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GALAX GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8G (1-Click OC) $599 C&C / + Delivery @ Umart


All time low for 2070 Super , but $60 more than non-Super here, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565195

Best guess is that the 3070 will be about 55% faster and cost about 35% more based on some crap assumptions:


and $809/$599

So slightly worse value for money if you can get a 3070 and if they stay at the expected price of $809 when they drop.

Hopefully this trickle-down effect will continue.

Neg away!!

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  • wow this is ridiculous price, I paid $528 for galaxy 2060 super and I thought I got a good deal two months ago, now the 2070s is so affordable………..

    • Same here. Got 2 it months ago for my son's birthday. No regrets. He got a PC for his birthday and needed a card.I didn't really plan on spending over $500, so $528 was already a stretch.
      He's happy with it, plays everything he plays at 1440p at least 60 fps
      I'm just hoping we see some deals on the Galax 2060 Super so I can claim price protection on my 28 Degrees :)

      Edit: Ah nice https://www.umart.com.au/Galax-GeForce-RTX-2060-Super-1-Clic...
      Price protection here we come :)

    • You did get a good deal, only this one is better.

      Spare a thought for those that paid $699 for a RTX 2060 Super. or $north of $900 for a RTX 2070 Super

  • The deals are starting to get better…

  • -3 votes

    Cheapest second hand are going for 500-550 on ebay, dont see new going much lower than this

    • new cards havent even released, it will definitely get lower lol

      • if people are buying second hand for basically the same price, surely this will sell out before they get any cheaper

  • Good deal OP. Other post commenters were worried about Galax warranty/quality etc. If people want to spend 10% more there's an Asus Rog Strix RTX 2070 Super for $659. https://www.umart.com.au/Asus-ROG-Strix-GeForce-RTX-2070-Sup...

    • Completely anecdotal, but I had a Galax GTX 970 running perfectly for 6 years until I sold it earlier in the year. Not sure if the newer cards are poorer build, but that card had zero issues.

      • Reputation on Galax from reviews is actually pretty good. I think they brand as KFA2 in other countries. Interestingly pcpartpicker now lists 30x0 cards for both brands.

        Other threads said this card is noisy under fans. The EX version is $30 more and has better and quieter cooling. As people like the strix brand, it's $60 more. All a lot better prices than a fortnight ago if wanting a cheaper decent card.

        Cue comments about waiting to spend $900+ and fighting shortages, but agree we will see further price drops on the 2xxx tiers in coming months

    • Yup, cheap enough for me! I'm not stretching to a 3080 and for 1440p gaming the 2070 super should be great at this price. Can't see myself upgrading to 4k for a few years yet so pretty happy with $659. Plus I get it now :D Still no date for 3070 other than 'October' I think.

    • Galax sell a huge amount in asia and now ive bought and tried one, id save the money and buy it as its almost always the cheapest on offer

      • Agree Galax are great value. For me, temps and silence are a priority so worth a little more for deals like the MSI trio for $649. Closest similar Galax is the EX 3 fan version of the 2070S so I'm hoping to see it at sub $600 prices soon

  • RTX30 is coming. Be patient.

    • yea only be patient for the other GPUs to decrease in price

      u really think the 3070 will be $810 on launch???? Low supply btw

      • +4 votes

        That's how it always seems to work. No point completely tanking the price of old generation cards now while people will pay peak price for the new gen cards. Keeping the new card price up gives manufacturers and retailers time to unload old gen stock.

    • When they do finally drop, the fun part will be actually getting one at or just above RRP. The scalpers are already starting to circle the waters..

  • Nice card and great price - solid 144+ FPS in Warzone tonight at 1080p normal settings. Not quite as fast as the game was initally advertised.
    So getting at RTX3080 to max out my 1440p 144hz screen - and 4k 60hz TV.

  • GT710 deals are coming guys. Be patient for goodness sake.


