[Pre Order] HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset $899 (Save $200) @ HP


The no-compromise VR headset. Realistic visuals. Immersive soundscapes. Superb tracking and performance. Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, our breakthrough headset delivers a more immersive experience.[1] Ergonomically designed for comfort. Optimized for compatibility. Introducing the new standard in VR.

Note: Requires tethering to a PC

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      Does that not make sense?
      I know wireless would be preferable, but wired allows them to focus more on power and performance.

      • Oculus Quest 2 was announced.

        • Completely different ballpark, you will never get the same level of performance with the Quest 2 compared to a PC.

          • @Jasonissm: You'll never get the same immersion linked to a cable. That is the compromise.

          • @Jasonissm: I don't think that's necessarily true. With PC link you get the best of both worlds; direct connection support to PC with the ability to go wireless / standalone if you prefer.

          • @Jasonissm: Quest link is 10/10

            I dont mean over the air streaming, I mean using a good USB 3 cable to pc.

            As long as your PC supports it, It's virtually the same performance when plugged in. Oculus has better tracking compared to windows mixed vr imo as well.

            Reverb G2 does have the higher resolution and built in headphones though, but Considering the quest 2 is likely going to be considerably cheaper, not too sure about it.

            P.s. I play Beat Saber competitively; and own Vive + Quest, and have tried Rift, PSVR, Reverb G1

            • @Yabasugiru: I can definitely feel some input lag on my Quest when I use Oculus Link, it definitely feels like a more gimped experience. Also you need to buy an Oculus Link cable or compatible cable if you're comparing to a wired VR headset, and the screen on the original Quest was not the best to my eyes, although the Quest 2 can definitely fix most of these issues. The main thing with me was the input delay as I'm quite sensitive to it, while using the recommended Anker cable, I was going to get the official Link cable to see if that helped but I just gave up on it and it's just been sitting there, much rather a wired headset.

            • @Yabasugiru: Quest 2 is a bit of a hot mess on release though (I was holding out to see whether it would be any good). Headstrap sucks, IPD adjustment is shit (unless you have one of the 3 supported IPD's), colours on the LCD are a bit more washed out than the origina, 90Hz isn't currently supported for Quest Link.

              Pretty good write up here https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/review-we-do-not-reco...

              So I'm leaning back towards a Reverb G2 while it's on sale.

              • @Abaddon: Fair enough really;
                I honestly want to try the Valve Index the most because of the high refresh but no official resellers in Aus right now.

            • @Yabasugiru: You lost at "I play beat Saber competitively"๐Ÿ˜‚

        • This G2 seems to have the best display out of them all which is great for people who play simulators (like me).

          I'll wait for reviews of the Quest 2 as i've used the original to stream from my PC and it just didn't feel quite right when compared to the Rift S. also F facebook

        • They are different markets - I have a WMR and a Go and each have advantages/disadvantages

          Depends on what you want

      • And any serious vr capable of running more than gimmicks gets the power from a pc with a good graphics card.

        Wireless also introduces lag.

  • Looks like a great headset, but I'll keep rocking the Vive until there's a comparable wireless headset.

    • I was thinking about getting a Vive Cosmos.
      I don't want to use it standing up and moving though.

      Can you use the Vive (or any VR setup) with a mouse/keyboard/controller while sitting down?
      For example, playing Borderlands 3 with an xbox controller & just the headset?

      • I'm not sure about Borderlands 3 specifically, but there are loads of VR games that can be played seated using the Vive wands or with just a regular controller. Those details are very clearly advertised on Steam, with each game clearly saying what inputs are supported, and whether they can be played seated, standing or both. :)

      • Just to add to what Matictac was saying, you can also stream your desktop to a VR application. For example, using the default Steam menu or a theatre app like Bigscreen.

        The upside is that you can pretty much play any flatscreen game you want in VR. The downside is there is going to be some input delay - but this is negligible and may not be important if you're not playing a competitive game.

      • I have cosmos elite and SDE is there!, I do watch movies and play games through vorpx but u dont get the fedality/clarity.

        well, they say G2 supposedly has better screen so less sde means better immersion, you can use vorpx to play most games on any vr headset

  • Only downside imo is no finger tracking in the controllers

    • what are some games that use this? I'm trying to think of gaming applications for finger tracking. But what can you actually do with it in game? I've never seen a game that based itself around individual finger tracking.

      • The only one which really comes to mind for me is VR Chat with gestures using the capacitive touch on controllers.

  • I'd be waiting for the Oculus Quest 2.

  • Pulled the trigger.

    This is shaping up to be an awesome headset.

  • I'll wait until MFS gets its VR update

  • Haha! I wonder if the Oculus leak made them reduce the price

  • Who's read the reviews on the page? lol

  • Love it. I've been eyeing this off for ages but the price was just a bit too high. Also cant bring myself to buy Oculus because Facebook are f***ers.

