Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler $136 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


State-of-the-art dual-tower design with 6 heatpipes provides excellent cooling performance for overclocking or near-silent systems

High-compatibility version of the award-winning NH-D15; asymmetric single fan design for best RAM- and PCIe-compatibility

Highly optimised NF-A15 140mm fan with PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptor for automatic speed control and ultra-quiet operation

Easy-to-install SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system for Intel LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA2011, LGA2066 & AMD AM2(+), AM3(+) FM1, FM2(+) AM4
Renowned Noctua quality backed up by 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, deluxe choice for Intel Core i9, i7, i5, i3 (e.g. 10980XE, 10940X, 10920X, 10900X) and AMD Ryzen (e.g. 3950X, 3900X, 3700X, 3600X)

Delivered from Amazon UK.

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  • Overkill for most builds but such a good price.

  • Drawback is the weight, had one similar crack my motherboard after only a year.

    That said, these are fantastic coolers and the price is awesome.

    • Oh god this can happen??

      • 😲 Lays down tower case gentle on its side … There there motherboard, have a rest now

      • I sold 10-20 smaller noctuas than the d15 and still had someone on eBay complain of this. I figured it was user error but with the d15s.. Who knows

      • I had a different CPU cooler crack the CPU mounting bracket and fall down onto my GPU :/

      • I own 2, and i personally dont see how.

        It has a backplate that means its a good 4x4inch square you'd need to snap out.

        Dunno if you've ever tried to snap a motherboard before, but its HARD.

        • Just sitting there it does seem hard.

          If you were moving it about to lans and stuff then yeah

          • @justtoreply: Even then, my old lan system, a 3770k has literally been THROWN into a ute with this cooler.

            Perhaps if you had a socket 775 mobo and an asrock motherboard; when they were still using 4 layer pcb's.

            But anything newer than 10 years is all 6 layer.

            It sounds more like the heatsink was just leverage, and the case standoffs were slightly out of alignment causing a stress fracture.

        • Then I guess I'm lucky it was the Umart Tech's doing the warranty repairs, apparently they had seen this issue so I didn't get accused of mistreating my rig.

      • Maybe more likely if you don’t screw in all your motherboard standoff screws properly, unevenly fix the mounting bracket and also move your tower around a lot. I could see it happening in that sort of scenario, but not in general, no.

  • Brilliant coolers (or get the U12 Chromax Black) but don't get one if you're getting an RTX 30 series Founders Edition due to airflow. You're better off with an AIO water cooler like H100i.

    • Not going to be getting one of the FE but is there something particular to the FE about airflow?

      • Yes, the fans are in a unique configuration on both sides of the card which means hot air would circulate above your CPU.

        See here:

        Non-issue if you have watercooling with an exhaust fan top rear of the case (ideal case scenario most people run) but not recommended if you use a tower cooler like this one as you'll be passing hot air through the radiator.

        • Good advice. I'm waiting to see benchmarks though, I can see a lot of reviewers going in-depth on how much the FE fan config affects CPU thermals.

        • Non blower graphics cards already dump hot air all over the place. The founders 3000 series are at least designed to dump a good proportion of hot air out the back of the case.

        • I'm just wondering, where do you think the hot air goes for GPUs with standard non-blower style coolers? Pretty much all non-blower style GPU coolers are recirculating hot air towards the CPU cooler

        • I understand it might be a bit worse with the new cooler design, but with my classic open air GPU fan the fan exhaust air will end up going past/through the CPU to get to the exhaust fans anyway. There isn't anywhere else for the air to go.

          It's just a shorter journey with the 3000 coolers I guess.

    • +18 votes

      AIOs are overpriced garbage. The coolant slowly evaporates, repairing them is a pain, the pumps are bad quality and add yet another moving component that can and will break.

      Not to mention the extra noise you get from the pumps.

      I had a kraken then moved to a custom loop with a D5 pump, from there I went back to the Noctua D15.

      Hands down, air cooling a CPU with a D15 is the best way to do it, doesn't matter if the GPU blows above ambient temps upwards, if you have any case fans you mitigate this issue.

      • I agree. I run an AIO myself but it will be the last time I do. I will say though, it makes the setup look so much better and cleaner.

      • Agreed. Air cooling is (IMO) better. Water cooling just has too many points of failure, a bigger chance of damage and the damage would be higher as well.
        Plus the noise thing. If they were dead silent they’d have something going for them but a good air cooler performs as well and is quieter

        • Custom water cooling is for enthusiasts. As someone who has done custom loops for more than a decade with multi gpu setups, I have never had an issue with failure. Just use quality components and conduct routine maintenance. I have run a Noctua U14s on a Threadripper build prior to a custom loop, and the performance benefit from a custom loop is better. There are good AIOs from Alphacool, Ek and Swiftech but they are not mainstream like the cheap/overpriced Asetek OEM AIOs which people complain about. If you are worried about the risks, then water-cooling is not for you.

