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Amazon Prime Membership - Annual $59 (Save 30% over Monthly $6.99) @ Amazon AU


Was playing around with my account in Amazon and found a nice surprise. Good savings to be had.

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    This is what I've been paying since I signed up last year though.

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        Really? It has been like this since launching.

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          I'm here every damn day and somehow I missed it, so glad this was posted

          • @Tafe: i signed up for this too. How much isit usually for the annual if not 59 ?

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              @fuzzy wuzzy: It's always $59. But I think it was $35 through Amex cashback once, they may do it again later this year.

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                @Povotron: wow. so there was once a deal for $35 just with using Amex cards? that's pretty good.

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                  @fuzzy wuzzy: It was a once off with cashback. Not ongoing.

                  Separately there was also an Amazon echo dot for $10 with $59 annual membership.

                  • @justtoreply: Yup - last month. That's when I signed up, got my 30 day free account, got my $10 echo, bought a heap of crap with free shipping, then cancelled membership.

                    But $59 a year ($4.92/month) is an awesome ongoing subscription price. The US subscribers pay up to E$12.99 a month (but arguably get a lot more).

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                      @Lasher: Yeah, it's cheaper in Oz, but definitely not as much you are getting. I expect the price will creep up over time, not sure this is a bargain though really, given this is always the price.

          • @Tafe: Month to month 🙄

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          I don't know about the other guy but at least when I first signed up it was because there was an amex cashback option that rewarded the monthly option. Then I switched to yearly the last time that option was posted here.

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    It's been this price forever afaik

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      it's a good PSA/ongoing-bargain type thang

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    Thanks though. Will try again later.

    • I had this problem too and couldn't get it fixed until I contacted Support. Recommend reaching out to them if it doesn't work again.

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    that's the standard annual membership cost. Thought it was 30% off $59. now that woulda been a bargain

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    There are two options for an Amazon Prime membership:

    • Monthly $6.99/month
    • Annual $59/year
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        Or continue to pay monthly at a higher cost..

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      $6.99 x 12 = $83.88
      − $59

      = $24.88 savings

      if anybody wanted to check like me

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      I have been paying / renewing for $59/year since the beginning… confused why this a big deal now?

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      Yes, that way we can put most of the insurance payments as well… lol… not a deal at all…

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    The annual option of $59/year has been around for at least two years because my prime membership is coming up on two years.
    Whether it's worth renewing is another question, especially given the lack of a prime day this year.

    • Prime day is coming next month apparently?

      • yes - on their website as October 13-14

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      It's worth it just for Prime Video. Free postage on random things is nice too.

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        The tottenham doco is worth $60 alone

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        The Boys season 2 is what's keeping me from cancelling mine.
        This season is getting real weird though

        • I think season 1 was pretty weird too… ass bomb, anyone? But it's weirdness was part of its attraction, because like watching someone on the verge of flipping out, you never really knew what was going to happen next, which is more than I can say for many shows.

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            @nickj: Being so vain that you consider having a shapeshifter copy you, so that you can have sex with yourself?
            I feel that takes things to a whole new level

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      @newdad … not too hard to rack up $59 worth of value… compared to $49 for eBay Plus, this is a bargain for me. Amazon Prime is more flexible and I don't give a monkey's toss about Coles FlyBys and free shipping on returns that eBay+ offers.

      • They do not have flybuys anymore anyway.

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      Out of every subscription I have (and I have too many); Amazon is easily the best one that provides me the most value.

      Would never dream of cancel it.

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        I mainly do orders over $39, which is free even without prime. The exception is when i order grocery type items when Amazon is price matching Woolies etc ( muesli bars, noodles, …)
        I'm not convinced that $59 is good value for those situations when I would be better off walking to the shops instead of being lazy and waiting for Amazon to bring them to my door.

        • Amazon Prime includes Prime Video streaming service, which is very, very good. I'd pay $59 just for that.

    • prime day is being advertised every night on TV in Melbourne, so it's definitely happening.


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    Prime is well and truly worth if you do any sort of shopping at Amazon. Then there's tonnes of perks on the side. Easy to justify $59 a year.

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      It's worth it for prime video and Amazon music alone. Although rentals are starting to creep in.

      • -1

        How do you get the most out of the music? I've had prime for years but still subscribe to a separate music app due to not knowing how to use the amazon music

        • +4

          You download the amazon music app and play music through there.
          However, I found that it only just has a smaller selection of free songs - usually recent releases or what's in the charts, or the mainstream ones.
          To get the rest it asks you to sign up for amazon music unlimited.

          A nice perk but I still have my Philippine Spotify account :)

          If you use kindle there's a also a Prime Reading which is a selection of about 10 free books which they rotate each month.

          • @cuteseal: Thanks I have used the books occasionally, music obviously I was using it right just couldn't find much so that explains it, not all music is available. Thanks for your answer 🙂

    • Agreed. The prime video app is garbage, but over the last 6 months or so they have been adding some decent content on it. You just need to dig a bit harder to find it compared with other streaming services.

