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Knipex Flush Cutter Hi-Leverage $114.39 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


72 62 200 High Leverage Flush Cutter, For the flush cutting of soft materials, e.g. plastic, aluminium, copper, lead Permits the energy-saving cutting of thick work components made of soft metal and plastic 20° angled head with single-sided joint bar and diagonal cutting edge for flush cutting- with space for gripping Opening spring and locking device are integrated in the handles also for comfortable work and protected transport Precision cutting edges for soft material Cutting edges additionally hardened- cutting edge hardness approx. 59 HRC Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened Pliers: black atramentized Handles: with slim multi-component grips Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter): 6.0 Ø mm Length: 200 mm Net weight: 375 g

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Amazon US had stuffed my order. Can't get replaced as they increased the price from $130. Found it cheaper at UK site. Elsewhere $200+ at RS components, etc.

Hopefully this thing would be useful for you.

Last checked only 2 units left but more to come.

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  • 'Amazon US had stuffed my order. Can't get replaced as they increased the price from $130'

    Heresy - Amazon are purrfect…..

    • Actually a correction: their carrier stuff it up.

      Oh they are purrfeect. Got a free voucher for the trouble. :D


  • Knipex is the brand of tool to buy if you're immortal.
    Even then they'll still probably last longer than you…