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10% off Roborock S6 MaxV Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner (+ Free Delivery & $100 Gift Card) $1079 @ Roborock Australia


Pre-Order Promotion Bonus Offer includes:

  • 10% off the RRP price $1199.00 ($120.00 off RRP)
  • FREE $100 Mastercard Digital Gift Card (click here for T&Cs)
  • FREE additional 6 months warranty (18 months total)
  • FREE Australia Post shipping with tracking
  • Available to ship out Tuesday, 29th September 2020

T&Cs: https://roborock.com.au/pages/service-warranty

Packaging and content includes:
1 x Roborock S6 MaxV robotic vacuum and mop cleaner
1 x Dock charger with official AUSTRALIAN plug
1 x Dustbin Box
2 x Washable HEPA filter
1 x Water Tank
1 x Moisture-proof Pad
1 x Microfibre Mop Cloth
1 x English User Manual
1 x Mobile App Guide

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  • More than double what I paid for my s50 roborock, a couple years ago…

    • Not sure the point of comparing pricing of different models from years ago. I paid a similar price to this for an iRobot Roomba 880 9 years ago which is a much inferior product.

  • I don't see how this is a deal, also got the S50 for more than half the price a year ago.

    Looks like an Australian Tax is now applied.

  • Pretty pricey for what it's essentially an incremental upgrade over previous models. Also hard to justify when there's the excellent original model with slightly worse performance, a slightly worse feature set, no mop, but at a third the price.

  • This is because we can not use the T models in Australia.

  • was waiting on price and it is actually cheaper than US pricing (USD 750) when converted but still decided to get the S5 MAX from ebay sale. last day today to get it at $789 (paid using giftcards so it was $742 for me, extra 6% off)

    comparison below

    • was in the exact same boat, and pulled the trigger on the S5 Max also with the eBay sale + cashback from shopback.. just couldn't justify the price difference $300 price difference for the S6 MaxV.

  • Wow the features on this are unreal. I picked up a xiaomi mi f9 recently which has the same suction and battery, but this robot is 10x more intelligent
    If I could afford it I'd definitely pick this one up
    And for those complaining about the price, it's a brand new product and things become more expensive over time. Look at iPhone pricing, it used to cost $800 for an iphone, now it's 2+k
    And this roborock is still competitive with other robo vacs out there too
    just my 2c

    • Your posts seem very biased, you only have 5 posts and all promoting Roborock

      • Promoting roborock? Where have I promoted roborock? Not like I’m going around saying roborock4eva
        Look at my history properly and you’d see a linear process of me asking questions about a product, receiving said product and then interacting with others
        Not like my account is new either, I’ve just never felt the need to comment or ask questions

  • Was going to post this too but didn’t think it was that much of a bargain at only 10% off the Australian RRP (regardless you get some bonuses).

    I was going to wait for this but ended up getting the S5 Max for 769 on eBay with their 21% off code (with bonus eBay $10 cash back and 2% standard cash back). Seems like a very incremental upgrade with the enhanced object avoidance with AI and ML. Definitely not worth the price difference to me IMO.

  • So the actual price (once you consider the discount & gift card) is $979.

    • Comes to $1099 as I believe the $1199 already has the 10% applied.

      • I guess 10% has to be applied on $1199 which will make it $1079 and then when you count the gift card it'll make it $979.

        So @f4te is correct..

        • Sorry misread the details when posting. Thought I’d seen that was the price with it off but can confirm you are correct.

    • Thank you. Updated price in post.

  • I like the camera feature. Can't wait to chase the cat around the house whilst I'm bored on the train commute (post COVID).