      • +2

        Content wise it's not bad at all, considering the price and other things like free delivery and Twitch gaming. There are some blockbusters last year like Knives Out, Bloodshot, Jumanji the next Level, Bad Boys Forever etc. and decent original content like The Boys, The Expanses, Upload etc.

        They added some functionality but true, it's nowhere near as good as Netflix. Hard to find stuff.

      • +1

        im just hanging out for the LOTR series

    • +5

      Some of the content are pretty decent… The Boys, Jack Ryan, stand up shows

      • +7

        The Office is on Prime, that is enough for me

      • +4

        Hanna was enjoyable

      • You forgot Masumuto Documental..

      • +7

        The Man in the High Castle, Fleabag, Marvellous Mrs Maisel, The Boys, Upload, Forever

        • +4

          Good Omens.

          • +4

            @try2bhelpful: Sneaky Pete and Goliath

            • +3

              @macdaddyjordan: @macdaddyjordan

              Sneaky Pete and Goliath are my favourites plus Jack Ryan…

              Obviously personal tastes are subjective, however I find I choose Prime video content at a ratio of 5:1 over Netflix easily.

      • +1

        Checkout el candidato and patriot. Oh and watch Utopia the UK version easily the most underrated I have ever watched and one of my favourites of all time.

      • absentia

    • I rather sign up for one month (ideally on the month of prime day) and then binge on all the amazon prime videos.

    • is it actually better to subscribe for the full year or go month on month? I'm not sure I would gain full value over 12 months or so…May stop buying stuff from Amazon or watching prime etc.

      Although ever since I subscribed to Prime, I think i'm buying more stuff than usual (maybe even unwanted things!)

    • Its free shipping if you spend over $40

      • +1

        Not from USA iirc

    • +1

      One or two great deal purchases a year with free prime shipping and it pays for itself. Then you add on free international shipping over $49, prime video and music on top.

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    huh? no deal

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    This is normal price..

  • +4

    I think the 30% refers to the amount saved paying annually ($59) v paying month to month ($6.99).

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    OZRRP…this is the normal price. Thanks for your effort though.

    • +8

      It's been becoming like that a bit lately.

      2L Milk $2.39 @ Coles… Bargain!

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    Hi OP, Surfshark offers 81% off if you pay annually: https://order.surfshark.com/

    • Whattt???

      • +7

        I got his point.

    • -4

      Thanks but I got the 90% cashback a few months ago for 3 years

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    Please hand in your membership

    • +3

      I hope you are referring to the Ozbargain membership

      • +5

        Membership to everything

      • Gym membership. There is no weird flex from OP.

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    Thanks. I was paying monthly. Now I'll save 20 odd dollars a year or whatever.

    • +40

      Your AustriaBargain license should have been revoked.

      • I think I had a yearly membership and that expired and I changed it to monthly for some reason, probably spent all my checking account on bargains that week.

        • +1

          Monthly .makes sense if you have a few purchases planned and can't get the free intro. Freight is usually way more than $6.99 since they dropped their subsidisation of USA to Au. Buy then cancel the Prime subscription.

          • @[Deactivated]: I like to watch the sitcoms on Prime Video anyway.

          • -1

            @[Deactivated]: @Possumbly
            "since they dropped their subsidisation of USA to Au."

            I am buying regularly through the Amazon Global store from both Amazon US and Amazon UK sources… have never paid shipping (all transactions over A$49)… If Amazon Marketplace sellers, that's a different story…

            • @et tu brute: What's your trick etb? If you don't mind try this item and see if you get free freight. Thx

    • +1

      Austria has different bargain standards

      • +2

        I'm impressed he has Dual-bargain Citizenship.

  • +8

    That's the normal yearly price it's always been since they started the service in Aus.

    It's 30% off when compared to paying for 12x 1 month subscriptions…

    6.99*12 = 83.88

    83.88 - 30% = 58.7

    • +1

      true. How this is a bargain.

      • -1

        It's not

  • +1

    thx OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +2

    Was also paying monthly for some odd reason, I swear I had it set to yearly because I remember thinking I'll get it for a year and see if its worth. Either way thanks OP for the remind, good to be saving money now.

  • +5

    Thanks OP. No idea why I've been paying monthly and not annually for the past two years. Dropped the ball on this one.

    • +2

      Me too, thanks OP.

    • +1

      Same. Not sure the hate boner people have here, some of us missed this.

    • +2

      irsross… possibly because they don't make it highly visible, even at renewal time (for annual)… you really have to go fishing for the information in my experience.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just switched to Annual :)

  • +12

    Having come from the US, I find Amazon here to be lackluster. I cannot find most things here while the US store practically has everything under the sun. Price for Prime is about right for what they have to offer.

    • i second this … !!

      • Oh? Which part of the US did you come from?

        • +6

          the US of A?

    • Having come from the US, I find Amazon here to be lackluster.

      That's why we need a VPN that will work on Prime Video and not just for Netflix. Though the odd thing is, my VPN seem to work if using it with my phone and doesn't when using it with my two Android boxes. Weird indeed.

      Edit: BTW thanks OP. I wasn't aware of this and been a member for a quite number of years now. Better late than never I suppose.

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