This was posted 1 year 4 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Huawei Y5 $40 (Expired), Seagate 2TB Hard Drive $49.99 (in Store) @ Australia Post


A large number of markdowns starting 14th Sept in-store (possibly online as well but am not able to confirm on weekends). These are all clearance items, prices are nationwide and there's more than just the below but these are interesting ones to me:

Seagate 2TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $49.99 - product code 36005
Phoenix Gold Iron $34.95 (originally $129.95 but more recently $69.95) - product code 47056
Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse $2.99 - product code 65774
Huawei Y5 2019 Arbon Unlocked $40 (was $199) - product code 44177
Huawei Y5 2019 Black Unlocked $40 (was $199) - product code 48663
Sandisk Ultra SDHC 32GB card $5 - product code 65763

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      Huawei Y5 Black - 48663
      Huawei Y5 Arbon Unlocked - 44177

      Can you post which stores in VIC have these in stock ?

      • Can only check my state sorry.

        • Is there any way for me to check online on the auspost website ?

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            Best way to check stock unfortunately is in store (corporate or an LPO), the customer contact centre can check certain stock lines but depends on how helpful the person is.

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          Anything in Broome for any of these?

    • Any stock in the Perth CBD stores?

    • Picked up 1 and only Y5 Black from Cannington WA, staff looked absolutely no idea when it was scanned $40😅

      • I went to a Perth store with one in stock. They refused to sell to me, saying there had been a pricing error.

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    Any stock in SA?

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      How do you find these items online? Searched for Seagate, then Stock Code. No luck.

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      Can only check my state sorry.

    • Went to Arndale and staff took all Y5 off the shelf because it's a mistake.

  • I guessing these would only be available at company owned Australia post?

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      Prices are nationwide so LPOs can have these, but most likely it would be corporate stores only that have stock available.

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        Thank you.

      • And corporate stores are called “Post Shops” on the location search right?

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          Majority of corporate stores are post shops.

  • Thanks OP

  • OP, do you know when do the updated online prices typically go "live"?

    • No idea sorry.

      • By when would you / can you confirm if the markdown prices will be available online as well?

        • I would be checking the website same as anyone else, so by when I check and it's there or not :)

          Prices not the same online as at 1am.

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    Is that an easy to use smartphone for my 70+ father in law?

    Do I have to rush into shop tomorrow to get them? Where can I check stock or can I order already today?

    • You'll probably have to get into a brawl to get one of the Y5s. I'm prepared to get into one

      • +2

        Who'd fight for a phone w/ only 2GB RAM…?

        • +6

          Thrill of the chase. What does dog do when caught up to car?

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      Best way to check stock unfortunately is in store (corporate or an LPO), the customer contact centre can check certain stock lines but depends on how helpful the person is.

      • Cheers. Got one close to my work. Will check at 9. Not a big deal if gone but worth a try :)

  • Y5 looks to have great bang for buck at $40, although no fingerprint reader or fast charging from what I can see?

    • No fingerprint reader and not sure on the fast charging.

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      Aus Post website says it has NFC. In a phone that's gonna cost $40. I'm up for it, any day!

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    Hmm price match with OW?

    Edit: other post said "Officeworks don't pricematch items on clearance."

    any stock in Melbourne?

  • How do we find out stock in Brisbane for the Seagate HDD. Anyone know it’s it’s USB3?

    • +1

      It's USB 3.0 backward compatible with USB 2.0.

    • Was told they don't do seagate anymore which explains the price drop but 2 post office I checked this morning dont have them

      • Yeah they're on clearance and aren't going to be stocked again for the foreseeable future (that's down to about a month now right?).

        Should've asked them to check other stores nearby for you, then again the staff should've offered to check for you….just being lazy

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        I personally love all the flavours. The new covid vaccine tracker flavour will be the best yet. I can tell!

        • +3

          The new covid vaccine tracker flavour will be the best yet. I can tell!

          Was it injected via 5G ? Did it hurt ?

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    The 2tb drive looks nice. $25/1TB-ish value. I'll grab one tomorrow

    • +13

      You hope to grab one

      • +6

        Grab or grab not, there is no try.

        • To grab or not to grab , that is the question

      • Ugh I went this morning and they only had 1.5tb one so I didn't buy anything

  • +1


    • B28? 5G?

    • +2

      Hmm, got negged. Not sure if that means no to NFC?

      Some reviews say yes, some no. Huawei says some models..

      So, NFC?

      • Aus Post website says it has NFC. In a phone that's gonna cost $40!

