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10% off Apple Mac Computers Online and in Store @ JB Hi-Fi


Excludes iMac Pro MHLV3X/A, accessories, iPad, refurbished models & Apple built to order. Prices displayed incluse of discount. Discount off ticketed price.

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  • Also excludes accessories

  • Do I wait? Or pull the trigger?

    Is Apple due to release any new macbook pro?

    • Pretty sure 2020 macs have been released - at least the 13 inch's have.

      • Yeah but it was only a slight refresh….wasn't it?

        Forgive my non knowledge lol

        • It was a massive refresh because they swapped back to the scissor switch keyboards instead of that butterfly junk. It's also the last generation of Macbooks 13" with Intel CPUs.

      • A range of ARM-based Mac are coming in Nov according to some of the most accurate leaks

    • Buy now man. Bloody ARM sucks, at least for the first few generations. Intel CPU will always be the go to choice for performance and industry standard software.

      • Ughhh so much confliction with the intel chips ive been reading and the new arm ones.

        Any big difference between a 1.4ghz and a 2?

        Again im dumb as dog shit when it comes to specs.

        • Don't worry about the CPU speeds. Basically the same in real world performance.

          Do you want 4 thunderbolt or 2 thunderbolt ports? I bought the 2.0 GHz variant/1 TB SSD and 4 thunderbolt ports.

          Even with my USB C Hub, I still need the 2 thunderbolt ports on the right for peripherals and monitors.

          Buy this too: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Baseus-7-in-1-HUB-USB-C-Type-C-P...

        • If you're getting something with USB-C ports on both sides then as dumb as it sounds, try only charging on the right-hand side. There's a few articles that I came across while researching flaky USB-C peripheral performance on my 2020 MBP 13". As soon as I switched to charging only on the right side all the flakiness went away.

      • Mate, Intel's been recycling their architecture for a few years now. Hence the popularity in AMD nowadays. Whilst I must say that first gen Arm Macs may not be as good, it has however shown a lot of promises. Even Apple's A13 has outperformed some of Intel's x86 CPUs

        • Even Apple's A13 has outperformed some of Intel's x86 CPUs

          Good luck getting 3rd party Software developers on board straight away. I think the 2020 macbook pros will have the best resale value for years to come.

          • @Orico: The ones with the 8th gen intel won’t

          • @Orico: I'd go with the new than the old any day. Apple's implementation of Rosetta 2 will make the transition much less painful, with various apps already running natively on Arm Macs. Choosing ARM means more battery life and less thermal throttling, so why not? And for an average user like me who doesn't venture too deep into software, I think I worry less about software support. I just cannot vouch for what is an already dated CPU (entry-level with 8th gens) that has some serious thermal issues.

            • @RobBoss: I use the 10th generation Intel CPUs and haven't experienced thermal throttling in my Lenovo thinkpad and in my Macbook Pro 2020. .

              • @Orico: Have my (entry-level with 8th gens) disclaimer not been clear enough? Whether you like it or not, ARM-based Macs are the future Apple's taking, just like how they phased out PowerBooks. And it merely takes a few seconds to find a plethora of videos and articles detailing thermal throttle issues of the 2020 Macbook Pro.

                That said, I'm an Intel user, myself, and I'm by no means saying Intel is garbage. But gone are the days when they were the industry-leading company in CPU designs. Of course, you do you and I am only offering my take on it. No complaints here.

          • @Orico: Interesting position. I’m still on true fence

      • The current macs have poor cooling (almost no CPU cooling) it’s like they are trying to make the new arm models look great.

        The refresh should have stopped at the keyboard and not removed the CPU cooling, oh why Apple ohh why!!!

        The GPU on the new ARM processor is supposedly leading edge, perhaps that is why Nvidia purchased arm.

    • Silicon powered macs are coming. I suggest you wait

      • No, pointless waiting for something that'll be more appropriate for developers and casual users.

        • +2 votes

          Depends on what he does. I’m a casual user, so I’m just gonna wait

          • @Mr-X: Your apps will be limited to the garbage on the app store for a few years.

            • +2 votes

              @Orico: Honestly, if you’re not gonna use the Mac apps on apps store, then just don’t get a MacBook.
              You don’t need it

              • @Mr-X:

                You don’t need it

                Lol excuse me, I'll be the judge of that. Not everyone makes videos and records music. I don't use macs for their apps. I use it for the operating system and for development.

            • @Orico: Rosetta 2 has already been tested to work well for most x86 apps, with a ~30% performance penalty. Performance on the Apple Silicon MacBook under Rosetta should be pretty comparable to native performance on 2020 13" MBP.

              I do quite a lot of software development (with mostly open source tooling, C++/Python/JS). I'm not so excited anymore since being stuck at home due to COVID, but if I was out and about I'd love a MacBook with long battery life that can crunch out C++ project builds as fast as a desktop PC.

      • Apple Silicon-powered MacBook will be screaming fast. A14 CPU was just announced today, and is supposedly 40% faster than the A12 which was already nipping at the heels of desktop CPUs. AS MacBook will be using the A14X which should be a fair bit faster again.

        It's supposed to launch sometime around end of the year, probably January 2021 at the latest.

        If you're a casual user who doesn't need niche software, I think it'll be worth the wait.

        • @forged

          Gracias compadre. Will hold off

        • as someone who's running macos via vmware and looking to getting a mbp. should i look at the intel based or the newer gen's mbps?

          • @slowmo: Do you mean running macOS inside a VM, or hosting VMs on macOS?

            Apple Silicon won’t support x86 virtualisation, so you’ll be left out in the cold (at least initially) if you need that.

