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Roborock S5 Max A$637.14 + A$20.76 Delivery (HK) @ Banggood


Have been looking for some good robot vacuum deals - this is the cheapest I could find. Other users recommend waiting for a deal to come up as the international version drops beneath $600.

Shipping is 15-20 business days, so may be worth shelling out the $800+ for local stock from the official RoboRock store. Note: the deal linked only has a 30 Day refund/replacement.

$20 coupon for new users, not sure if you can stack with referral code.

$789.21 + Free shipping @ Catch https://www.catch.com.au/product/roborock-s5-max-robot-robot...
$849 @ RoboRock store - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558093
$789 + $4 shipping @ RoboRock eBay store with PARTY21 Code (thank you ironpaw)

Thanks to Doowyah and Dezeption: Note that the S6 MaxV drops on the 28th, so may want to sit on it and see if the price drops down for local stock!

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  • better than the roborock s5?

    • Here are some comparisons for why it may be better:

      • The S5 Max leverages Roborock's Adaptive Route Algorithm which the standard S5 lacks.
      • The S5 Max has Selective Room Cleaning that the standard model does not have.
      • The S5 Max allows setting suction per room, mopping water level ('dripping') per room, and no-mop zones, all lacking in the base S5.
      • More advanced mapping and navigation means the S5 Max cleans 20% faster than it's predecessor.
      • The upgraded S5 Max model has a redesigned mopping function and a larger water tank of that in the standard model (9.8 vs 6.4 fluid ounces).
      • The S5 Max does not leak water when jostled whereas the base model sometimes does.

      Source: https://vachq.com/roborock-s5-vs-roborock-s5-max

      • The regular S5 actually does have selective room vacuuming now. My app got updated with the functionality maybe 6 or so months ago? It didn't have it prior to that however, and you needed to add multiple zones manually.

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    International version which often sells at <$600 so not a winner

  • S6 MaxV is on its way. Will be interesting to see if the S5 Max price drops for local stock.

    • Ooo, maybe I'll wait a little more than before pulling the trigger. I keep sitting on the fence since they're such an expensive investment!

  • S6 maxV released here on the 28th

    • Thanks for sharing news about thew new version! I didn't know there would be one coming - would be good if the local price drops!

  • Hi, this is showing up as GST excluded price? GST of 65.93 is being added at checkout. Can anyone else confirm, thank you.

  • You can get this from the official AU Roborock store on Ebay right now for $789 with the PARTY21 code. They charge $4 for shipping though. Probably worth the extra $$$ instead of dealing with Banggood for warranty issues.

  • FWIW I bought the Xiaomi Dreame F9 for $429 Gearbite from recent deal.

    I've a Roborock s50 and has a Neato Botvac connected back in the day.

    So far the F9 has been absolutely rock solid. Gets around the place just fine (no lidar so was my concern) and pulls up a load of crap each use.

    Does all the smart mapping stuff also. Can't see why I'd go back to more expensive to be honest.

    • If you have 2/3 floors though it's no good though right?

      That's the only thing holding me back..

      • I am using it on one floor, I am sure it will work across multiple floors but you can only use a smart map for one level. So it kinda means you'd have to decide how much you think you will use the smart maps. I honestly never use the apps, just press the button on the top of the thing

    • How is the mopping function?

      • I use the mopping function on my roborock s50 all the time. I find if you use it regularly it does a decent job. Honestly hardly ever feel the need to mop by hand.

        I haven't used the F9 but looks the same operation so don't expect it to be worse in any way.

      • I find it pretty dam good on a s5max. Have have things like wine spills etc to need it to be great. Add some robo safe mop soultion and its great. If they managed to push a firmware upgrade for thr mop to be able to do a Y motion would be best

  • Bought it from the ebay sale for $742 with 6% off ebay gift cards from roborock official australia ebay store so better deal for $90 extra for official warranty as these are expensive items.