        • +1

          Well here we are…Aussie post says yes to NFC…but apparently it doesn't actually support NFC.

          I'll give it a miss. Currently using a Nokia 3 that was $45 with NFC.

      • +1

        Negs cut deep… Feels bad man…

  • Awesome, I need to send my phone in for warranty it'll be weeks before I get it back because corona.

  • I'll get one of each.
    Note that the Y5 has no 5G and just a LCD screen (no AMOLED)

    • +7

      Any phones for $200 rrp that have 5g?

      What about amoled?

      I would think not.

      • -5

        for $40 I wouldnt care if its loaded with ccp spyware,,,

        • +2

          For a basic phone it's probably only worth $40. No way I'd pay $199 for this. Even when first released.

    • Good luck.

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      LOL. You want 5G and an AMOLED screen for $40 ???

      • +1

        And anything else you get in a $1500 phone.

      • +1

        Pfffft…..such a rookie. Why settle for a single oled panel when $40 quadruple-sim foldable is right around the corner.

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    Can't find the 2TB external HDD, good price if can get one (shuck to add to existing NAS storage pool 2.5 -> 3.5 adaptor needed tho…).

    • +1

      Just keep in mind that some of 2.5 drive have micro USB connector soldered rather than SATA

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    Is still a little expensive 25$/tb hoping to get like 5tb ish or more for 100 bucks

    • +5

      Anything less than $30/TB gets snapped up, it's a fluke to get $20/TB (like the Amazon deal a couple of days ago, sold out in minutes).

      • I dont mind 2nd hand goods

  • Are these WA only?

    • +8

      If only there was a way to know, like it being in the post that it's nationwide.

      I guess we will never know

      • +10

        Haha reading posts in full isn't every Ozbarginer's strength.

      • Do AusPost staff still get 10% off merchandise these days?

      • I have turned my frustration at people not reading my Marketplace ads into fun. Like saying I'm not going to reply if people ask whether it's still available or the suburb I'm in (which I always state at least twice)… And then watch them keep messaging me the same inane questions.
        At least it amuses me.

  • Hi, great deal for Y5. Thanks. Are there any stock info for Melbourne (e.g. 3040)?

    • Can only check my state sorry.

  • +2

    Are Google Play store and Google map still working on Y5?

    • +1

      Actually that is a really good question, as apparently Huawei phones released after May 2019 aren't certified to run any Google services, and the Y5 was released in April 2019???

      • If the bootloader is unlocked you could probably put Google apps on it.

        Edit: Evidence points towards no bootloader unlock for this phone. Anyone have this phone to vouch?

        • +1

          This phone was made public before 16 May 2019 when the US restraining order came into effect.

          As such, this phone has all Google Apps, and Play Store. Confirmed by @gottacatchemall here who purchased the phone this morning.

  • Is the Y5 2019 dual SIM?

    • I have the Y5 2018 and it's single nano SIM + Micro SD so i guess 2019 would also be single SIM. Mine is locked to Vodafone.

  • Do all Auspost locations have mobile phones? How do I know which one is the best to go for the Y5?

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      All corporate stores stock phones, LPOs it varies on the owners preference.

      Try go to your nearest store and ask them to check for you (if they don't have any)?

      • Is there a way to tell if it's a corporate store or not?

        • I guess on their website, store locator, if the name ends with "Post Shop", its a corporate store. If the name ends with "LPO", its a local post office.

          Online prices are still not marked down. Could this be only in-store? Should I just go to the nearest store at 9:00 AM. Do all stores have it on display or we need to ask at the counter. This question as officially the marked down prices are not seen anywhere, unless in-store it is already marked down. I wish.

  • Any stock in postcode 3111? Looking for the 2tb harddrive

  • +1

    If they're also doing it online it hasn't been updated as yet. Would be awesome if they do.

  • Did anyone else have any luck in Victoria. About to head down to the local PO to suss it out.

    • None in 3147. Post lady said only one in the city on the system.

      • See replies below.

        Doncaster is still Melbourne.

  • Just called Australia Post customer service…
    They absolutely have non of those deals on there system…
    For example… 44177…huawei y5 arbon..
    Unable to find it on A/P. system

    She even Googled the code and came up with some Asian website as.. Gueer dog geyfrog commented above…

    Will be curious to see if anyone goes physically to the post office to buy any of these items at those prices.

    Please keep us updated

    • Should’ve asked for the black one, at least it’s on the website.

    • Welp not a good sign, camping outside one waiting for it to open.

      I wonder if OP is playing a trick lol

      • +1

        Just got 3 at my local post office! It is not a lie!

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