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Telstra Samsung Galaxy A20 $199 (Was $229) @ Woolworths


In store or online, although it’s buried on the website.

Not as good as the Officeworks $179 deal, but it’s the cheapest I’ve seen since then.

Includes a $10 Telstra SIM, mine expires in 2022.

I used my Woolworths Insurance to bring the price down another 10%, it’s also possible to take off another 5% with discounted gift cards.

Not sure about network lock. This will be a gift for the olds, so not fussed about staying on Telstra.

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  • Hard to justify this price when you can spend around $100 more for the Xiaomi POCO X3, which is a lot better!


  • Ok this device is still available thought these have all gone since the new release of the A21, must be old stock, deal is great but not as cheap as the Vodafone locked version i bought my mum at $179 @ Australia post and I think there was another deal posted here on Ozbargain for the not sure if locked sold by Target for $80 which was an amazing deal even if it was locked, would've bought few as cant go wrong at that price 👍

  • I don't really recommend this phone, especially given the low-end Exynos processor. Bought for parents, It was tolerable at first with few apps on it but once you've loaded the usual Whatsapp / weChat msging apps, along with other day-to-day apps (remember: this is a casual user scenario) the CPU just becomes a little overwhelmed and the experience isn't as snappy as it used to be at stock settings. It's a lot slower than the Xiaomi Mi Max1 it replaced

    I'd recommend Snapdragon 700-series equipped phone if you want responsiveness.

    • Also bought one for mum, yes at times I've got on her A20 and it seems sluggish, my Note 9 gets sluggish at times too but I over abuse mine with over 600 apps and having too many things/apps open etc but doesn't take much on mums A20 too experience the same

      Saying that she's not into mobiles and doesn't like spending too much on things like mobiles and I doubt she understands her mobile is sluggish, anyway fortunately she has a son who knows how too clear out her phone

      Does the job at a reasonable budget price, we paid same price here though was needed to be unlocked, wouldve rather this Telstra version as her Belong would be more suited too it

    • No complaints from my mum and mother-in-law, set them both up with one of these on the Boost $150 plan, and they’re very pleased.

      Got the Android 10 update too.

      The Voda locked phones were $159 from AusPost, unlocked for about $5, and the plans for $135 on special. So good.

  • Did they ever fix the glitchy GPS capability of the A20?

  • Only 720p too

  • Not bad but paid 150 for mine at target a while ago and was lucky the unlock was on the vodafone site.

  • Not as good as this one but wasn't much stock available either. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/559084

    This deal looks expensive though.

  • Paid 229 at Coles but then successfully got price protection at 80$ which is what this phone is really worth

  • Those that have this phone or get one, I recommend installing a custom rom such as

    Have been running this rom for 4 weeks, and its bloat free, and phone runs much smoothly. Rooted and magisk installed too

  • The Android 10 update really slowed the A20. Was quite snappy originally on 9.

    • I agree this phone isn't grunty enough and I find I have to keep closing applications in order for it to be usable.