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[eBook] Free: THE 7 CHAKRAS INTRODUCTORY GUIDE: Awaken, Balance, Heal and Open Your Chakras @ Amazon AU


This book will show you:

•What the 7 chakras are and how they work
•Understanding the 7 chakras
•What causes the chakras to be blocked
•Problems that chakras may encounter
•Enhance the chakras with the right foods
•Visualization for your chakra balance
•Practices for chakra balance and health
•Benefits of unblocking your chakras
•Side effects of cleansing your chakras.
The goal of this book is to introduce the chakras in clear, simple language that removes the intimidation and misunderstanding that can sometimes surround this esoteric belief system. You will be introduced to each of the chakras and will learn to recognize when one of your chakras is blocked or out of balance. You will also learn simple yet powerful techniques to open and balance your chakras in order to improve your overall physical, psychic, and spiritual well-being. You can use these techniques to build your own daily practice of connection to and alignment with the cosmic energy. Such a practice does not need to be lengthy or complicated, but the more often you take time to honor your chakras, the stronger your connection will become. You will begin to move through life with more ease and flow and feel more fulfilled and inspired. You will feel the deep joy that comes from the complete acceptance of all parts of yourself and from a sense of interconnectedness with the world around you.
Remember that chakra health is a continuous process, and you need to keep on top of it, or you will undo all your previous good work. Find time each day for meditation and other spiritual practices to help calm the chatter in your mind and preserve your inner peace and self-esteem.
Give yourself permission to heal and you can begin the life you are seeking. Your chakras are the gateway for you to enter to become fully aligned with your life purpose and joy. You will have nothing holding you back when you know how to heal your energy and stay in balance.
Going forward, keep yourself open to whatever comes up and let yourself flow through the journey. Reconnect with these tools and techniques as often as you need to in order to support your healing experience. Take pleasure in how good it feels to connect with your energy and live a healthy, whole, balanced and nurtured life.
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  • +7

    I hear Himalayan rock salt can achieve the same.

    • +15

      This book will tell you the right dose.

      • Just take it with a pinch of salt.
    • Everything is possible, it’s more depends upon your attention and intention. Trust yourself.

      • So many sleeping sheep on here OP. Don't take it personally.

        • +1

          It’s ok mate, probably I’ll do the same if someone tries to spoil my sleep. But it’s helpful for somebody who’s ready for the next level.

    • +13

      Mate just buy one of Pete Evans' $15000 lava lamps
      You'll be aligning your chakras and activating almonds in no time

      • +2

        Needs more spirit crystals

  • +9

    None of this is true, and reading this is a waste of your time

  • +5

    Im here for the Naruto comments.

    • +1

      Well with all the extra hand sanitising/washing I feel like I've got the hand signs down, just need better chakra control.

    • +2

      The 1000 years of pain technique is the only one you need to know.

    • I was going to say, so after reading the book, I should be able to know how to use Chakras to perform task like…
      Walking on a river
      Climb over a rock or mountain without hands.
      Eventually know how to concentrate Chakras over my hand to create jutsu like RASENGAN just like naruto…
      You happy now…lol =D

  • -1

    About as useful as the free bible deal

    • +4

      I get a lot from reading the Bible.

      • Yeah Genesis 19:30-38 is a pretty spicy read. I can see why you like the book.

      • Then this book might be for you.

  • +2

    If you actually care this is where you start.

    • How will that help my chakras?

      • -1

        Notwithstanding literally eliminating corpses and their associated karmic qualities from your daily consumption (if such things mean anything to you), when you stop the arguably largest wholesale douchebaggery of your life - having other sentient beings tortured and killed every day just for your own pleasure and no other essential reason - it leaves significantly less work for attending to your chakras to balance the finer details of your best possible life. And even if not, it's still a good place to start.

        • +3

          Hmmm maybe I'll ditch it all and see if I can live on nothing but self-righteousness.

          • -2

            @AngusD: Sounds like you think you've got plenty but pretty sure that will kill you if you don't know what you're doing. I'm a douchebag enough myself (for other reasons; IMO we all are) so I couldn't even try.

            Try just ditching the animal corpses and secretions to start - once you're too good for that perhaps try photosynthesis, then finally your grand plan above.

