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20% off Spectra Breast Pumps @ Spectra Baby


Great breast pumps and even better when on sale.

Highly recommend the S1+ for the battery.

Also good time to replace accessories.

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Spectra Baby Australia


  • quite the tittalating deal….

  • Birthday suit required for use?

  • Is this for that side business for selling breast milk. Yes it's a thing.

  • Homelander approved

  • Has it gone down more than 20% previously ?

  • cheers .. bought 8

  • This is breast deal of the day

  • Are they sold in pairs?

  • Spectra S1+ $241.30 and free shipping with Prime. UK stock.

    ~$60 cheaper than 20% off price


    • To anyone who's purchased this one from Amazon- did you just buy a generic AC adaptor or buy the spectra branded aus one?

      • We bought that one and are just used a cheapo socket/travel adaptor - UK and Aus mains power is the same, just need a different plug shape.

        • Thanks for replying! That was my biggest concern about the UK one that I'd be losing saving by having to buy a new adaptor as well.

          • @Birdbrain: Have you found if there's any warranty with the UK one? Spectra Australia say they don't cover it.

          • @Birdbrain: Oh and by the way, all AC adaptors are cross-compatible with everything else, there's nothing special about any particular brand's one. You just need to make sure:
            - the voltage matches - if wrong you'll break something
            - centre pin polarity is the same - 99.9% of the time it's centre positive but I've seen one or two that isn't
            - plug size matches of course

            Details should be written on the label for adaptors and whatever they're being plugged into. Sometimes it's where the plug goes in.

            The only reason I'd ever care about branded adaptors is they're usually higher quality than some anonymous ebay junk, but otherwise I've mixed and matched plenty of different power sources with no issue.

      • i dont recommend buying it overseas. my wife did this because it was $100-150 cheaper. 2 months in the pumps failed and we couldnt get Spectra Australia to fix it (obviously), in the end bought another one and fix that overseas and sold it on the second hand market.

    • Do you get the warranty? Any idea?

    • Price: $254.70 now. has gone up a little…

  • Yummy deal for infants

  • Is this ok for a KK gift?

  • If anyone is based in Brisbane I have a new spectra s2 plus opened but not used that I ordered From amazon USA selling for $160

  • Can you make bonsoy with these?

  • Please note you can hire pumps to try them out, they won't be for everyone and it's a lot of money if you wind up not needing a pump for various reasons.

    • and randomly, for some people when you switch from the hired one to a different pump, there’s often a transition period where you’ll get less milk when pumping.

  • +10 votes

    These pumps are awesome! We had a set when my kid was still on breast milk. If you're looking for a pump.. these are the way to go! We tried a bunch of other pumps.. but these are the ones you want!

    I will probably get trolled for this.. but i don't care. These were the best investment we had during that time.

    • Is it possible to use this breast pump but use other branded bottles for storage?
      Sorry if it's a silly question but never used a pump before.

      • The pumps themselves attach to the Spectra bottles. So you do need Spectra bottles for that part. However, you can just transfer the milk to another bottle (or breast milk freezer bag) for storage.

      • My partner has been using the S2 pump for a few months and, yes, you can interchange the bottles with Philips range, which we find our little one feeds much better from than the Spectra bottles.

        We have S2 pump by the way and highly recommend it

      • yup, super possible. there's plenty of adapter around ebay and amazon

      • so yeah.. like everyone said.. just pour to a different bottle. We used pigeons, found that it better at preventing wind. One thing i remember though, the duckbill valves breakdown over time, I replaced them with the ones from Philips and it was all good. The machine went to a friend of ours, then was passed on again to another one.

  • Brilliant pump. This was what helped us avoid nasal gastric feeding our failure to thrive bub.

    You can purchase adapters to use with the parts of other pumps that you may already have (e.g. Medela etc).

    And ugh. Some of the comments on this deal. Really immature. Says a lot about the demographic of OB.

    • Agreed. 90% of OZB are nerds interested in GTX 2000 deals.

