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[eBay Plus] Dr Evil Magic Mushroom Gelato Cake $21 Delivered (Available to Metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) @ eBay


Something different from ebay. Note - all money raised will go to Beyond Blue’s support services.

This cake usually retails for $95 that serves 16-20 so the 8-10 version should be $47.50 (using maths).


The wizards at Messina have reigned the iconic Dr Evil Magic Mushroom and put together a ice cream cake that includes a red chocolate mushroom dome adorned with white chocolate buttons in the famous eBay colours.

Inside, it has a delicious combination of vanilla gelato with a birthday cake, chocolate coated honeycomb and raspberry jam. Perched on a stem made of Messina’s home-made dulce de leche and vanilla gelato, on a popping candy feuilletine grass base.

Available to Aussies in metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, eBay’s 21st Birthday Mushroom gelato cake will go on sale exclusively on ebay.com.au on Tuesday, 15th September at 10am. Priced at $21 including delivery, the brand new midi size serves 8-10 people…or just one.

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    I hope I make it in time.

    • +1

      I missed out.

  • +9

    serves 16-20

    serves 8-10 people

    So it realistically only retails for ~$50.

    • -2

      The big cake that feeds 16-20 is only a very modest size:

      Boxed – 23cm (L) x 23cm (W) x 20cm (H)
      Cake board base – 22.5cm
      Cake – 18cm (diam) x 14.5cm (H)

      So if this one is half size, thats 9cm diameter, 7.25cm height. Feeds 8-10????

      • You know how to cut the dimensions by half but don't know what halving the volume is?

      • OK my speculative off the cuff dimensions may be out, but I think it's legitimate to query the size as the only guide is serves 8-10 people. So long as people realise these are celebratory cake serves ie a sliver per person. I'm a Messina fan and have bought one especially as the proceeds go to charity, but I'm expecting something quite small.

  • +18

    I prefer other types of magic mushrooms…

    • +3

      Misleading title for sure. Any fine print about side effects?

      • +10

        Short term: sugar-high
        Long term: diabeetus


  • +6

    won't be signing up to EBAY PLUS for a cake

    • I am having a really hard time stopping myself

    • The best offer they have had .

    • In limited supply at that.

      Not sure why people jump through so many hoops for little reward. That's if you can even succeed in getting the paltry item.

  • +3

    Can you choose when it's delivered?

    • Curious about this too.

  • +2

    …so it's got "magic mushroom" in the title but has no magic mushrooms.

  • Looking at the photo the cake is really Evil :(

  • +2

    You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have cakes with frickin’ laser beams attached to the icing!

    • cake made with real magic mushrooms in the icing, would be more like it

    • +8

      You know, I have one simple request for eBay. And that is a 21% off sitewide flash sale 🤭

  • Would love this deal if my eBay plus hasn't expired already.

    • +1

      Make new account with trial

  • +2

    Do I get bigger with this one?

    • Go ask Alice, I'll think she'll know

  • ooo this would be a nice bday cakeeee

  • +4

    Ebay plus tho? I'll pass. Too bad.

  • +2

    What is the definition of metro Sydney?

  • +1

    i wonder how many they will release?

  • +4

    Just a note that this is NOT just a smaller version of the regular cake. Looks like they've changed the flavours to lighter ones (the original one seems pretty heavy on dark chocolate). Is this the jolly shroom?

    Original ingredients for comparison:

    • I just had the original for my birthday and they’re completely different.

  • Shame it's icecream cake or I'd buy one just to leave it hidden in the garden plants at bunnings

    Would like to buy but no Perth :(

    • +5

      I now understand why Perth is excluded from most deals.

    • -1

      My take is a lot in the city are entitled , no clue on logistics costings for a small city in the middle of nowhere .
      Most deals here have em whinging from this city .

  • -1

    Does it contain any alcohol?

  • +1

    Made in Nimbin

  • yum

  • I wonder if they'd do same day delivery for this!

  • link?

  • +1

    Is this defo ebay plus only? Can't see any reference to that on the two links…

  • Cant see anything on ebay.

    • I don’t think you can until it goes live at 10am

  • Was expecting gelato icecream cake….

  • 6 mins :)

  • +10

    Is this the one?
    The Seller has no ratings though but name suggests its Gelato Messina Australia

  • I think I got one. But payment pending.

  • Its up, just ordered one

  • +1

    That looks awfully tiny to be serving 10 people

    • +2

      Wanna big cake?
      Go to Costco. :)

  • Got it, but…

    Estimated delivery: 23 Sep – 6 Oct

    How come a birthday cake arrive after birthday…….

    • It says "Delivery will take place from 21 September" in description.

    • +1

      Thank you! managed to get one before OOS

    • Thanks, got it through your links

  • +1

    sold out for Melbourne?

  • +2

    Melbourne and Sydney Sold Out
    Lasted longer than expected.
    Looks to be 160 or so available at each location.
    Brisbane is virtually unwanted lol

  • Melbourne is sold out

  • Gone in Melbourne.

  • sold out in 2 mins

  • "This item is out of stock."

    Edit: But a minute later…
    "Thanks! Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: 23 Sep – 6 Oct"

  • Thank you OP!

  • +1

    I scored a mushroom.

    There were 200 available, all gone in 4 minutes.

    • Looks like they released more!

      Sydney available at the moment.

  • Sydney also sold out

  • +3
  • Got one! Thanks OP

  • Sold out in the Sydney listing already lol (201 sold by 10:05AM), before it's even advertised on eBay.

  • Oh some people bought 2…

    • +3

      The thought crossed my mind, but held back. Just one for me. No point being greedy!

  • So annoying i was spamming the ebay page for the link? How did people find it?

    • Searched for the listing at 10am

  • +2
    • Yeah I kept refreshing and saw available, quickly checked out and got order confirmation.

      Maybe they're updating qty as they go along?