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[Pre Order] HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset $899 (Save $200) @ HP


The no-compromise VR headset. Realistic visuals. Immersive soundscapes. Superb tracking and performance. Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, our breakthrough headset delivers a more immersive experience.[1] Ergonomically designed for comfort. Optimized for compatibility. Introducing the new standard in VR.

Note: Requires tethering to a PC

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            • @lostn: I have one, I bought the mega bundle with five games for my PS4 Pro.

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      PSVR is just a toy compared to proper vr headsets.

      • No shit, you hook it up to a PS4 and play games with it.

        • Yes but the difference between that and, say, an oculus rift on pc is astronomical.

          • @imurgod: I wouldn't say it's astronomical. VR is cool but honestly overall I think it's been a bit of a let down and still a few years a way from delivering anything that's actually going to break through and convince people to strap a monitor to their face on mass.

            • @Sidog: True. I think there's certain niches that have seen it adopted quite well though.

              The hurdle is the cost to jump in.

              I am an avid sim racer and everyone I know in that space is on vr. There's no substitute for the immersion.

              Outside that, there really isn't enouge software compelling enough to make it mainstream yet.

  • Is this price in USD or am I missing something? (Showing at $1099).

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      You have to enter in the discount code.

      • Hahah yeah. I’m an idiot. I was trying to edit my reply, you were too fast lol.

        The website wasn’t displaying correctly in Opera.

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    worth noting that these headsets won't be expected in Australia until mid-November.

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    Got the notification earlier. Was kinda unsure I was going to preorder but the $200 discount helped.

    For those that don't know the preorder for Australia was a bit of a mess, it originally went up a long time for preorder at $1399 which obviously caused a bit of an uproar so they pulled it from their store.

    They later said the new price would be $1,099 but preorders wouldn't be up for awhile - they sent out notices last week advising of the new preorder launch.

    Glad to finally have it ordered as I do a lot of sim gaming and this definitely seems like the best fit for that.

    You can find a few videos of "through the lens" on youtube which can give a better idea of the quality, Valve helped a lot with the lenses on this one.

    Will probably still buy the Quest 2 to replace my Quest for other things, as playing wirelessly is pretty great and Oculus does well on the tracking front, but need more information on that.

    • they offered the original pre-orders a massive discount to below $800 a headset.

  • I'm a bit behind in VR technology knowledge. Is this for playing game or for something else?

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      Games and VR adult entertainment..

      • What is VR adult entertainment?

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          Movies like the goonies lion king etc :-)

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          VR Job simulator and VR housework

          • @Crono: That’s games not adult entertainment

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          I thought adult entertainment meant linux distros.

      • what are games?

  • "at this price they are basically disposable". hahaha yeah right.

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    Check your IPD before ordering this. The G2 IPD range is 60-68mm, and although this is better than the Rift S, it is still not as good as the original Rift CV1 of 58-72mm. My IPD is around 70-72mm so I am not going to risk the G2.

  • Can the headset be used with an existing VIVE setup? I am happy with the vive controllers and the positional tracking boxes (whatever they are called).

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      No, it won't work with light house tracking or the Vive controllers but are you sure you're happy with them? Have you ever tried any other VR controller? I dislike Vive controllers the most, they're the reason I have a Vive Pro covered in dust.

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      You can but it's a bit of a workaround (same process as with the index controllers):

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    Pulling the trigger on this now is silly, we are literally one day away from the announcement of the oculus Quest 2 which has leaked really surprising specs and possibly a great price.

    Recommend waiting! Unless you really really hate the zuck

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      Not just hating the zuck, but not wanting to wait is a reason. I've waited all year for a headset (index) and I don't care about wireless, and I don't like the Facebook connectivity, nor the lack of a need for a PC.

      The Quest is just not targetted at my needs at all.

      • Quest 2 will have the same resolution and fov as this headset and will be cheaper. It will also have a more polished experience coming from oculus. It also can be used both untethered/tethered. Quest 2 way better value.

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          Sorry, not willing to save a couple bucks in return for my data.

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          Do you ever pause and reflect on why an equivalent product from Facebook might be cheaper? How are they making up the difference in price do you reckon…?

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          Every comparison Ive read said that Reverb res is higher, FoV higher, better lens quality, better Hz

          If you have some sources showing they're the same I'd be interested to read.

