Unlimited Flight Booking Changes @ Virgin Australia


Apologies for spamming Ozbargain. Can’t do much when camping in pouring rain.

Virgin Australia will be the first Australian airline to offer booking flexibility until 31 January 2021 under a new customer policy announced today.

As part of Virgin Australia’s new ‘Passenger Promise’, Australian travellers will be able to make unlimited booking changes without incurring any change fees for reservations with travel between now and 31 January 2021.

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    Give me my money back first please instead of the travel credit you and Aunt Betty owe me !!

    • +8 votes

      Your legal right is not different to those suppliers or bond holders, all classified as unsecured creditors. They are getting only 10-14% of their money back.

      • Bet you're heaps of fun at Christmas parties.

        1. Virgin 1.0 were profitable
        2. Virgin choose to avoid paying tax in Australia
        3. Virgin take over Velocity & CS falls, big time
        4. Virgin owners abandon them & they collapse.

        Is this a fair summary of events?

    • Have you tried a chargeback (if paid by credit card) for services not received? To have any chance of succeeding, it would have to be filed within 120 days of whenever you were supposed to fly, and the flight itself would need to have been cancelled by the airline (not by you).

      • I successfully got refund through charge back process but there were a few hoops and depended on your T&C when booking

    • Open a complaint with Fair Trading. I got cash back that way.

    • Agree, FBI.
      Personally still owed $638 from Virgin for domestic flights (prepaid in Jan 2020 for late March 2020) so will hold back on the upvote until current customers are considered.

      • Doesn't quite work that way; if the business doesn't start making money, there won't be any money to refund you with. Not saying it's fair, but that's how the current economic system works.

    • Took 2 months but we just got our refund

  • Where are you camping ?

  • Play some board games with your kids. You did bring some games, didn't you?? ;-)

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    Forum post?

    • I’ll let the mods and everyone decide. I don’t mind where this is.

      On an interesting note, I wonder why nocure upvotes on any comments questioning the deals I post. I’m very interested to know his thoughts and not just hide behind others.

  • They still can potentially charge you for new fares and taxes. The change fee is a small win.

    • If no fare difference I will book first and change to Christmas peak season :)

  • Good deal. Flexible tickets usually cost at least double a non-flexible ticket.

  • From all Victorians, don't complain about camping in the rain! :P

  • Apologies for spamming Ozbargain.

    Wait, aren't you a bot? I thought that's what bots are meant to do!?

  • No apologies necessary. We appreciate your commitment to posting quality deals. Even while you're on vacation!

  • How come no one is willing to offer free refunds

    • Book the more expensive flexible ticket if you want that option.

      • That means nothing at the moment. Currently fighting with Amex on a fully refundable fare (D / Business Class) booked in November 2019 that I cancelled with Virgin early April prior to them entering administration. Virgin delayed the refund until administration was announced and would only offer a travel credit. Lodged a chargeback with Amex who sided with Virgin. Went back and forth until I escalated it to a complaint with AFCA. Currently waiting on the outcome after sending them a 5 page letter with all the documentation / proof in the world that my booking was a fully refundable one cancelled prior to VA entering administration.

        • Pretty sure if the AFCA sides with you, then you just become an unsecured creditor as the company no longer exists. I would check your options regarding that because you would be in a much worse position than have a flight credit. I just know you have no chance of ever seeing a cash refund and you'll just join the large group of unsecured creditors and from what I read you'll get between 8-14 cents back per dollar. I'm in it around $5k with the Virgin Group. I am very grateful I have flight credits, without a clue what I'm going to do with them.

        • Virgin are so messy to deal with. Velocity worse. Avoid

  • Does anyone know if this applies to frequent flyer point redemption bookings as well? Couldn't find the detail on the website…

    Edit: I found the answer by trying to make a redemption booking and the answer is "no".

    Here's the answer from velocity: "For changes and cancellations made after 31 October 2020, standard Velocity Terms and Conditions will apply."

  • all fare types right?

  • Why would you book now, regardless of waived change fees? There's still a very high chance that border closures/restrictions will affect any travel between now and Januaury. You really wanna take a punt on a Christmas/New Year trip and then get stuck with a travel credit?

  • at this stage I'm convinced dealbot is a bot

  • I'd rather keep my money in my bank than become an unsecured creditor for Virgin Australia.

  • I could of told you this was going to happen, because I just booked Qantas flights 3 hours ago as their change policy seemed more flexible at the time.

    • Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin have since around April/May provided a one-off fee-free change (subject to fare difference). What makes this different is that the number of fee-free changes that can be made is unlimited.

  • I still have free flights from AMEX which was extended, if i book a flight, cancel the card, does that mean i can still keep the flight?

  • Lmao what, why would you book a flight now

    • I'm not intending to actually use the flight, because of the free changes i was planning to book the latest flight possible and keep changing it until i can use it.

      So if i cancel the card i still have the flight

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