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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Global Version) $27.99 Delivered @ Gshopper AU


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  • Maximum long Battery Life of 20 Days:The product is equipped with high density lithium polymer battery, which can achieve a light weight and up to 20 days of battery life.
  • Upgrade 0.95" Color Screen: More power-efficient OLED displays can display more information with less power.At a glance, you can tell the sender's name, number and information.
  • Best for Running: When you turn on active mode during activities such as running, you can measure GPS route, calorie expenditure, speed and heart rate in real time.Has the ability to analyze exercise data, recommended for daily health and exercise.
  • Heart Rate Number Sleep Assist Function: If you fall into deep sleep, your heart rate will drop.Heart rate sleep AIDS measure heart rate during sleep and more accurately measure light and deep sleep patterns.Does not support daytime sleep.
  • Daily Steps Measurement Heart Rate Monitoring: You can use a precise pedometer to measure the changes in your heart rate every day.Upgrade the step count algorithm.Count your steps correctly.You can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day to see when it's in real time.

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  • If only this has nfc…

  • Great price. Brought my wife this fitness watch. The display is very bright and clear, can upload photos for your watch display. Great features like find my phone, can start activity from your watch, heart rate is quite accurate. Highly recommended.

  • The band on mine just broke. I’m torn.

    1) Buy a new band, $10-15.
    2) Buy this.
    2) Wait for a good price on the Mi Band 5.

    • the band on mine just torn. I'm broke

    • im in the same boat, works perfectly fine but i cant justify spending a so much on just a band, they should sell a 5 pack of them

    • Wait for a good price on the 5. Buying a new band costs half the price of this

      Buying this would mean you'll have two mi band 4's at home

      Just wait for a good price on the 5

    • New band. Band 4 and Band 5 are somewhat interchangeable. 5 sticks out a little on 4 bands

    • catch is selling the 5 for $57

    • If you're willing to wait 1-2 months, you can buy a new band for about $2-3 from Aliexpress

      • This, or eBay is also $3 or less. That's what I ordered, long delivery though, hasn't arrived yet, but I assume it will, and can always get a refund if it doesn't.

  • Seems to be out of stock :(

  • Hey OP, can you make this code work for the Mi Band 5 too? :)

    • Prob asking too much… They can still sell the 5, why sale lol

      FYI, I'd love to be wrong on this though

  • come on op. make this code work for mi band 5 too.

  • My experience of the 4 and the 5, the 4 has much better battery life. Easily lasted over 2 weeks every charge for the last year until I gave it to dad. The 5 struggles to get to 2 weeks. Was struggling with 1 week before I turned down the heart rate monitoring settings.

    The 5 has a nicer screen and more features though, so it's not all bad.

  • Will buy a few if this code work for mi band 5 too

  • Awesome price, thanks OP! I still have a Mi Band 3 and use it daily works great but I wanted to eventually jump up the colour screen! thanks

  • Really tempted but my xiaomi band 2 still works perfectly, the strip is a bit loose though, the rest are perfect. Really amazed with the quality at such a cheap price.

    • I would be jumping on this if I had my mi band 2! that was my first one this new one while it isn't the latest 5 it's still pretty big upgrade coming from the 2 !

      In saying that though I still reckon the Mi Band 2 battery life lasted alot longer then what I've been getting on my Mi Band 3 which is roughly 14 ~ days somtimes close to the 20 days claimed, will be interesting to see how this new one compares!

      • @gomo, wow if the battery life goes below 14 days, I would be pretty upset. On average I'm getting more than a month between each charge on my band 2. No exaggeration at all I swear. And yes I am still getting the message notice, phone call vibration and heart beat check etc.

        • Yep the battery life on the Mi Band 2 is rock solid because the screen display doesn't use much power at all, the newer ones all have roughly 20 days of use , I don't mind changing mine from time to time, I mean some people have watches that need to be charged daily.. ahh the struggle lol

  • Grabbed one for my partner thanks OP! I have one myself and find it amazing for the money.

    • Yep! they sure are a quick check on youtube will show you why! much better then forking out $100 + for a fitbit !

  • In the process of check out then OOS :(

  • Already gone😂

  • Disappointed with a previous version of miband .. the display just went very dim and unusable without any option to adjust its brightness. Don't trust their quality

  • Sold out on this deal but available for slightly more, $34.70 here

    • Cheers for linking OP should probably just add this link to title and update title to new price

      An extra $6.71 hmmm!! I'd still buy it at that price

      • You want an associate of a company to change their own deal to a completely different company and advertise for them? 😂

        Wouldn’t work anyway as the votes for this deal wouldn’t apply to a different one, it would need to be a separate post.

  • Anyone who owns this and say an FR235 - can you comment on how basics such as steps, HR and sleep compare?

  • Thanks OP. Couple of other functionality I can think of:

    You can control music.
    Choose which apps to show notifications.

  • Are there cheaper alternatives?

    I want one for my elderly mother with hr, time and steps. She does not have a smart phone

  • Was about to order one anymore OP?

  • Got one of these last month, really good value. I've used a Samsung Gear Fit 2 for years, and this pretty much does the same with a slightly less fancy screen.

  • Just a heads up now it's out of stock, I looked on Ebay. Cheapest was $34.99 but 2 hours after adding the item to my watchlist I've got a seller offer to BIN for $30 with free shipping. Not sure if it's OK to link here but I'll give it a go:


    Not associated, just went looking for a good price after I saw this one was sold out.

  • I just bought one. Looks like you need to change the delivery location to Australia under the "Add to Cart" button

  • Back to stock I guess

  • I can't even add to cart… it's greyed out

  • I've got the 3 and the 4, and while the extra features on the 4 are nice, the heart monitor accuracy is much worse on the 4.

    • Agreed. My resting heart rate can be 60 and then a minute later can be 100+. I double check it myself and sometimes it's wildly wrong

  • Back in stock

  • Hi guys,

    I really want to get hold of the Chinese NFC version* - anyone know where I can do that? I've just started looking again, and can't find a seem to get hold of one.

    • Not for the NFC, but for the O2 sensor. It's for someone who just had part of a lung removed and we want to track their O2.
    • I believe the pulse oximeter has not yet been activated in the Mi Band 5. Perhaps in a future software update.

  • Bought one.
    Arrived quickly in the post.
    Working well, good battery life so far (135mAh for the Global Version).
    Lots of custom watch faces available on the web.