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Jabra Elite 75t $249 ($50 off) - Jabra Elite Active 75t Sports $279 ($50 off) - Free Delivery / C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


top deal on this one.. my fav buds .. going to upgrade now from my 65t.. good deal… you reckon get the normal or the active?

Link for Standard

Link for Active

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  • Could you link the active version?

  • I have heard amazon price matching bricks and mortar stores. How do I do that with these buds?

  • These are excellent.

  • I was able to convince officeworks lady to price beat zumi.com.au. Got the without active version for $236.55. Might have to call couple of times to get the right person.

  • Heads up these are much better than airpod pros imho , I have both, but these don’t include Qi wireless charge case which is available in the new version 75t active. Cheers

  • Great buds these. I struggled with the standard tips fitting well. Got spinfit cp360 tips and now they fit and sound perfect.

  • I really want to buy these, but seeing the amount unhappy users on the r/Jabra page talking about the bugs these earbuds have is making me have second thoughts.

    • I know, according to reddit there are no good buds, people complaining about all of them in their various subreddits :)
      I was interested in the Pixel Buds 2 because I have $150 Google credit, but I've been turned off by all the complaints

    • I know what you are saying and I was in the same boat, but I took the plunge about 6 weeks ago and do not regret it. Yes I've had some minor connectivity issues but nothing ongoing and nothing major like on reddit. Yes its only been 6 weeks but I'm happy. I have an Samsung S9 and the 75t Active.

      • Yeah, and connectivity cutout would probably be a good enough reason to get an exchange if you get unlucky.

    • I have them and love them. I do have a couple issues though.

      Sometimes they only charge to 14% or something. To fix you have to leave the case on charge, open, for a few hours to reset it. It will then fully charge your buds again. Can be annoying and happens about once a month.

      Second issue is the left earbud gets real low volume, has happened 3 times and I have had them maybe 8 months? There is a tiny hole that you gently use a pin, blow in it and it fixes it. Still one of my best purchases in a long time, love them

  • Do the earbuds work independently off one another? Or does the left need the right to function like the 65T?

    • Or does the left need the right to function like the 65T? << This.

    • Need the right. Jabra couldn't develop the firmware to make it work properly with the 75 series. So we will have to wait for the next gen for that.

      • Cheers. Won't buy it then. I have the 65T and it's the worst part of this.
        I like to listen to one ear independently and swap when battery runs low. Obviously not possible with the Jabra's.

  • Same price at good guys with additional 10% off at the good guys with TENOFF code

  • I've had the non - active ones now for about 3 or 4 weeks now and have been fine. No dropouts and last for ages. Sound great.

  • Got a set of the active ones off the Good guys with 10% off (also had $30 store credit + cashback 3.5% + Qantas points - total $220.29 ).
    Upgrading from Gen 1 Airpods, should be good!
    I run a lot and use pods in the gym, finally won't have to fit dodgy silicon extras to stop my old pods falling out.

  • Are these worth the extra ~ $100 over the 65t?

    • From what I've read I'd go 75t active -> more water resistant (Ip57, So, officially, these are more waterproof than water-resistant), less bugs, Sound+ app, slimmer case, better battery.

      It truly comes down to what you're willing to spend and what you're willing to give up. You can work out or run with either model, and you will get similar sound, unless you find one fits better than the other. If you care to have the latest features and want extra battery life, go with the newer one.