Sony A7R IV Camera $4660 Delivered (+$600 EFTPOS Card) @ Parramatta Cameras


There are a few steps in this to stack the discounts, but in my opinion, it's more than worth the inconvenience to net a discount of over $1800.

The RRP for the Sony A7R iv is $5699 as shown in the link above.

However, the Sony online store has a price-match function

I price-matched with this store in Parramatta which was selling the A7Riv for $4660. I was pleasantly surprised when the price match was approved in about 2 hours last Thursday.

Sony is also currently running a $600 cash back for this camera body, bringing the price down to $4060

I then clicked through Cash Rewards for a further discount. When I did this last week, the Sony cash reward rate was 4.5%. However, it's currently reduced to 2%, which still brings the price down to $3869.36

As far as I can find, this is the cheapest price this camera body has been. If only we could travel overseas and apply TRS to this to net a further $400+ discount! :P

I was particularly after this camera body, so it worked well for me. But the same steps can be applied to any other camera or lens.

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