iPad Pro 2018 11inch 64GB $898 | 256GB $1049 | 512GB $1248 + Delivery @ The School Locker


Got en email yesterday, 2018 model, but still a good price for an iPad Pro. Seems to be in stock at a number of stores.

iPad Air 10.5 also a $100 off, although only some colours, weird.

Update : appears the other colours are now at the sale price.

Note, Apple will likely announce a new iPad Air, and other hardware next Wednesday 16 Sep 2020.

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  • Seems to be +$14 delivery. Good price for the tablet though

    • thanks added +delivery to the title

    • Just a warning if you get an Ipad pro 11 from that gen. Whilst I love the tablet. I get about 10 phantom touches an hour which conveniently started happening about 14 months after I bought it. Apparently there is no fix for it, so I recommend purchasing extended warranty/Apple care or whatever it is.

      • ACCC would be able to steamroll Apple in that case. It's reasonable to expect an iPad Pro will last longer than 14 months, so you'd definitely have a case to take it further without needing Apple Care.

      • Apple has consumer law warranty for 24 months. And AppleCare is 24 months so don’t buy AppleCare unless you are scared that you are gonna break it

      • This is a warranty issue, go directly to Apple, their warranty process is always simple and efficient.

      • I’ve had my iPad Pro 11 since launch day and never experienced anything like that.

      • not just you, its the iOS 13, even my super old iPad has this problem

      • Do you still have the screen plastic wrap? That may be a potential issue.

      • I have the same iPad and had the same issue. I brought it to the Apple store and they replaced the unit for me

  • I bought my iPad Pro 11 on launch day along with the keyboard cover and it’s been brilliant.

    Currently running iOS 14 beta, can’t see any reason to replace it any time soon.

  • Before you make your purchase, in case you did not know, Apple will be releasing a new Ipad on the 15th September which has has many of the pro features at lower price, so you might want to wait and see.

    • not a good month to buy OLD technology with new CPU, GPU, Consoles, Phone etc coming up

    • Specifically, the new iPad Air is rumoured to have similar/same form factor as the 11" iPad pro, but with a 10.8" screen, single flush camera and probably follow similar cuts as the old iPad air did with the old 10.5 iPad pro, such as less speakers and only 60hz refresh.

    • Thanks mate. I'll wait a little longer

    • Unlikely to have 120hrz display, therefore this will become a good option.

      • Depends how much you value it really. I've used screens from 60hz up to 120hz and I notice basically zero difference, so for me it's much of a muchness. As long as it's 60hz minimum, it's good enough for me

        • sorry, no hahaha. 120hz on the iPad Pro 11 was the reason I got the thing… It's such a huge change for most people going from 60 to 90, 120 is huge especially on such a huge display. Especially since apple under-clocks the older CPUs so older iPads start to lag and dip below 60 at times, 120hz on the iPad Pro 11 is a refreshing and clean experience that's a joy to use. I bought mine for $1050 at launch for the 64gb model and think its pretty much worth the price.

          • @FAFFOUSH: I've got both 10.5 pro and 2020 12.9 pro so I'm not ignorant. All depends on your use case, and in my case for photo editing, writing and editing documents and watching videos it really didn't make much of a difference one way or another.

            Downvoted because I went against the high refresh rate buzz trend… I should've known better.

            • @chartparker: Sorry for coming off so harsh yeah I get what you mean it's definitely dependant on use case but it really just affects certain people more than others like, im super picky with framerates so yeah thats why I prefer it. I definitely understand what you mean tho and yeah you're right. It was mainly the "zero difference" thing I saw that I guess is just subjective to different people.

              • @FAFFOUSH: It was all from my own personal view (there a lot of "I" in my post and the disclaimer that 60Hz is good enough for me). Personally I'm much more affected if things like white temp, colour accuracy, contrast, viewing angles or brightness are subpar, with refresh rate coming in after all those.

                Generally, Apple is really good on most screen metrics anyway so it's mostly a non-issue, but given the choice between a 64GB iPP and an iPad Air with lower refresh rate but more storage for similar price, I'd go for the storage, since I hit the storage limit on my 64GB 10.5 stupidly quickly… but luckily I convinced my work that I needed a 512GB iPP :P

        • yah nah. I write a lot of notes for uni on my ipad for the past 3 years. Went from 9.7 pro with 60hz to 10.5 120hz. Huge difference! If you're just watching videos of course it doesn't make a difference for you.

    • leaks are all over the place. there's a high chance those manuals are fake. those features seem too good to be true and might ruin iPad Pro sales..

      apparently the fingerprint lock button isn't happening, which means those leaks are already off, take a look here

  • was too late to order. cannot get shipping, now have to drive 30km :(

  • Note: Apple coming with new ipads in 2 days.

  • I had a dream theschoolocker was owned by some kogan businessman not a great charitable org. just a.dream

  • I think if all you care is a home-buttonless iPad with beautiful screen, it is a good price. Otherwise, not a smart move to purchase a device that was released in 2018.

    • performance wise, its fine but updatability that will be short lived

      • ahahahaha - you’ll get at least another 3 years of OS updates. iPad Air 2, released in 2014, is still running iPad OS 13, and is getting iPad OS 14.

