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[eBay Plus] NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 16GB 4K Streaming Media Player (2019) $323.10 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


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NVIDIA® SHIELD® TV Pro is the supreme streaming media player - packed with features to make even the most demanding users proud and beautifully designed to be the perfect centerpiece of your entertainment center. Enjoy a cinematic experience with stunning visuals brought to you by Dolby Vision HDR, and immersive audio with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Now powered by the latest NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor, SHIELD TV is faster, and smarter. Level up to SHIELD TV Pro for more storage space, two USB 3.0 ports for expandability (storage expansion, usb cameras, usb keyboards and controllers, TV tuners, and more), Plex Media Server, SmartThings hub-ready, AAA Android gaming, Twitch broadcasting, and 3GB RAM.

Warranty: 1 Year Australian Warranty & Support

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  • Is this the cheapest price yet?

  • You need ebay plus to use the PIP10 discount

  • Do you reckon harvey norman would match the ebay plus deduction ,gotta gift card too use up!!

    • price matches don't usually include discount codes.

      feel free to call them and report back to us!

    • If they can't price match this one because it's using a code, you can try price match umart which is $339

  • Damn…. I paid $349 for one of these at Harvey Norman about a week ago… oh well, kept me amused setting up retro games and other apps on it this last weekend. Have to convince myself that was $26 worth of extra entertainment now!

    Excellent unit btw - have just put it in my media room and hooked it up to AVR and projector. Just wish I could find a reliable and better way other than IPTV via KODI to instead run my aerial cable through the shield and get free to air TV directly to the projector via this box too so that I can dump the big fat old Samsung PVR/set top box I currently have sitting underneath it. Recommendations seem to be HDHomeRun but that seems expensive… or maybe a TV tuner from the likes of hauppauge may work with the shield but seem to read mixed results in Australia of that working. Any tech headed person here who has alternate suggestions?

    • Kodi is slow and not very user friendly for TV viewing, this is much better:


      Download the apps in that page and then input the playlists, live channels is great you can channel surf straight from the android homepage.Only channel that doesnt work properly is 7 it never shows the footy but u have kayo so all good.

      • This is what i have been using, works great. Only issue is you wont get a lot of free to air live sports as they don't usually show on channels digital streams.

      • TVirl / Live Channels works well - the main gotcha is having to manually update the EPG / playlist (once a week?) unless you pay for a subscription.

    • SiliconDust is very slow in getting new HD Homerun stock to AU resellers. You can buy from o/s (buy the UK version) but shipping and warranty concerns are holding me back.

    • I am new to Nvidia Shield, so I am still experimenting. I currently have a Sony PlayTV tuner connected to my PC, which is using TVheadend to stream TV channels. And, I use PVR Live app on my Nvidia Shield, which I think works better than Plex Pass and Kodi.

      The setup also works with a Raspberry Pi if you don't want to use a PC.

      • I know not actually your suggested solution but I still have a Playstation 3 superslim model set up in my media room which generally just collects dust so never really considered just getting a Sony PlayTV tuner and running it through there instead. May not be my first preference of going through the shield but may be a quick and easier solution to ditch the bigger PVR box…. Interesting…. thanks.

    • Get an old Play TV from the PS3 days. Can usually get one for around $20 second hand. They are a dual HD tuner. Then use that with TVHeadEnd (can install via Kodi), and you're apples.

  • I've been eyeing the Shield for years and finally bit the bullet last month. What an eye opener! This is an Android box that just works, whatever you throw at it . It's also well supported with plenty of updates.

    A nice bonus, it also works well as a NAS server, sharing internal storage + any attached drive to your network. The recent update from earlier this month enabled SMB v3.

    • I was super chuffed about using Plex but either the Shield or Plex itself is just unbelievably unreliable. I was restarting the Shield every day, and eventually had to reinstall Plex Media Server every couple of days which was driving me insane. What drove me more insane was when someone showed me the Kodi app which had the smart media stuff like Plex but didn't have to run a server and has been way more reliable. Felt like a doofus for struggling with Plex for so long. The Shield has been great though, aside from that. The AI-upscaling is no joke.