          Ultimately it will be easy to cancel this pre order if needs be… But I'd rather get in early than later and wait until next year for my VR headset

          • @Gobbo14: The quest 2 isn’t out so can’t be sure on lens quality, but resolution and fov is definitely the same, unless for some reason they decided to
            make quest 2 fov worse than quest 1 which I doubt

            • @lowlifesphere: From the pics Quest 2 looks like it's not as deep and sits closer to your face. So it may technically have the same fov but it might actually look bigger when using it. If you've ever taken the face insert off the Quest 1 and put it on you can get your eyes really close to the lenses and the fov looks way bigger.

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            @Gobbo14: HP G2 resolution is 2160 x 2160 = 4.6 MP, Quest 2 is 1832 x 1920 = 3.5MP Both 90HZ.. Field of view is 114' on the G2 vs around 100' on the Quest 2.. The G2 has a marginally better display but I think ultimately it will come down to the lenses and fit on each user.. I think one thing for sure is even at $899 the G2 is over priced… I'm going to cancel my pre order.

            • +1

              @Robstar350: Thanks for that info!

              Actually far from the same resolution and FoV.

              I've also seen some reviews of the G2 which push its actual FoV close to that of the index.

              Also been watching some videos comparing the two and talking about the fact that the quality of a PC headset like the G2 will always be better than a portable headset.

              I feel like for someone who is a PC gamer, the G2 will suit me best.

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      No, it's not silly. A lot of us won't touch Oculus based stuff because of FB, so it's irrelevant what they offer

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    Sorry for the noob questions guys but does VR give you motion sickness if you get it in a car? Is there enough content out there for VR? I am very interested but would hate for it to be a paper weight after the novelty wears out

    • I am pretty prone to car sickness, and my testing with VR headsets hasn't given me any trouble so far.

      That's just an anecdote, for what it's worth.

    • Hard to say - I'd been playing VR for many years but took a break. Came back to it and just about vomited on my first return. I was about to give up on it but gave it another go and then was fine, and been playing just about daily since.

      My first return was me trying to play racing (first person) with a controller such that the car motion was quite rapid left and right. I since re-installed my wheel and it's a much better and smoother experience.

      So I guess fast motions may trigger the sickness. Most games though are slow such that it doesn't trigger sickness for me.

      Oddly, when I drive the car game forwards, I'm okay. Once I start reversing, then I can feel the triggers of sickness.

    • You just get used to it. Smooth locomotion (via joystick) will be nauseating for new users so you'll definitely be using 'teleporting' as opposed to 'moving' in VR but after sometime your brain will re-wire itself and you'll stop getting sick.

    • it depends on the game. Some definitely will.

      Sims for me do give motion sickness.

  • I read that tethered setups can be quite immersion-breaking with the wire getting in the way, especially if you spin around a lot. Can anyone comment on their experience?

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      You will get use to it, just need to be careful. But you can avoid it by attaching your cable to ceiling.

  • Shouldn't we wait for the Oculus Quest 2? Will anyone else be subsiding their headsets to the degree Facebook will be.

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      Zucc has near infinite resources to throw at this project and his "one billion people in VR" vision, especially if it means he's first to tap into into a market that is completely unexplored/uncontested outside of the realms of science fiction and dystopia.

      • As long as it works with the major VR games on PC, I don't really care about Facebook's involvement. Even if you need to log into facebook to turn it on or update it, who cares, all that matters is if its good and it works.

  • Really want to get into VR gaming. I have an RTX2070 Super
    Do you guys recommend this system? and what is your favourite game??

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      I run the Reverb (current version) on 2070 Super and works perfectly fine. Thing about pc vr is that the resolution only goes so far and even a better card wont improve the visual. At that point, it's FPS.

      I had my reverb originally on a 1660ti then got 2070 super. I play racing and flying predominately and the difference wasn't leaps and bounds for visual. VR is inherently blurry. Big difference came with FPS such that 2070 Super was smoother and more seamless.

  • +1

    This will be my first foray in to VR.

  • Ooh, I do want one. But can it play Oculus games?

    It's not OLED unfortunately. And the cushions look like they will get filthy and difficult to clean like the Index.

    I want to wait for reviews first, but it might not be available if I do that.

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    Apparently a "Pro" model has been leaked with face and eye tracking.

  • I was literally about to buy an Occulus Rift S today. How does this compare? What should I do?

    • +3

      The Rift S has basically been abandoned. If you want the best visual quality, go for the G2. Best tracking/controllers, import an Index. Or, if you're ok with using Facebook and more of a standalone experience, Quest 2.

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    Created an account to provide feedback to the shocking ordering process which is HP.

