[eBay Plus] Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka 700mL Bottle $39 Delivered @ eBay BoozeBud


A Handcrafted Vodka of exceptional quality, inspired by the vibrant flavours of Sicily. The extract of sanguine Sicilian Blood Oranges injects a dynamic Citrus Burst into the clean Vodka Base, for a smooth, Crisp Taste of the Mediterranean Sun.

Region: England
Style: Flavoured Vodkas, Vodka
Size: 700mL
Alcohol: 43.0%

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  • I've ordered a few products from BoozeBud on eBay and the shipping, packaging and overall service is exceptional!

    • Are you in VIC and ordered recently? I know before 2020 went to complete shit they use to deliver within 3 days max, but since postage delays I'm curious how long that has blown out to?

      • I ordered two things from them recently, I'm in Melbourne. One item shipped from Sydney, one from Melbourne and both took two weeks to arrive. The one from Sydney arrived first.

        The bottle of gin I ordered came with the lid broken due to insufficient packaging, however they refunded the money very quickly.

  • Looks like a good deal!

  • Is $59 everywhere and was $79 @ Dan murphy

    For $39, worth a shot

  • Looks like it was a pricing error, listing was updated just after i purchased. Thanks OP

  • Error pops up saying "seller made some changes to the listing" - but worked a charm after a few attempts.

  • Worth a shot at the price. Should be good for the warmer weather

  • Just a heads up that this may be a gin liqueur. Have had a different flavour in the past and whilst pleasant enough was not designed for G&T. Cheers - enjoy!

    • Totally this. Disregard the mention of 'gin' in the label - if you like orange all up in your face, this is your tipple.

    • mmm worried it would be sugary

      • It says vodka though? Also 43% so not too worried about sugar content

        • yeh, i saw that. But as kiwidoc above mentioned, (though now I'm more confused as they mentioned 'gin', not vodka), it may be more like a liqueur? I can't find much info on the tasting notes etc. I'm not as worried about sugar content, more that I just don't have a sweet tooth. But you're right, at 43%, it probably isn't Liqueur like…

          • @darkmoss: Yep, only bought it when I saw that the alcohol content was above 40%. Normally sweet stuff is around 20% and I hate it

    • No, it isn't?? Seems normal to me with significant orange flavour. Have been through a couple bottles of this stuff. V good on rocks, also good with tonic (flavour is less full-on). Haven't tried soda. Subjective though, I like adding orange bitters to standard G&Ts or having orange sour beers.

  • if you changed 1 letter in promo code it would make more sense

    like RRP BS 91

  • I keep getting "A seller made some changes to an item listing." at checkout, contacting eBay support to see whats up.

    • They had to give me a pay.ebay/ link which worked

      Edit: Despite eBay support telling me it was fine, giving me that link, they refunded me and canceled my order

      • i have the same issue, pressing confirm 2nd time works

        fuuuu got charged $15 shipping what is this.. it was free before.

        • This thing is a whole mess, have spent an hour with eBay plus making me remove my PayPal account and all other rediculous troubleshooting for something that seller obviously doesn't want to eat the cost of.

          Rather than telling me my eBay Plus membership is worthless eBay is having me waste my time until I give up.

  • It's showing $59?

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one.

  • Cheers OP got one too. Note it first said seller made changes to listing. Had a second crack and went through (paypal).

  • Absolutely love blood orange so I'll give this one a go, thanks op. Side note, the Schweppes Agrum blood orange is amazing when mixed with vodka.

  • bought one

  • The gin version makes a great negroni!

  • ARRIVED -should i open and try now? but right now is only 8.09am

  • Biggest scam eBay. Has "6 available" for the last 72 hours.
    Ended up buying one anyway but I really dont like this "buy quickly or you'll miss out!" tactics. Dissapointing.

  • Any recipe for this? What should I mixed it with? Or just drink straight?