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Dyson Pure Cool Desk Purifier DP04 $449 + Bonus Filter (Valued at $99) @ Dyson AU


Just bought this last week for $598 and now for $150 less with a bonus filter. Available in both black nickel and silver white.

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    Thanks OP, grabbed multiple units as this is the best price I have seen, and the free filter makes it even better.

    - highest airflow of any Dyson fan purifier (https://moderncastle.com/dyson-air-purifier-review/), even the taller oval ones (seems a bit dumb that the bigger units have less airflow)
    - despite its "desk" designation, seems to be fine as a floor based, smaller but powerful fan for summer
    - consistently well reviewed with one exception (see below)

    - CHOICE gave it a very low score for smoke removal, which isn't great given bushfire smoke is most people's biggest summer concern. That said, I've read enough comments from actual users to say it cleaned up bushfire smokiness very nicely.
    - a frequently reported high pitched whining issue. On their Reddit, a Dyson staffer admitted (surprisingly honest, even if maybe a little self serving) early 2019 had some production run problems

    The Xiaomi had a superb smoke removal score and is almost half the price, though obviously it isn't a fan (and yes, I know you can probably buy a Vornado for that purpose - but then you've got two devices for about the same price as this Dyson for maybe just slightly better air flow).

    I've rolled the dice that the annoying whining noise (yeah, bring on the marriage jokes!) has been resolved.