      • Yep majority are still holding their V cards so get excited when they see words like "breast" and "condom".

    • It gets hard here sometimes

    • Ah c'mon - the play on words is just a little funny don't we think?

      • Clearly never been told their newborn has fallen off the growth chart and is failure to thrive let alone know about how physically and mentally difficult BF can be for some mothers (for many reasons, and some out of their control). Carry on.

  • Which portable one is better for taking to work. M1 or 9+ ?

    • My mrs took the 9+ to work daily for ~2years and I've heard no complaints, it's a very solid unit and so are all the attachments. Currently in use for baby #2 still going strong.

      My only complaint (keeping in mind I'm not the one using it) was the screen is always illuminated when on charge….I thought that fact would wear the screen out prematurely…but it's still showing no signs of wear nearly 4 years on.

  • Be aware that not all private health insurers with their extras will pay out for Spectra units if its covered under your policy. We were told explicitly by Teachers Health that they wouldnt for the $150 benefit, despite being highly rated pumps. They arent provided under an ABN or something.

    For us the Medela has worked well for mum and bub here, and ended up being about $70 with price beat at Baby Bunting + PHI rebate. Would never consider a pump that wasnt battery powered - just to reduce the mess of cables by needing it plugged in and being forced to be nearby a power source. Eneloops FTW!

  • Just a heads up that if you purchase direct from spectra you might not be able to claim through your health fund as they are not an Aussie company. Call and check first.

  • These are the best of the breast pumps

  • Can vouch for S1. Worth the extra $ to be portable while pumping. Used mine for the last 2 babies and have not had any issues with it. Its now just sitting in the unused baby stuff pile.

  • Thanks OP, this will go great with our cow at the backyard!

  • Is it possible to use this breast pump but use other branded bottles for storage?
    Sorry if it's a silly question but never used a pump before.

    • Yes, you can pour from the spectra pump bottles into another bottle or the storage bags for freezing.

    • Pidgeon bottles (best ones we've found) seem to be the same thread as the Spectra ones also. But the Spectra ones are good for pumping into/storing, well made.

  • Yes you can always transfer from the spectra bottle to another bottle. I think from memory the Phillips bottles might be compatible with the flange

  • After packing on the covid kilos this could come in handy.

  • Spectra S1 pumps are great, customer service is top notch too. My wife exclusively pumped for 12 months (yep. she's a rockstar) using one of these.

    If you're going to be doing the same/similar, pickup some spare valves, flow-back protector and tubing whilst they're on sale. Wear and tear is going to happen if you're using the pump that much. My wife did have an issue with her S1, about 6 months in, experiencing decreased suction. Spectra sent out a loan S1 pump first, allowing her to mail her's in for warranty repair, meaning she never had to go without a pump. They repaired the pump under warranty and returned it to her, no dramas.

    Happy customers here. Expensive, but worth every penny.

    P.S. My wife did start out with a Medela Swing and was initially freaking out about pumping because it just wasn't working well. She was so relieved when she got the S1 and realised it was the cheap Medela pump making things much more difficult than they need to be.

  • My wife has been real pleased with the S1+. It's very handy having the battery option.
    As for sales, 20% does not come around often as we were looking at the pumps 2+ months ago and I tried asking for a 20% coupon with little success

  • Thanks OP! Got one!

  • Wow … Had no idea this thing is so popular …

    For any1 looking to increase supply, Fenugreek works wonders. They are available in Tablets form for easy consumption.

  • Bought the S2 back in 2016 for my first child (for the same price), now using it again for 2nd child and still going strong.

  • Do they have a cylinder shaped variant?

  • Will this work on my cat? TIA

  • I have the S9 and would Def recommend it

  • I know, it depends family to family but for long this device is used? 12 months or 24 months? when does people decide to use formula.

    Sorry first time to be parent question.

    • You would just this machine as long as you breast feed. Formula is generally used for the same time period as breast feeding, if the mother either does not have enough milk or in place of breast feeding altogether.

  • Medela swing or the Spectra S1