        • what I meant is the years of update will be less than 2020 iPad Pro

        • Updates mean nothing when they lag after a few years the processors can’t handle the new iOS

            • @Randolph Duke: Not nonsense at all even Apple slowed their older phones because they couldn’t handle it .
              My 2013 ipad was lagging by 2017 when I got this one now it’s also starting to lag .
              If your opinion was true then why even upgrade processors and ram ? Should still be using the same stuff from last decade .

              • @rumchaser: That was introduced because of deteriorating battery health, reducing the risk of the phone crashing by asking for more power then the battery could provide. I had a 6 Plus until 2018, it was still usable with latest iOS of the time when I replaced it with a XR.

                Apple doesn’t include devices in iOS updates before they start lagging and becoming unusable.

        • The current iPad Pro has a A12Z processor.
        • The 2018 iPad Pro has a A12X processor.
          The main difference AFAIK is that the A12Z has a one extra GPU core enabled and there is very little to no difference in performance.

        So as long as apple continues to provide updates, which they most likely will according to their existing track record. Then this will be updated for many many years to come. In theory should be updated until the 2020 one is dropped.

        Edit: see breakdown here which shows that they have the same CPU performance, along with marginal improvement on GPU.

  • The 2018 iPad Pros were years ahead of the competition. They won’t be obsolete for ages. They’re almost identical to the 2020 iPad pros. Been using my 12.9 inch 2018 iPad Pro for nearly a year, and I still feel like I’m living in the future. I’ll never buy a laptop again.

    • In the competition do you include Surface Pro with uncomparable business application productivity or to cheap touch Windows laptops/Chromebooks?

      I use Galaxy Note10+ & it would be hard for me to give it up for iPad pro unless it's raining :)

      • By competition I meant tablets. Surface Pro 7 will be slightly better if you need to use the MS Office suite or Photoshop, because you can use the full, PC version, whereas iPad Pro uses the mobile version. In most other use cases, the iPad Pro is far superior, both in speed and usability. It’s just a nicer device all around.

        • I think iPad Pro is niche device. For generic use/business it's best to stick to Windows. Speed is irrelevant on that limited device (smooth transition is not functional attribute) & usability is uncomparable with so many limitations vs Windows or Unix/Linux ecosystems. It's like comparing Unix/Windows servers vs Apple OS server with 0% market share (iPad is far better in %).
          My wife is using iPad for bedtime Youtube/FB/… but I see no reason for that heavy device as handheld (Galaxy Note 10+ is way more convenient & capable).

          • @taki: What is generic use? For computer-intensive work, like working on many documents at the same time, or video editing, you will need a decent laptop and a second monitor, or even a desktop computer. Surface Pro won’t handle it, neither will the iPad Pro. I use my iPad Pro for some of my work (MS word, MS Outlook, WebEx Teams), and most of my study and learning (Coursera, Udemy, Matlab, Google Docs, Notion), photo editing, gaming, media consumption, communication, and occasionally a bit of drawing with the Apple Pencil 2. It’s nice to have a device that can do all this on a big screen. For input, I use a 10-year-old Apple magic wifi keyboard, and an Apple Magic Trackpad 2. The iPad Pro really comes into its own with the Magic Trackpad 2. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a mouse again.

    • Agree, I’ve used my 12.9” iPad Pro since December 2018 and it’s been the daily carry and my goto computer. I can do about 95% of the work I need on it, only a few specialised tasks that I prefer to do it on a desktop and that’s only due to the screen size. If Apple improves the external monitor experience in future iPadOS versions, the iPad will definitely be a strong contender as a laptop replacement. Being always on, 4g connected, modular and also slim and lightweight profile and the ability to run high quality iPad apps is what separates an iPad from other classes of computers.

  • How do theese compare to Notebook or Choromebook for Productivity/$?
    Aren't they more expensive with that low memory & no cheap SD card slot?
    If you are after real mobility, wouldnt't Galaxy Note9 or 10+ (Note20 ultra when discounted) do much better job with many extra features?

    • It doesn’t need as good as specs because the OS is built for the device. Depending on use case, but plenty of people could replace their laptops with iPad Pro’s

      • The same people can as well replace the iPad Pros with phablets, most of today's phones with just 1 device.
        I only need 2, mobile phablet & PC for serious work.
        I cannot even replace my 4.5y old $700 i5-6600 PC with Laptop as I need to use 4K (Samsung)+ 61cm(Dell) ergonomic/nonreflective monitors with so many active windows & bright window behind me.
        IPad Pro cannot even handle few windows as well as Galaxy Note phablet.

        • Are you comparing a 7.x inch phablet to 10+ inch iPad? Not sure quite the same thing.

          Laptops can be connected to monitors too.

          Buy whatever works for you!

        • I can’t justify spending $1k+ on a phone. In my opinion that money is better spent on an iPad Pro. If you think you can do serious work on a 6-inch screen, your work must be quite easy. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has 5 times the display area of the 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10+. On my iPad Pro, I can work on two documents side-by-side in split screen view, and I’m still able to view the full width of an A4 page in both split screens, plus I can have any number of floating windows on top of that, which can be summoned or vanquished just by sliding my finger (Or the pointer) to or from the side of the screen, where I can shuffle through them, all while still inside the split-screen view. This is equivalent to working on a desktop with many windows open at the same time.

  • Anywhere with stock that would price match?

  • only reason i buy this is for USB-C

  • Valid till?

  • I just purchased and iPad 7th yesterday from office works. Is it worth refunding that to purchase this?