  • great price.
    will be redundant in 1 month

  • Still expensive compared to msrp of the 3070.

  • Nvidia really stitched up customers for 2000 series pricing

  • Must… try… to… resist…

  • Why get this when you can get the gt710 for just $49?!

    • Why get the GT710 for $49 when you already got the integrated graphic for free?

      • Why use integrated graphics when you’ve got your imagination which is even better?

  • These cards haven't bottomed out yet. I'd wait a few days

  • At what price would RTX 2070 Super/2080 Ti be a must buy? $500/$800?

    • looking at Ozb comments , they're expecting $200 / $300

      • Ahhahahahah

      • regarding cuda core/per buck and second hand depreciation,for one two years old 2080ti, $300 is not ridiculous :p

        • yeah, like based on core/per buck , fx8350 > 9600k


          • @phunkydude: no point. I comparing current generation to predecessor.
            10496 cuda cores v.s 4352 cuda cores plus the improvement of new architecture.
            BTW, did you just buy one 20x0 card? :p

            • @pc6673: Nope, but i'm not dumb enough to direct compare number of cuda cores on ampere and turing , when they're on different architecture


              By your logic , you expect 2x jump in fps. Get real will you ? Even nvidia "dotted graph" didn't claim that.


              • @phunkydude: software optimization in driver and game would take some time, so such kind of reviews are not convincing at current situation.
                Common sense is the performance is largely related or proportional to physical level/cores quantity.

                • @pc6673:

                  software optimization in driver and game would take some time, so such kind of reviews are not convincing at current situation.

                  your 2x speculation based on your "unique" common sense, are not convincing

                  you substitute hard proofs from benchmark with your own speculation then call it "common sense" is simply nonsense

  • Anyone know if these will be discontinued when the 30 series hits? I was planning on buying and waiting for the price drops to claim back the difference but that's unlikely if they're being discontinued.

  • Does anyone know how the 2070/S will compare to the 3060? Since I don't think it's reasonable to cross shop an $809 3070 with a $600 2070 Super.

    • No one knows at the moment as nothing has been announced and AMD hasn't announced thiers yet.

      But based off previous releases it should be within the same ballpark.

      This isn't a bad deal, you probably wouldn't get a 3060 at decent prices until end of q1 anyway, but if you can just wait it out.

      AMD seem pretty confident so they might have some really good midrange cards on the way

  • I picked up my Gigabyte 2070S OC from FTC for ~$650 last year during 20% off eBay sale so this is a really good price!

    Also with initial supply/demand/limited stock I doubt we'll see 3070 going for RRP so this really could be a good buy for someone that needs something now (plenty of horsepower for 1440p gaming) at a different price/performance bracket.

  • I just sold my 1080ti for $700. Originally looking at a 3080, but if the 2080ti heads towards the $800 mark, I'll just get one of those!

  • Much difference too 1x 1070 or 2x 1070's in SLI mode ,..

    Justifing if its worth the upgrade, well I managed 2x 1070's for $500 for both my 1070 cards during the bitcoin crash, though they did come out of a mining machine (so was a bot of a gamble) but were well taken care the owner stated too me and both still seem to be functioning fine now what from 2 years ago or so 😀👍

  • I got the GTX 1660 Super for the meantime when my RX570 died 2 months ago, Gotta hold out for that 3060 benchmarks

  • Just in case you wanted to wait for 3000 series but were worried about stock… Mwave will get exclusive access to founders edition 3080 n 3090, it was first announced aus won't get it but nvidia 'sourced' some stock… 1st in best dressed but yeh that site is going to fail… Lolll

    3080 is i think $1139
    3090 $2490ish

  • Strangely enough I'm considering switching to Nvidia from AMD as it would be easier to do deep learning on it. Tempting to buy a nvidia card now.

  • Will this be bottle necked on an i5-2500k at oc to 4 GHz? I am currently running 970 GTX

    Thanks for any advice