            If you just want a MBP for doing Mac things on, it just boils down to what you’ll be using it for. Any mainstream software or open-source software development should run pretty smoothly on Apple Silicon. More niche stuff that isn’t as well maintained will likely be a pain to try to run initially.
            Also Boot Camp won’t be possible anymore, which kind of sucks if you need to run any Windows-only software.

            • @forged: Thanks for the reply! I’m currently running macOS on VMware/windows but I am looking for a mbp that I can run Linux and windows vm and things like ms Visio on Mac.

              Looks like it’s better for me to hold off and wait for it to mature and have more support for other things.

    • I think first gen stuff is not worth it & you’ll probably be waiting another 6 months for a sale.

  • Should I get the iMac 2020 27 inch … $3194

    I want keyboard with numberpad and touch pad instead of mouse…Will JB swap ??

    • Go to Apple store?

      • Last time I was buying a MacBook, Apple was happy to price match up to 10% if another store had a sale, as an FYI.

        • JB does 10% off Macs somewhat regularly, and it's nice being able to price match at Apple - their 14 days no questions asked returns are really handy if you're on the fence about a product and aren't 100% sure if you'll like it.
          5% discount JB gift cards are pretty widely available though (although might take some effort to buy), so that's something in JB's favour. I guess you need to weigh the additional 5% discount against the Apple Store's superior convenience and returns policy.

          • @forged: If you're going to buy from JB then definitely use your reward program of choice to get some discounted gift cards first. Stack the sale price with up to 5% off the gift cards and that equals a pretty good discount.

            FWIW, I bought my 2020 MBP 13" at JB because I don't live near an Apple store, plus I chose to buy JB's extended warranty because I felt it had superior repair options for longer than Apple Care lasts.

            • @Chazzozz: Yup, this is exactly the way to go - I signed up for a Suncorp bank account a while back pretty much solely for this reason, haha

              • @forged: I was super-lucky in this regard. My work uses Reward Gateway for the employee benefits program, and I just happened to be in a position to buy when they had a special one-day deal that gave 7.5% discount off JB gift cards. Some creative haggling with the staff at JB got them to agree to a 10% price reduction, so paired with the gift cards that meant an awesome deal on the day. I am really pleased with this model, it's a real step up from my previous 2017 13". I'd heard a lot of noise about how great the keyboard is, but I didn't really believe it until I started using it - wow…just…wow. Best laptop 'board I've ever had.

  • Guys, Android user here, so complete noob when it comes to Apple devices - I am after a new iPad Air (the coming October release), so question is where do you usually buy Apple devices - retailers or Apple itself ?
    And are there any discount days (something like Christmas sales, black Friday, cyber Monday) or those do not exist for Apple world ?

    Thanks in advance for any help !

    • likely a gift card giveaway like last year during black Friday


    • A lot of things in the sales world will be different this year. Apart from direct Apple sales. Promos they’ve run directly in recent times promote users to reinvest time/usage into more Apple products. (Back to school promos have often featured free beats headsets… 10+ years ago it was third party printers).

      For new model iPads so close to release, you’re not going to get much discount apart from maybe a Black Friday offer, or some places selling a literal few dollars less

    • Apple only gives retailers very thin margins to work with, so you won't find big discounts anywhere like you will for other manufacturers. The best a retailer might be able to give you on their own is a few percent off. Deals like this one are likely on a per-sale rebate program from Apple, who will subsidise sales at other retailers, but never at Apple Stores, to maintain their premium brand image.

      It's been a long time since I bought a new iPad, but for Mac, the way to go seems to be to wait for 10% off at JB like this deal, then to stack it with 5% discounted JB gift cards from e.g. Suncorp Rewards. Total comes to 14.5% off.

      I don't think I've ever seen anything similar for iPad or iPhone. I guess they fly off the shelves fine without any additional help. Best option I can think of is beyond the 5% discount JB gift cards is to find some less-than-entirely-reputable online retailer selling for a good price, then try to price beat at Officeworks.

      @RobBoss' suggestion of the Black Friday sales sounds pretty good ($80 off $779 comes to a solid 10.3%), so that might be a good option if you're happy to wait.

      Another option might be a used 2018 iPad Pro - it's pretty similar to the new iPad Air. Slightly slower CPU, but has 120Hz display, thinner bezels, Face ID, and (maybe) better speakers. Same form factor so all the accessories will be the same. You could probably pick one up used for a bit cheaper than a new iPad Air.

      • Out of curiosity, do you know if buying from JB online will allow you to use more than one gift card in the same transaction since Suncorp rewards' gift cards max at $500.

        • Yup, recently used 4x $500 gift cards on an order. IIRC there's a maximum of 5 gift cards per order, but you can get around this by buying higher value gift cards through JB online with the original gift cards (lol).

      • What’s the probability though of Black Friday sale on Apple products? Usually they’re excluded — is there something I’m not aware of?

      • I got a 11 month old iPad Pro 11” 64gb 4g with apple care plus and a apple folio case for $830 a month ago. Sold a air 3 for $800 I paid $500 for. So much better iPad.

      • Suncorp rewards now restricts JB gift cards to $1000 per day/week/month.

        • Yep, am aware of this. Not too much of a problem if you plan your big purchase a month or two in advance. Failing that, just buy another $1000 through a friend/family member.

  • Will OfficeWorks Price Beat this for like iMac 2020?

  • Can I go price match at officework??

  • visited the Apple store last week and the guy said Apple is working on its own processor similar to iphones etc to be launched next years lineup of Macbooks. Not sure what that might mean.

  • Does this sale end in 3 days? Didn't see it mentioned anywhere on their official website though.