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Garmin Edge 130 Bike Computer $159.31 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Pretty good deal for a garmin Computer. I believe this is the cheapest this device has been. It comes from Amazon UK.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Cheap, but no maps!?

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      Depends what you want to use a bike computer for. I have one with colour maps but despite thousands of kms of riding ive never used the navigation function, mostly use it to record ride data, power, heartrate, speed etc. and to watch my cadence, heartrate and power to make sure I'm not going into the red.

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    Good basic computer if you require accurate GPS and bluetooth/ANT+ sensor compatibility.

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    Garmin usually doesn’t allow overseas sales.
    Don’t be surprised if they cancel orders or kill this deal quickly.

    • Thanks for suggesting helpful advice. Sorry someone negged you rather than replying.

      Thankfully on this occasion looks like they're allowing it (or are still unaware of it). I placed an order 2 hours after this post was created, and it shipped this morning (with tracking number).

    • I just wanted to say my order shipped. So it seems everyone will get a good deal.

  • Do we need a bike computer, if we can make use smart phone apps? any suggestions?

    • I'd say no. Phone apps are WORLDS better.

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      I used to use a phone just fine, but eventually hated worrying about my battery level draining.
      Having a dedicated computer for GPS and metrics kind of eliminates that worry of not having a battery when you're 2+ hours away from home.

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      Depends on what type of riding you do. If you commute to work or ride on bikepaths then you might be better off using your phone. Most serious roadies wouldnt attach a phone to their bike, phone goes in the back pocket of the jersey. Phone battery, particularly if it is running GPS as well as all the sensors on your bike, Di2, speed, cadence, heart rate and power meter is going to run down the battery quickly. If you're out on a 3-4 hour or longer ride your phone is probably not going to last, a power bank is literally dead weight that you dont need or want to have to drag up hills. Despite which, phones on a bike dont look pro either.

      90% of what I look at on my bike computer is cadence, heart rate and power (watts). If I need to worry about navigation I will pull over and look at my phone out of my back pocket. This device would be great for someone getting into road riding.

      • Agree 100%

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      looks better than my old edge 200 and probably has better battery life now (old battery)

      phone is much larger and often not weather proof, bike computers are smaller and weather proof. also the mounts are easy, push and twist.

      i have toyed with the idea of get cheap mobile phone and glue velcro to the back, but again it’s the weather proofing or need special case ……i just want the heart rate, cadence, speed and distance function, not maps because i ride familiar routes mostly.

      • If you want decent battery life from a bike GPS, look at Bryton - they are typically 2-3 times the life of Garmin, and significantly cheaper. I bought a Bryton 410C (with cadence sensor) for $179 delivered two months ago - 80 functions, 35 hour battery life, 300 hours of data recording, up to 8 items per screen, 2.3" screen.

        Bryton doesn't have the name-brand cred of a Garmin, but they are good value.

  • How does the Garmin 510 compare to this head unit? Is the 510 still better? I could NEVER get Garmin live tracking working on my 510, so not too worried about that.

    Edit: Looks like this DOES have livetracking anyway. Cool!

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    Great price. The newest model, the Edge 130 Plus, has additional elevation mode and is fantastic for BMX or mountain biking, but this will do everything else and you can add an elevation app anyway.

    Just be aware that the 130s can develop a problem with battery life. I bought a brand new 130 from overseas and when I got home and opened it the battery would not hold a charge. This is a common fault (see Garmin forums) so I emailed Garmin about it. To their credit they actually called be back to offer a replacement. Unfortunately they didn't have any new ones left but did offer a refurbished one (with new battery) free of charge. My only complaint would be that at the time, the 130 Plus was only a rumour otherwise I would have requested the newer version as a replacement.

    You can upgrade the battery if you are confident to do so, see replacing Edge 130 battery here

  • Did anyone buy this apart from me? The tracking hasn't been updated since purchasing.

    18 Sep 2020: Shipping information received by APG ARAMEX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS
    17 Sep 2020: Shipping information received by APG ARAMEX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS

    • Mine hasn't arrived and they shipped mine through Australia global post. Mine says it will be delivered by the 8th of this month, but I haven't received no shipping updates.

      • Also said delivery Saturday. But today cancelled and refunded. Sad

        • OK called up Amazon. Cancelled and refunded as item was still in in UK with no updates since Sep.

  • My hasn't arrived yet either.
    Amazon says that it's arriving tomorrow by 8pm. Tomorrow is Saturday….
    The tracking just says:
    Date TimeStamp Location Event Event Description
    18/09/2020 18:02 Shipping information received by APG
    17/09/2020 17:46 Shipping information received by APG

    • As far as i'm aware, Amazon have given up using Australia post or any other kind of existing freight company for shipping. Nearly everything they've delivered to me recently has arrived via a unmarked car, which I presume is just a re-hired Uber driver. So Saturday or Sunday delivery is highly possible

  • Did anyone get theirs?
    Yesterday it said "now expected 11-14 October" and now I got this:

    Refund issued
    A refund will appear on your original payment method in 3-5 business days.
    When will I get my refund?
    Your package is being returned to Amazon for one of the following reasons: Damaged in-transit, carrier couldn't locate your address, or refused by the recipient.

    • I ended up getting a refund as it's still showing as shipped. I was supposed to receive it on the 8th. My tracking hasn't updated.

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        I contacted customer support and asked for more information and was told that it was damaged in transit so sent back….

        So I ordered it again at the latest price (which keeps changing?!), costed more than before, but still OK.
        Paid for the faster delivery, customer support said they will refund the extra delivery cost… hope it comes quicker this time.

  • Amazon said my parcel is lost and they will organise for a full refund

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