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GL.inet GL-AR300M (Shadow) Mini VPN Router $50.65 Delivered @ GL Technologies Amazon AU

[MINI TRAVEL WIRELESS ROUTER] Convert a public network(wired/wireless) to a private Wi-Fi for secure surfing networking. Tethering, 3G/4G USB Modem Compatible. Powered by any laptop USB, power banks or 5V DC adapters (sold separately). 39g (1.41 Oz) only and pocket friendly.
[OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE] OpenWrt pre-installed, USB disk extendable.
[VPN CLIENT & SERVER] OpenVPN and WireGuard pre-installed, compatible with 30+ VPN service providers.
[LARGER STORAGE & EXTENSIBILITY] 128MB RAM, 16MB NOR Flash + 128M NAND Dual flash, dual Ethernet ports, UART and GPIOs available for hardware DIY.
[PACKAGE CONTENTS] GL-AR300M (Shadow) mini router (1-year Warranty), USB cable, User Manual.

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  • freebie??

  • How is this different to the Mango?

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    AR300M is based on an Atheros SOC while the MT300N-V2 is based on Mediatek SOC. This makes the AR slightly more flexible if you are wanting to muck around with say compiling your own firmwares and adding functionality. More "DIYer/industrial" focus.

    AR also includes both NOR and NAND memory so theoretically you can have two different firmwares and/or a fall back firmware. Because of this on the AR300 you can run the current testing AdGuardhome firmware (in NAND) which you can't on the Mango.

    It also has slightly faster VPN performance than the Mango.

    45/11 (Wireguard/OpenVPN based on Gl.iNet data)

    50/15 (Wireguard/OpenVPN based on GL. INET data)

    Physically exactly the same size and power requirements (5V/1A)

  • Do you have a deal for the
    GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) Gigabit Travel AC VPN Router, 300Mbps(2.4G)+433Mbps(5G) Wi-Fi, 128MB RAM, MicroSD Support, Repeater Bridge, OpenWrt/LEDE pre-Installed, Cloudflare DNS: Electronics



  • Will there be any deals for the Brume-W?

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      Brume-w only just arrived on Amazon Australia today but I'm sure they'll do an ozbargain in the future. Just can't tell you when. 😊