Intel Xeon E5-1650 V4 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $480.70 Delivered @ Newegg


Price is GST inclusive and free shipping. Awesome deal.
Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 Broadwell 3.6 GHz LGA 2011-3 140W BX80660E51650V4 Server Processor
14 nm Broadwell
6 x 256KB L2 Cache
15MB L3 Cache
ECC Memory Supported
Cooling device not included - Processor Only

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  • Old redundant socket and only 6 cores, Ryzen 3700X is less $$,on a current socket, far lower TDP and far faster.

    No deal here that I can see.

    • Not when u want to install over 1000gb of rams 🤣 this server cpu can support this….

    • Not really comparable… Depends on application…

      Xeons are server/workstation CPUs that support ECC RDIMM, up to 40 PCIe lanes and quad channel memory..

      Comparing that to a consumer grade cpu that has support for only 20 PCIe lanes and dual channel memory

      Edit: and althoigh Ryzens have ecc support enabled, it doesn't support RDIMM.. So memory limitations if you're planning to run a server with multiple VMs

    • Despite the downvotes XeKToReX is 100% correct.

      The Intel CPU on offer here is almost 9 years old and was set to be discontinued in 2015.


      6c/12t, 3.2GHz base / 3.8GHz Turbo, 12MB Cache 130W TDP max mem 256GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
      Pros - 256GB max mem, 4 channels, ECC Support
      Cons - Pre Meltdown / Spectre hardware, 6c/12t, lower clocks, lower IPC, much higher TDP, less cache, older gen of RAM, slower ram, expensive / obsolete motherboard, cooler extra, can't overclock.


      Ryzen 7 3700X
      8c/16t, 3.6GHz base / 4.4GHz boost, 32MB Cache 65W TDP max mem 128GB DDR4 @ 3600MHz
      Pros - 8c/16t, faster clocks, higher IPC, post Spectre/Meltdown, much more cache, lower TDP, newer gen of RAM, readily available motherboards, ECC Support, can overclock.
      Cons - 128GB RAM limit on some(most?) boards, dual channel RAM.

      The 4vs 2 channels is dubious even considering the significantly higher bandwidth of the DDR4 ram, so potentially another point to AMD there.

      Not unreasonable to take an objective look and come out with the AMD chip as being current, relevant and superior in just about any possible scenario.

      I think it would be fair to get XeKToReX some positive votes.

      • Well that turned around quickly!

        • As it should have.
          The Xeon would have been a brilliant choice pre Ryzen days if you could source an appropriate motherboard for it cheap enough, but the scale is shifted massively to the point this Xeon is irrelevant and a poor purchase decision.

          Also i think some people forget that the mid to high end AMD parts support ECC, which strengthens the argument for the AMD option.
          Not an AMD fanboi, at least 60% of my past systems have been Intel, with the remainder a mixture of AMD, Cyrix and … whatever.

  • Why do Newegg sell cases to Australian consumers when they don't offer free shipping and shipping is almost as expensive as the case itself? Am I missing something?

    • "Am I missing something?"
      A wish fairy perhaps.
      Oz companies trying to make a dollar will offer their stuff at a price reflecting there cost and then add postage which may be almost the cost of their goods. This is what some of us call reality which you don't seem to get.

      Sorry WinstonWithAY, that was unnecessarily snarky, I blame pollutants in the air and too much meat in my diet.

      • What? I'm asking why do they even sell it to Australian consumers in the first place if they don't offer a free shipping option? Why would they even advertise when no one in their right mind would be buying a $110 case and spend $100 just to ship it here?

        • Maybe they're just using it as a marketing tool

          So when people search for case, they are probably going to buy other things too

          And they see Newegg and potentially buy it from them

  • Great, a mid-2016 chip for … half of its launch price. 1650v3s are $200ish on Aliexpress used, and you can OC that chip. Why the hell would you buy this?

    Boards for this POS are getting scarce and Broadwell had awful performance. A 3600 busts the pants off this thing. Hell, overclocked 1650v2 busts the pants off this thing if you really want RDIMM.

    No point using them in an X99 board, since you can't overclock. The only upside to this chip is memory support.

  • +1 vote

    Any decent server board deals to go with the CPU?

  • oh, Launch Date: Q2'16 …

  • "Cooling device not included - Processor Only" deal breaker

  • This is old enough that the 25W 4800U from this laptop outperforms it by 20-30%. Obviously not comparable, but still a pretty good indicator that this might not be the greatest buy.