  • +2

    Clearing my root chakra opened the door to my top level shagging.

  • +3

    For some reason, whenever I hear the word “Chakra”, my eyes do an automatic eye roll. I have no idea why and I have no control over them, just automatically happens every time.

    • +2

      eye roll to your third eye. magnetic compelling forces my friend.

  • Some days I really think the human race is doomed.

    • So stop watching the news?

      • I didn't know OzBargain was a news site.

  • +2

    Waste of Internet bandwidth even on an unlimited plan

  • will this help me master the kage 'Reading No' jutsu?

  • +6

    I came to the comments expecting some interesting perspectives, but there's only shitty jokes.

    Quite a shame, really.

    I hope that one day people may be able to broaden their perspectives enough to not laugh and wave off things that may well have some merit, just because they don't understand it, or it's not meant for them.

    Even though the new-age, hippy-dippy spirituality movement has done much to tarnish the core values and ideas of holistic self-actualization, I feel like anyone with proper sense should be able to interpret between the marketing and the between the stigma to find that there are actually practices and techniques as old as humanity itself that have survived time and culture, that can be helpful for proper self-development.

    Because at the end of the day that's basically what this stuff is about. Self-development, and learning to be mindful and disciplined enough to pick up on signs/opportunities (from the universe/your higher self/your chosen diety/etc) that will help propel you forward toward being your best self, achieving your goals and manifesting success into your life in a balanced and foundationally secure way.

    Everybody has their own way/path that appeals to them, be it Christianity, Mormonism, Veganism, Self-help etc etc.
    They're all just different lenses for viewing the world, or languages for reading it.

    It seems though, that some could hardly care about becoming better humans and just want to drag the other crabs back down into the bucket with them.
    I get that you're on a bargain website but there is more to life than material gain.

    TBF I probably wouldn't get this book though. Just the idea of commodifying ancient wisdom for a quick buck off Amazon doesn't sound right to me.

    Look into Eckhart Tolle or Alan Watts for a better jumping off point.

    • +2

      Also, it's cobblers with no redeeming merit.

    • +4

      Everybody has their own way/path that appeals to them, be it Christianity, Mormonism, Veganism, Self-help etc etc.

      Only one of these is about immediate and personal responsibility towards a trillion other sentient beings each year, the rest are about personal journeys and responsibility to oneself or god. Please leave the capital letters C and M but make the v lower case, and don't muddy the water.

      • That line was just about general examples of different lifestyle choices / paths. They don't have to be mutually exclusive, nor do they have to be compared to eachother in terms of validity or practicality or whatever arbitrary metric you feel like using.

        There is obviously a spectrum as to how stringently or devoutly one follows their path, and for whatever purpose they personally derive from it.
        Not everyone is vegan for the same reason, and veganism can be just as much about personal journeys as theological establishments.
        I know quite a few vegans that for them the primary goal is sustainability, equilibrium and balance in their own body/microbiome. The animal rights part of it is secondary.

    • Why are worried about others chakras. This is not the platform to discuss religion here. We are looking for a bargain or a deal here. DO NOT come here and start selling religious stuff to people.

      • lol what?
        My comment is only addressing the other negative comments here (of which yours are a part of), talking about how we need to be open and respectful of other people's life choices. This has nothing to do with peddling religion. Hopefully a bargain on reading comprehension comes around sometime soon xD

  • +6

    LSD works better

    • +2

      Don't forget to post any bargains you find!

  • +1

    In my experience you need to follow the opposite to unblock your chakra.

    First you open your chakra.

    Then your chakra needs to heal.

  • My chakras are going bunters today after reading this book. Would not recommend if you want healthy chakras.

    • +2

      There's probably a cream for that

  • +1

    Thanks for trying OP.

  • +1


    Chakra Yoga: A Beginner's Guide to Chakra Healing

    The Meditation Transformation: How to Relax and Revitalize Your Body, Your Work, and Your Perspective Today

  • What luck!
    This is exactly what I needed for my sleepy, wobbly, sick, locked-down Chakras.

  • Amazon US linq: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0875Q4247

    I am a 2nd chakra man myself.

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