking at a new build with the Meshify C case so interested in your thoughts.

        • Yeah mostly 3rd party air coolers (eg Strix). I had bought the case before the official reveal, so was mostly going off power usage rumours and leaks. Now that i'm going with a WC loop, the PCB's on these cards are actually really short so you don't really need that much space. No regrets getting the O11 though.
          If you're just going with an air cooled build, I'd definitely recommend checking out the new Lian Li Lancool II Mesh. I just did a build in this for my cousin and it's an awesome case. Super easy to work in and having the fans below the GPU is a huge bonus. It is a big larger than the Meshify C though which might bother you. Still worth checking out if you haven't already.

          • @elli0t: Ah yes I now see 318.5mm for the strix 3080, yikes. That would not fit in a Meshify C.

            Edit: looks like alot of the 3rd party 3080s aren't gonna fit…. hmmmmm…..

            I did look at the II Mesh, looks quite nice. I'm kinda in this weird position because my tower goes on the left hand side of my desk stuck in a corner without alot of room so I'm kind of limited in what works (power and room layour). Open glass panels kinda useless for me as well unless I put the tower backwards lol. The one thing I wasn't a fan of with the II mesh was that the bottom dust overs are accessed from the rear as opposed to the front on the Meshify C. I currently have a R5 Fractal and appreciate the front access and the Meshify C has front access as well.

            So many choices.

      • @elli0t How much did the distro plate set you back?

      • Just the over the top look. The mess with iCUE cabling too….

  • @Stuntdog Don't let the comments dissuade you from posting deals. When it comes to computing items in particular unless its the exact item they like/bought or is practically free - you'll get a bunch of people talking down your deals for no good reason. Keep up the posts. :)

  • There's this Arctis P12 PWM 5pcs value pack that I got just last week https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5-Pack-Arctic-P12-Value-Pack-Pre...

  • Just no. This is not a deal

  • With the amount of power these supply to your RGB ram they are well worth having.