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Apple AirPods 2nd Gen Wireless Earphones $189 + Delivery ($0 C&C in NSW & QLD) @ Umart ($179.55 Officeworks Price Beat)


Umart has the Airpod gen 2 for $189 for 3 days only

I called up Officeworks for a $179.55 Price Beat.

Purchased this morning. (Receipt.)

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  • Retailer in the Title

  • This seems like the best price for a long time

    • Apart from the eBay Plus lottery

      • They were AirPod Pros.

        • in June there were Normal AirPods for $99

          • @jayboi: Oh that's right, lottery indeed @ that price.

          • @jayboi: Can someone share the receipt? Or date and time it was sold at that price.

            • @cisco: Why

              Edit: No idea why my above comment was unpublished

              • @jackary: If you didn't edit the comment, deleted the contents, click "Post Comment", and then click "Unpublish Comment", then that's a weird glitch! (I'm assuming a Mod didn't unpublish it within a minute of it being posted whilst supplying an incorrect reason for doing so, as that seems very unlikely to have occurred.)

                • @robinCTS: Beats me - the first comment was merely “why”, as was my second…

                  Back to the question at hand - I often see others ask for receipts for prices obtained in deals long expired and was really just wondering why - surely there isn’t a store that price mates a retrospective price, and surely no bank/CU etc would allow such a claim under price protection insurance? Just to fulfil my curiosity, am I missing something?

        • The previous June Ebay Plus lottery I believe. For $99 which was a better bargain than the current Airpods Pro.

  • Bought a pair of Dudios Zeus Ace earphones from Amazon on a recent sale for $20. I am no sound expert, but they sound awfully good, and to me they don't sound worse than Apple which I've also used in the past (but not side by side).

    • I've got two pairs of Dudios FreeMini and they have bigger drivers than the Ace (afaik) at 18.99 on Amazon. I won't pretend the connection is as consistent as Airpods though.

    • I have the Dudios as well, and although I agree they sound fine, the call quality is 10x better on the airpods, which I ended up buying after trying a few budget wireless ear pieces.

  • Confirmed the Officeworks Price Beat at Alexandria, NSW today in-person with no issues. Plenty of stock.

  • Airpods are overpriced for earphones that will last a few years at best.
    Bought these babies instead for around $50. Sounds just as good.

  • Called up to price match (VIC) but they said they can only do it with phoning head office, which are closed on the weekends. Will have to wait until Monday.

  • How long are these on sale for?

    I just bought some AirPods 2 and I can’t stand them. I’m going to try and return them and get some pro’s (they’re on sale at umart too).

  • Thanks OP. Got one by price matching at the Hoxton park, NSW… But the guy was adamant he needs to charge $10 for postage. In spite of me showing the receipt posted by OP. I didn't want to argue with him so just paid $189.

  • Are these the ones where the AirPods can charge in the case without being plugged in?

    • Unfortunately not. What you’re looking for are Airpods With Wireless Charging Case

    • If you mean whether the case will case the AirPods, then yes they will. As the case has batteries to charge the airpods.

      If you want to know if the case can be charged wirelessly (that’s a more pricey one/case, but AirPods are the same) then no, this case is charged via lightening cable.

  • Anyone know if you can buy just the AirPods on their own? If you want to keep your old charging case.

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      If you search replacement AirPods cost almost the same as getting a new pair with charging case.

  • Has anyone successfully paired non Apple AirPods with a MacBook? The ones I tried wouldn’t work

  • went to officeworks glen waverley today, get the response"we are not doing pricematch during the restrict, i suggest you go to umart directly"