    • Truth.

    • I don't really mind connecting my Facebook to the Oculus but do you have any major reasons why it has put you off getting one?

      • Just that Facebook own them, and I don't want to support Facebook.

        • Lol

          • @ln28909: Why lol? Facebook's (profanity) evil.

            Their AI report review system is frequently gamed by assholes to bully people & have them cut off from their support networks.
            FB be like 'lol, can't help u. sry. bye'

            Post any tits & arse & Zucc will John Proctor you in less than five, but slow-mo beheadings? "np, sir. Would you like subtitles with that?"

            They facilitating genocide in Myanmar & other small countries but (profanity) me if there's no reporting system to cover govt kill squads using the platform to track & murder troublesome civilians.

            FB used to have actual humans reviewing reports, once upon a time. Unfortunately the steady stream of kiddie porn, executions, violent rapes and other delightful material caused their entire staff of a few thousand to check out ten at a time on PTSD leave.
            "Money for trauma counselling? You are kidding. They were agency staff. Not our responsibility"

            They've got thousands of accounts paying their bills in (profanity) rubles but they just can't seem to stop those pesky Russians from running a coordinated misinformation campaign against democracy.
            Might have something to do with hiring Breitbart-level bloggers to 'balance out their fact check unit'

            The least harmless thing FB's done in ten years was the massive Cambridge Analytica 'data breach', in which FB accidentally gave/sold read access across their entire user database to an private intelligence contractor with fewer scruples than the Talking Potato.

            I don't really like FB at all & sometimes overreact.

            • @BinaryPirate: Look man you just gotta accept it and move on to things you can control

            • @BinaryPirate: With you on all of that.

              I was one of the people bullied off FB and cut off from both my support network on Facebook and information in my private messages I required for a civil lawsuit that logged dates and times of negative events to which I was subjected.

              A bunch of MAGAt trolls reported me during the 2016 American presidential campaign for fact-checking someone's hate screed against Hillary. The claim — by apparently dozens of evangelical pro-Trump nutters, or maybe Russians that followed the pro-Trump nutter who posted the hate screed, who themselves didn't have to prove they were logged in under their full names to falsely complain that another user wasn't logged in under their own full name — was that I was a fakenamer.

              Oddly, as I'd joined FB when it was still restricted to people from certain universities and a small number of tech companies, I'd enrolled with an email address that matched the name I used on my profile, which was in fact my true name. (Rare for me online.) So Facebook had MULTIPLE REASONS to be pretty darn certain it wasn't me who was the liar there.

              Nonetheless, they refused to let me back on unless I gave them a digital copy of my passport photo with demographic information. They of course promised to delete it "eventually", "when it's no longer needed", but "not immediately". ROTFL, no. No no no no no. FeckOff, FaceBook.

              The trolls who reported me are apparently still there and still spreading misinformation.

              I couldn't get a lawyer to rep me for the lawsuit without showing beforehand (ie, before they were engaged and could subpoena) the proof of what I'd been subjected to.

              I still have no contact with dozens of friends in my home country, which is kind of important seeing as I have no living family, and cannot subscribe to and see notices from government and community organisations that won't post detailed information, anywhere except their FaceBook pages.

      • major reasons

        You lose money.

        Most people can't seem to work out the basic link between data collection and losing money though and operate like audiophiles believing they are the one special case in the world where data collection does not cause them to lose money.

        Most of them expose themselves to advertising and other propaganda. The data collection provides feedback for the effectiveness of the harmful exposure to advertising and other propaganda.

  • Definitely seems like better value than the Index

    • Can you even get Index in Australia? My understanding was that it isn't officially for sale here because reasons. Which is a shame because it looked like the best option of the current/last generation by a mile.

      • No one stocks the index here. It should be noted Valve pitched in with the design of the optics technology and audio solution of the G2, so it's actually a collaborative project between the 2 companies.

        It's likely that valve will never release the Index here because of how small our market is compared to the US.

        • If only there was some sort of service that could move cardboard boxes between locations, using things such as airplanes and ships.
          Futurology can only dream though.
          I have no idea why Australia is a big (profanity)-off black hole for VR headsets. I'm still on OG Vive because everything else is either not available or not 'next generation improvement.'

          • @whichwhatwho: I assume they don't want the hassle of providing support for a complex physical product etc, which would involve a lot of setting up and overheads.

          • @whichwhatwho: We have much better consumer protection and warranty laws here, and they don't want to take on the cost/risk. They'd rather sell those headsets overseas for a bigger profit, over time, because they can.

      • Sadly not. We have a small market - plus I think Valve is a little bit turned off Australia as a market after the Steam Refund lawsuit and the ACCC.

  • I'll stick with my PSVR that's packed away in the garage thank you very much.