This was posted 1 year 8 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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MORPHE MUA Life 20 Piece Brush Collection $48, Was $96 ($293 Value) @ MORPHE


Hands down the best brush set I've ever bought. Brushes are the better quality MORPHE ones. Perfect for beginners or pros. The face brushes in this collection are to die for. Comes with a nice quality storage case too.

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  • Shipping cost?

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    To die for?
    I won’t be going anywhere, we all float down here.

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    Do these come with free steak knife?

  • but….but….they are all synthetic….nothing synthetic is good?

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      Actually, synthetic makeup brushes are better as they don't soak up nearly as much product as natural bristles do. Plus natural brushes are not vegan or cruelty free. Natural brushes also tend to shed a lot more hair, which is annoying. Synthetic is definitely better.

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    I see negative comments from other posts for Morphe brushes… Anyone can please let me know if you have tried this and is it worth buying for my wife as a gift ….

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      My girlfriend already has some Morphe brushes which I think she likes. I decided to order anyway, even if she only gets use out of a couple brushes, I suppose it's worth it?

      • Need to know same :D

        Guess Nude by Nature brush set in below link , which is on sale as well, should be enough?

        • +3

          In terms of quality. No where near comparable.
          The MORPHE set comes with 20 brushes. The Nude by Nature only comes with 7 and the quality is not great. The ones I've tried have not applied my makeup well and shed.

          • @babydoll: Thanks for the info !!! Will go with Morphe then 😊

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    is it on sale because Jeffree Starr got cancelled?🤔

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      MORPHE is not the same brand as Jeffree Star… They are completely different companies.
      Jeffree Star cosmetics is it's own brand. MORPHE is it's own brand.
      Yes, some of JSC products are sold on MORPHE wesbite. And there is a JSC X MORPHE collab collections.

      But the products I've linked are no way connected to Jeffree Star whatsoever.

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    Seems like a pretty unreal price, decided to order a set for the misses - hope she likes them!

  • What’s the online return policy like, who pays return shipping

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    Do people do art on people's faces?

    What happened to putting the brush on the canvas?

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    Picked some up for the Mrs. Thanks a bunch! :)

    • She'll love ya!

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    Oh I thought this was paintbrushes

    • Was sitting here just wondering how’d they go as paintbrushes actually…

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    Seems to be a ton of fake reviews from an hour ago etc.

    Regardless, bought for the missus!

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    Hoping the missus like's it. Got the 35m boss eye shadow kit thingy too for free shipping.

    • Nice one! She'll love it :)

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      The reviews here and the ones from morphes website are completely contradictory lol.

    • Yikes, most of those reviews seem to be from the uk site, hoping the au site is better considering what I just bought

  • chronic Even!

  • Hmmm….those cronic or even chronic reviews made me change my mind at the checkout. Anyone have these brushes for an honest review?

    • I have a few that I bought not in a set and they are fine
      Ive also bought 6+ times from them this year (blame covid) and always received in no time and no fuss. Also returned many items on separate occasions (with PayPal return shipping) and zero fuss.

      Their eye shadows are super high quality and I would recommend them!

      • Thanks for that. I went ahead and bought them together with the palette. I too hope my missus likes them…….fingers crossed. :)

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    Also snagged the palette and brushes for the MRS… I hope she likes them!

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    I have a stupid amount of morphe brushes. They are amazing quality for the price. Ive tried lots of different brands too. Zoeva, Napoleon, Sigma etc. None are worth the price tag or out perform morphe. As a trained makeup artist I dont see any reason to spend more anymore on brushes when I can just use morphe.

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      I have some Sigma, Zoeva and other high end brushes too. Even Kevyn Acoin… Definitely not worth the price point. Not when MORPHE make some amazing brushes for less than 1/2 the price.

      • Do their loose bristle (bristles end up on the face)? Also what are they like after washing/cleaning them, do they hold the shape?

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          Nope, none of my morphe brushes have shedded. They hold shape as long as you wash and dry them correctly.

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    Thanks, got one. No idea if they're any good or not…. Bought for the wife. Trusting the comments.

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    Bought one! Either I will get the kisses or I get to do the dishes

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      Challenge. No way you have a girlfriend champ.

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    I thought these were Dyson replacement brush heads…

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    FML this is sold out after I told her I got them 🤦‍♂️
    I'm so annoyed… Been busting my chops for a set for ages but been too expensive…

    • Did you tell her to test her reaction, to confirm whether you should pull the trigger? Ooh you're a dead man.

      • I had them in my cart, and was going through the motions so just said yep finally got you a set!

      • Ouch. Condolences.

    • I feel your pain :(

  • I bought these to use to detail the interior of my car. Nice soft brushes to use on delicate plastics

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      Don’t forget to use the eye shadow palette to bring out your car’s inner glow!

  • My toddler has trained me to see this as morphle

  • Has anyone had their order shipped yet?

    • +1

      Yes. Mine shipping this morning.

    • Mine hasn't updated either

    • Mine shipped as well

    • +1

      Mine have not shipped yet, very odd, ordered on sunday morning

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    Received mine today, Logan/Brisbane. :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Arrived yesterday and much appreciated by recipient.

    • Good to hear :)

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