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BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi, Bundle Pack of 4 Discs (Trio + Additional) $160.78 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Easy set up in minutes, works with all UK broadband providers, comes with BT 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
Connect your BT dual-band AC1200 whole home Wi-Fi solution to your existing wireless broadband
Dual-band AC1200 whole home Wi-Fi solution is ideal for downloading music, streaming HD content, or for playing games online
Dashboard to see who is online and what devices are connected, pause your Wi-Fi so you are in charge, safe and secure
Intelligent Wi-Fi technology automatically connects you to the fast and strong signal as you move from room to room (Wi-Fi roaming and band steering)
1 x WAN/LAN Gigabit Ethernet port

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location???

    • Works for me

  • Warranty won't help here after the first 30 days.

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    Just a warning.

    I haven't looked but if it doesn't allow you to set location to Australia, it might be using bands and frequencies that are illegal/not approved for Australia.

  • -1

    UK related modem and WiFi? Seriously?

    • Looks like it's a mesh system. No modem included.

    • It's a mesh and basically saying that it isn't tied to BT. Tough neg that.

      • Needs a title and body clean up then because it's all pointing to the UK

  • works with all UK broadband providers


    • Super helpful in Australia, right?

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    I have the older version of these, purchased in July 2017 from Amazon UK back in the days when you could just order pretty much anything.
    There were very little mesh systems around (at a decent price point) back then. These worked perfectly for me, just plug n plug. The only thing was I had to make an iTunes account for the UK inorder to be able to download the iOS app, and of course get UK power adopters. Aside of that everything was perfect.

    I have since upgraded to Orbi so no longer use them, but well worth it at the time.

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    I recommend the Tenda Wifi MW3 mesh wifi. My House is large and 2 storey.

    Mum, Dad, Sister, her husband everyone is super pleased with the max speeds we achieve with 4 nodes strategically place to connect to each other, we all have now 5 bars of wifi no matter where we are.

    Cost? Only $140 AUD in free shipping for 4 nodes, pretty sure you can find it cheaper since i bought it 2 by 2.

    Hint: Dont use it as a standalone, connect it to the NBN Wireless router's Lan port for stability as optus nbn router and modem are synchronised together already

    • This one looks like it has gigabit Ethernet where the mw3 has megabit.

    • optus nbn router and modem are synchronised together already

      In what sense are they synchronised?

      • they're configured to each other through the settings nbn and router for plug and play. optus routers dont seem to play friendly with tenda. did a lot of fiddling around to figure this out. i get dl speeds50mbs dl 20mbs up.

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