      • I've had no issues with Plex but might give Kodi another try. I've used it a few years ago on my Raspberry Pi.

      • @samulien
        The Shield is not the problem… it's Plex. Plex is frequently updating almost every couple of days… I can't keep up with the the home menu changes. The best bet is to reboot the Shield after an update in my experience.

    • I've been eyeing the Shield for years and finally bit the bullet last month. What an eye opener! This is an Android box that just works,

      I don't understand, I bought a cheap Android box some years ago from Ebay, it runs Kodi, streaming media from the HDD that's connected to my router. It has played everything I have thrown at it, Kodi updates occasionally and I have never done anything else to it. Media can be streamed from the same HDD (set as a Samba share) to any device (tablet, laptop, phone etc )

      I am still unsure what the Shield brings to the table for me , I have zero interst in running Plex. The router acts as NAS with a 12GB HDD connected via USB3 and has another port I can use to expand my storage if I ever needed.

      • Probably just my bad luck. I've tried a few cheap boxes, like the Mi S and the Foxtel Now - they all have had some issues at some point. Sound dropping out, frequent crashes, not willing to boot up, frame drops with 4K content, etc.

        I'm aware most boxes will stream from a NAS drive - I was referring to the Shield's option to be a NAS by itself.

      • For me personally, the Shield lets me stream 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos bluray remuxes via Plex, that alone is enough reason to buy a shield. But you need at least 100 Mbps to stream such content, and it's irrelevant if your TV isn't 4K or you don't have a HT system capable of Atmos. It boils down to how good do you want your content to look/hear like as you consume it.

  • Thanks OP,
    Just purchased one, was waiting for a deal like this to come.

  • $321 at good guys commercial so potentially cheaper if in stock at your local for pickup. Good deal here if you need postage

  • Does anyone use Netflix with a VPN app installed/sideloaded on the shield (not set up at router level)? I'm reading mixed reports online with some people saying it works great while others say they get a proxy error.

    • It depends on the VPN server you connect to. You'll get the error if Netflix recognises it. I don't have that issue on the ExpressVPN or Surfshark VPN servers that I connect to in the US.

      • On the shield you mean? Some VPNs e.g. Nord seem to work fine when using their app but not when set up at router level so I just wanted to make sure :)

    • Just grabbed a shield last week and have it setup running with my DNS4ME service. Works fine..
      Personally I hate Android and don't like the layout of the Shield interface. Need to do some playing with it to customise the view.
      The AI upscaling on the device is excellent though!

    • There might be 2 issues that i'd see. first is that VPN's are flagged by netflix and can be broadly IP flagged so that one works one day but on the next stops working. The other consideration is that if its not at router level there may be IP/DNS leaking from the shield that doesn't go through the VPN which can flag it to netflix.

      Hence my raspberry pi 4 running docker to have a container running vpn/transmission tunneled and plex serving off another container not vpn tunneled.

      • Yep. Now that you've said that I noticed my Netflix is showing US shows, but when I click on them, it says not available due to a DNS blocker.
        I really don't want to install/make changes on my router widely so just need to look up how to do it at the router level directly for my Shield device only.

  • To all the Shield owners: I recently got one of these and it works fine, but the Wi-Fi connection is just so slow for some reason. I did the initial update and thought their servers were really slow or something, but it wasn't until I started downloading/updated Android apps that I realised this was something else. I've tried several things but it refuses to download at a speed I know every other connected device can, it's really odd. Anyone else had such a problem? I was hoping to play games on it but if it takes (literally) 7 hours to download a 700mb update, then I'll just have to stick to using this as a media player.

    • Cannot really offer any help on your issues but I certainly haven't noticed any such issues with mine nor have I ever heard anyone else have major issues with the wifi speed so I don't think your experience is the norm. I've been playing Dreamcast ISO's on Redream app on my shield over my network's wifi from my PC and other than a few seconds to buffer at the beginning they have loaded up pretty quick. Downloads of apps have also been pretty instantaneous too.