          • @shellshocked: Do Phanteks make any good custome AIO gear? Seen parts but don't know what kind of reputation The have.

            Also, if you are looking to get into custom, would you advise against solid tubing till later down the track?

            Cheers 😊

            • @vash5: Honestly, solid tubing never gets easier :p
              If you're set on solid, just do it.
              But DO buy twice as much tubing as you THINK you'll need.

              Also, some non-setting flange sealant from supercheapauto is a nice reassurance if you're paranoid :)

            • @vash5: Phanteks has got into water cooling only in recent years. I have not personally used their cooling products, only the Enthoo Pro case when it was released years ago. I normally import cooling parts from the German companies Aquacomputer and Watercool, if not available here, which are highly regarded amongst enthusiasts. EK and XSPC can be hit and miss depending on the component. But they are popular here. I would always recommend soft tube first. Hard tube is mainly for looks and not good if you like benchmarking components, like me. Use either EK ZMT( Zero Maintenance Tubing black) or Mayhems Ultra Clear. Their water permeability is quite low. I also prefer to use delrin/acetal/metal waterblocks to those with acrylic in the block, much more reliable.

          • @shellshocked: custom water cooling is something else, though.
            The original comment was in regards to AIO which have too many compromises IMO.

      • My Kraken X61 has been running for 6 years without issues.

        • Probably about time you replaced it though, i think they only come with 5-6 years warranty.

        • Likewise. No issues with my x61. Keeps my overclocked 9600k pretty cool. Not noisy at all. Just the typical (quiet) clicking noise from the pump. Would buy another one.

        • Yes, personally be looking for a new unit or a replacement soon. AIO usually don't last longer than 6-7 years even under good conditions. Unless you able to refill them.

      • Agreed. I've been building systems for years, and done a bunch of custom loops (I never recommend AIOs, although some customers specifically ask for them). Even if you use the highest quality of components and pay attention to the minutest details, the probability of issues arising in a water-cooled setup vs air-cooled is always higher (and I've seen some weird ones!). I always prefer to go with a solid air-cooled setup, and I can do without the bling (though maybe that's just me).

    • I'm running this cooler and looking to get a founders edition but will wait for reviews to see if this is highlighted, might place an exhaust fan up top if that's the case

  • How's this compared to the NH-U12A?

  • Looks like best price available now, great cooler - would highly recommend!

    I paid $125 about 6 months ago - have prices really increased by this much? Scorptec has marked up by $30 :/

  • Not sure why I brought this, but it looks cool.

  • Don't listen to these noobs. I've had one for 6 years and my case sits below my desk, standing up.

    Best air cooler on the market.

    Don't buy this cooler unless you have a full size case. You'll run into so many space issues if you try and fit this into a mid-size case. It may fit but you can't even plug a fan cable in without hurting your hand.

    • I just plug the fan in before installing the tower.

      • I do a lot of modding and sometimes my fans need replacing or I need to swap out a PCI-E card. It makes it so hard having this cooler even with a gigantic case like my Corsair full size case.

  • anybody recommend some good CASE fans? what's diff "RGB" and ARGB"?

  • Why the sudden all these deals on Noctua CPU coolers popping up recently?
    Is there a new PC Master Race going on now?

  • Is this price worth buying this now for a build that will be centered around the 3000 gpus/4000 CPUs in a couple of months time?

    • AMD CPU's tend to come with competent air coolers, unlike Intel who usually packages very underwhelming stock coolers

      That and low-core count CPU's don't really need beefy air coolers, so it really depends on what you intend to use in the future. I wouldn't bother slapping a $130 air cooler on a $350 CPU. But if you think you may want a HEDT CPU down the road, then I'd get it since a good air cooler would last you many builds (so long as the mounting system is compatible)

  • Dont know much about cooler but intend getting a AMD Zen 3 Series when it releases so either 8 cores 16 threads or 10 cores 20 threads CPU
    dont intend overclock so you reckon AMD stock CPU cooler is ok?

    Would this work on the new AMD Zen 3 CPU?

    • If you dont overclock, stock cooler should be OK. I have a 3700X overclocked to 4.2GHz and undervolted and the temps average around 53C when idle and 65 to 70 when on load (read gaming and not CB20) and the fan curve is set to 30% until CPU hits 70C lol. But I still have a U14S still in its box as the cabinet wont fit it. Time for a new cabby.

  • Keep in mind that this is the 'S compatibility' version with one fan and each one retails for around $50. Still a great price.

  • Probably trying to clear some stock because most motherboards won't fit a 15cm cooler with the new RTX 3000-series