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Haodeng Smart Colour Bulb 2 Pack $26.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) at HaoDeng Bulbs Amazon AU


Smart colour bulb 2 pack compatible with google and alexa and IFTTT
7W 500 lumen not too bright but good for price.

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  • I've got about 10 of these. For the price they are OK but, it's luck of the draw. Some have a really audible buzz when you turn them off, so loud I couldn't use them in the bedroom and one I had to chuck completely because of the buzz, some no buzz at all. The warm white and bright white are good but the colours are really really dim. Cool for the kids night lights but it really needs to be dark to notice the colours they are so dim. Also, if you are a Tuya person, these won't work with Smart. You'll need to get Magic Home to set them up but then Google/Alexa can take over really easily.

    • Which app do you use to control. I had no luck setting up a simple '2 bulb system' but gave up as couldn't quite work out/translate the subtle but evident language to function oddities. Mind you I'm not terrible 'tech savvy' at my age so younger people probably have no issues at all. (I'm using an iPhone).

      • You need to set them up originally in "Magic Home". Once you've got them set up there, you can control them with Alexa/Google Home (in Alexa which I use, you need to add the Magic Home skill to Alexa). I didn't have any issues. Try reset the bulb by turning it on, off, on, off, on, off, on and then it will reset.

        EDIT: Sorry, I think I misunderstood your question. You have them set up but are trying to get them to both work together? To do that you use Magic Home, create a new group, example "Bedroom" and add both bulbs to that group. That will allow you to turn them both on or both off via the app or if you are using Alexa/Google home, by using the name "Bedroom".

        • Both parts of your answer are enlightening (no pun intended) and helpful jay.

          I'll give it a go based on your suggestions in the near future.

          Many thanks.

  • At this price I reckon your better off with Kogan smart bulbs at 4 for $39.95.


    S N R T

  • No name brand…..hopefully doesn't burn your house down.

  • My favourite Meta Human

  • $30 for three brilliant smart RGB bulbs. Get them for ALDI. Bought 3 packs. Fast responsiveness vs Xiaomi ones. Had heaps of server issues with Xiaomi