    • Have you tested the device via ethernet? Worth doing just to confirm the issue is specifically WiFi related.

      • It seems ethernet is much more reliable, at least with a quick YouTube stream test, but we shall see. Will do some downloads and gaming tests before I'm legit sold on this solution. Still dumbfounding why the Wi-Fi is so much worse than anything else connecting to my router, and I honestly would prefer a wireless connection, but hey, if it works…

        • OK…. Sounds like it is a WiFi issue issue then.

          I'd persist with trouble shooting the WiFi, being forced to use ethernet isn't an adequate solution for a new device, it's more of a work around.

          The WiFi on my two shields is very strong and robust. Even the one in my bedroom that has a very poor wifi signal for phones, the shield works perfectly.

          Once you've assertained the ethernet works perfectly, I'd re-enable the WiFi and do an isolation test of the shield. Move it as far away from other devices as your hdmi cable allows, unplug USB devices, and even run an extension cord to another Power point. This is not a solution, it's just trouble shooting!

          If it works fine, then you're have a WiFi interference issue.

        • I found my Wi-Fi not suuuuper fast (definitely not faulty) but the ethernet is gigabit I'm pretty sure so it was the better option for me since it already had a bunch of cables attached anyway

    • My initial update via WiFi was very slow but it seems to have resolved after completing all the upgrades.

  • which storage solution to you match with shield pro to maintain all 4K ATMOS movies?

    • TerraMaster F5-221, shucked WD 12 TB, Plex and Kodi, using PlexKodiconnect. or you can use one or the other. Flawless playback

    • I use a Synology 918+ with some WD reds inside, has been good for all 4k atmos directplay movies.

    • Dumb question.. Just set mine up but have my HDrips, etc on my anciuent QNAP TS-212. It's only realy purpose is a glorified disk mirror / shared drive.
      Will the Shield be able to play all my x264 / x265 content or does that also rely on the NAS doing any transcoding?

  • Can ABC Kids app be installed on this machine? Asking for my kids

    Also, I read that Plex can be installed on this. Is that correct? Asking for myself

    Lastly can Viki Rakuten be installed on this too? Asking for the boss

    • Can ABC Kids app be installed on this machine? Asking for my kids

      There's ABC Kids inside the iView app, if this isn't good enough you can sideload the apk

      Also, I read that Plex can be installed on this. Is that correct? Asking for myself


      Lastly can Viki Rakuten be installed on this too? Asking for the boss


      You just need to search for it in the app store that's on the shield itself. It doesn't show every app that's normally available on an android however as I said before you can just sideload the apks so it's no issue.

  • "make even the most demanding users proud"
    wipes a tear from the eye

  • What do people find most useful or beneficial with one of these?

    • A fast and responsive OS where I can do whatever I want on it. Also, a great local game streaming device (since my steam link bricked itself). Chromecast ultra built in is also another great aspect.

  • If you've waited this long without buying one of these you might as well wait a bit more and see what the next gen consoles have to offer on the media playing front.

    50 times more powerful hardware, for starters. It may well be redundant to (eventually) own both.

    • If you value Android ecosystem and all the stuff that comes with it like RetroArch, the consoles don't add up to much.

    • I've been running W7 MCE for a decade basically.. Really wish MS kept it running on Xbox but hey ditched it. There's no point in them resurrecting it on the new console..
      I'm grabbing a new X Series X when it's out. Would be great it if it could handle media, but I doubt it.. They're all caught up in Gamepass / XBL for the $$$

  • It's annoying that it requires Ebay Plus to buy it.

  • Hi, I am getting kind of confused. How does this item compare to the Nike Odyssey React Shield 2 from the other day? Is the Nike Shield 2 better because higher number (and not the 2019 model)? Thanks.

  • Great product! I bought one last week to replace my ageing WD Live! A great decision as it plays all my media from my WD Duo (using Plex on the WD device) and playing through Nvidia Shield. Very happy!

  • Hey…fyi if you are new to eBay plus you get a $50 voucher…so bought this baby for even cheaper using the $50 off..woohoo. thanks for the deal

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