    The pre-order discount should be automatically applied (or at least lower the price for the promotion period to do away with the code to begin with). This lead to me pre-ordering, THEN getting the email with the code, which leads to…

    Trying to call customer support. Lets just say HP uses overseas call centres. They couldnt add in the code to the pre-existing order. So that meant I had to cancel the order. No problem doing that, except that it took absolute ages to do (20mins). In the meantime, i placed a 2nd order, this time WITH the code. Hooray i thought. But the "helpful agent" decided to take it upon themself, to "investigate" that 2nd order….. which lead to an email today from him, CANCELLING the 2nd order because it was a parcel locker. I never initiated them to have to do anything to the 2nd order, the call was simply to cancel the 1st.

    The cancellation of the 1st pre-order didnt get confirmation for afew hours, so i had to hop onto the online chat, and get it cancelled again, since i really didnt want to pay 1099.

    It is quite telling that a forward looking company does not accept a parcel locker as a delivery address. We have all used it for much higher value items, than a $899 headset. If you do not accept parcel lockers, there are other means to blocking it at the time of purchase, for example when entering the delivery address.

    If any HP associates comes across this, I view this sort of experience as a "canary in the cage" test when I make business decisions. These negative experiences really sets HP apart from other providers (eg Dell etc).

    • Pre-Ordered the Quest 2. Less than 1 min process, delivering to parcel locker.
      Take note HP (if you ever see this).

      • Fingers crossed it gets delivered. I frequently use Parcel Lockers but hate the situation where the delivery goes all the way through only to be halted when they can't deliver to the parcel locker. That's when the emailing back and forth starts for me (sometimes).

        In these cases I get even more pissed such that I don't mind when they up front tell me that they can't deliver to a parcel locker.

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    I preordered. Do they charge your card when it ships, or upon preorder?

    • +1

      Very late answer but yes they take the full amount, I queried on chat and they confirmed.Does not concern me whether they take it now or a months time.I'm upgrading from a Samsung Odyssey plus and really looking forward to the higher res.If this is your first grab a cable manager off of Amazon they are cheap and you won't notice you have a cable connected other wise you may find it tangled round your feet in the excitement of play.

      • That's not cool. I don't have an exact date on when it will ship. I'm expecting shortages and the projection is a moving target. It could be months before I finally get it.

        It matters to me because I'm paying on a CC with purchase protection and the purchase date will count as preorder date, which means I have less than a year to claim price protection on it. The biggest discounts typically happen 12 months later when a successor is out.

    • I pre-ordered and pretty sure I read that they won't charge me until the order is processed or something on those lines, which I interpreted as near to release date. I just checked my credit card and they have deducted the $899.

  • Don't forget Shopback, got an extra $22.48 cashback coming.

    • Not sure if you will end up getting this, because you used a code that's not listed on SB.

      • I won't be too bothered if it doesn't happen, but will see how it goes.

  • For anyone checking out this deal now I have some new information. As you know, the deal finishes on the 30th of September. I spoke to HP today and they informed me that (as you'd expect them to say) the headset has been very popular all over the world and after the initial pre-order promotion ends they will be finalising their orders from the manufacturer for delivery in early November. They informed me that these pre-ordered units are the only ones coming into the country from the initial run so it sounds like there may not be a ready supply of stock for some time. An added bonus was that if you order from them over the phone they can set you up with interest free payment plans. I was able to get the discount and 24 months interest free on my Latitude Gem Visa. Not a bad deal at all considering the hardware on offer.

  • Cancelled my QUEST 2 PREORDER and Bought one, hope its good!

  • Even after been burnt from the crapness of the PSVR, I'm trying to decide if I should waste my money on this since this seems to fix my main gripe with the PSVR's crappy resolution…
    but PC VR looks like a complicated platform mess.
    I'm confused, can this HP thing play VIVE apps/games or Oculus apps/games?

    Or can it only play WMR games?

    Apart from Alyx, is there any WMR games for getting this for?
    I might have been interested in the Vader game but its an Oculus exclusive?

    • +1

      It plays WMR and Steam games but not Oculus titles bought from Oculus store

      Vive store is just a collection of pre existing steam titles I believe, and it has no notable exclusives

      The Oculus store does have a range of high quality vr titles that are Exclusive, Vader for eg. So if you want to experience those you'll need a Oculus headset

      • Thanks for the clarity mate!
        Sigh, one more day to decided…

        • +1

          You can play Oculus games through this headset by installing the Revive software. It has been around for years and has always been able to find a way around Facebooks blocks. This headset has been officially endorsed by both Microsoft and Valve and as such compatibility will be very high across Windows and Steam.

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