Philips Hue GU10 B22 E27 White 2 Pack $41.57 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via Amazon AU


Also available E27 2-pack $47.58

Philips Hue White Single Smart Spotlight Bulb LED [GU10 Spot] with Bluetooth, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

What's required? – nothing This product works out of the box with the free ‘Philips Hue Bluetooth’ app. Simply screw in your new GU10 Bulb (perfect fit) and connect to the Bluetooth app for in room smart lighting control

Get started in no time – With no complex installation required you can start controlling your smart LED lights straight out of the box with your smart device or voice. Discover the easiest way to control your lighting

Easy dimming – experience easy and smooth dimming. Not too bright. Not to dark. Simply adjust your smart lights to create the right ambience
Control lights with your voice - Works with all echo smart speakers/displays and Google nest devices for hands-free voice control (Philips Hue bridge (sold separately) is required for Echo 1st Gen and echo Dot 1st Gen)

Unlock your homes full potential – add a Philips Hue bridge (sold separately, optional) to your cart and unlock full home Control, either when you’re home or away

Best price I have seen for Hue globes.

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  • Awesome price.

    I can't decide to go this direction, or update my existing switch to a smart switch. I have 2 sets of down lights that are old halogen MR16s. Each light within each set doesn't need to be controlled separately, so I'm thinking 2 smart switches with generic down lights would be a cheaper solution than buying these Hue GU10s and having to replace the MR16 housings with GU10 housings. Decisions, decisions…

    • Which smart switch? I was looking at this one which looked pretty good and affordable. I have 4 up down lights out the front so would need 8 globes. Want to automate them to come on at sunset for a few hours.

      • Have you got neutral wiring to use a smart switch? I didn't and ended up getting the hue garneas for those that could and GU10 fittings for those that couldn't (concrete slab can't fit a led downlight)

    • so I'm thinking 2 smart switches with generic down lights would be a cheaper solution

      Both GU10 and MR16 are designed for halogen spotlights, and not the best for general lighting.
      Better to replace all with the larger dedicated LED downlights, and smart-switches.
      You don't really want small spotlights do you? These GU10 are good for task lighting such as kitchen benches.

      The Sonoff Mini is a good way to mod an existing light switch to make it smart, but you need a neutral wire at the switch.

  • Good price for the Hue GU10,

    I went with the IKEA Tradfri GU10, pair up with my hue fine.

    currently $59 for a set of 3 with the ikea remote, normally $69

    • How long have you had these linked with your hue set-up?

      I have hue and heard some people complain of the ikea lights playing up a bit with the hue network.

      Lastly is it correct that the ikea lights are colour changing, warm and cool white?

      • I have a mix of Hue and Tradfri GU10's, and are buying a bunch of this deal - the Ikea's are fine, but took a bit of messing around (hours) to just get linked to the Hue bridge, and they don't go down to nearly the same levels of blue/white that the Hue's do.

      • I've had them set up for at least over a year.

        I have about 30 of the tradfri GU10s and just as reliable as my hue bulbs

        yep, they are bi-colour white so warm & cool

      • the ikea lights are colour changing, warm and cool white?

        They have 2 types: warm white GU10 for $15, or CCT ("white spectrum") for $20.

    • Yep I went with Ikea GU10s too coz $15 vs generally $50 each. Have lots of other hue but went for the saving. Work and linked up fine, just don’t work with HomeKit if you want that unless you’re running a raspberry pi

  • Are these the same as downlights?

    • These are just the bulbs for downlight fixtures. If you don't have the fixtures, you'd need something like the Philips Hue Garnea product.

  • Am i the only one getting the minimum $49 for Free shipping with Prime?

  • Waiting for a deal for the Hue White ambiance……no luck yet…

  • Is it warm white?

  • For the phillips hue E27, does it go any cheap when on sale?

    • Has done, but don't hold your breath. Just get the $15 ikea ones. Assuming you already have the Hue bridge?

  • I have Prime but it still shows 12.95 shipping in my checkout ?

  • Would it be better to replace existing MR16s with these GU10s (and fixtures), or just go straight to Garneas?

    • Garnea. But how many lights on one circuit ?
      You could potentially save a lot of money with dumb lights and a smart dimmer switch.

    • Do you have plugs at the end of all your MR16s?
      I don’t know about Garnea, wonder how easy/difficult is it to go from MR16 to Garnea.

      We got all our MR16s changed to GU10s earlier this year though.

      • I just did this with around 50x mr16s.

        It depends if:
        1) you have a plug above the mr16 or if it's hard wired. If its a plug, it's a simple job of swapping across. If its hardwired, you will need an electrician to install a plug at each light fitting and the wiring may not be suitable for garneas (240v Vs 16/24v)
        2) make sure the hole matches the size for the garnea
        3) if you're on a 2 storey property, you may have a concrete slab and the garnea may not be able to be mounted as they're meant to be mounted on plasterboard ceilings and not the canister in concrete. May need some modifications.

        I ended up doing garneas for everything I could (the majority) and the ones I couldn't, I used hue ambiance GU10 in a gu10 mount.

        • I wish I knew about the garneas, they look nice, I didn’t even consider them so not sure if there are plugs, may not have been anyway..

          We changed all ours to hue gu10s, we have about 35 of them.
          Bought them when amazon had the colour ones on special sometime last year.

  • Anyone know the specs for these (watts, lumens, colour)?
    I checked a few websites (when hue site) and can't find it.

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