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[Pre-Order] Oculus Quest 2 64GB $479 @ Oculus Store


Pre sale estimated delivery Friday October 16!

The rumors are true: The Oculus Quest 2 is real, and it's better than the original. It's also less expensive.

Sadly not technically a deal but I thought important to put out there because compared with every over offering this is a bargain.

Facebook has updated the Quest with a new, faster, VR-optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and a higher-resolution display, and dropped the price by $100 to $299. (In Australia it's AU$479.)

The new 1,832x1,920-per-eye pixel resolution is improved from the 1,400x1,600 on the older Quest, and it makes everything smoother, removing a lot of the "screen door" pixelation. The newer XR2 processor also cuts down on the lower-res halo on the edges of the display that happened previously due to fixed foveated rendering (which only made the center of the display look ultrasharp to help the older processor). It's more universally clean and crisp now, even at the edges.

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          What games your're playing on VR……watch out mate

        • Video recording/mapping of your play area is on the table apparently.

  • Recommendations for alternative cables for hooking quest2 to pc? Or just use wireless?

    • Wireless is better. But any USB type C cable should still work

    • Wireless wins for sure unless it's a game that you don't need to move around in. I found wireless works better if it's the only thing on the network so in the end used an old router to make the Quest a dedicated 5ghz wifi. Old Telstra cable modems work well too, doesn't have the fastest 5ghz but it was more than enough, a bit of a pain setting them up as not designed to work as access points but worked fine.

      Quest 2 might have some specific, even artificial, limits added with regards to USB and WiFi play of course.

      • does the connection power the device though?

    • Wireless works great and I opt for it almost all the time over my official link cable but I would have a cable for latency sensitive games, for example racing or flights sim if you're into that.

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    • +1

      Yes very much of two minds on this one… There seems to of been a lot of cost cutting going on. I mainly play PC games over WiFi so doubt the upgraded CPU will matter much, I do play some games local but mostly simple things you get in and out of quickly.

      The thing I like least on the original quest is the strap, and they seem to have made it worse.

    • +3

      My only reluctance (Facebook logging-in) for purchasing this unit was very well verbalised in this article.

      I don't mind meta data recording, but the whole notion of potentially constantly recording what you do is scary. I was umming and ahhing about getting this in addition to my reverb, but might just go back to the G2 pre-order option.

    • +5

      Thanks for this comment. After reading that review, there's not a chance of me buying this. Wow.

      • +2

        He seems very against the Quest 2 in that article…I'm sure there'll be articles with the opposite mindset…

        My biggest issue with the Quest 1 is it's poor headband design…but it does seem like the Quest 2 is worse

        • Paid extra for the $79 extra for the Elite strap, which will fix the problem hopefully.

          • @achyd1: From oculus?

            I YT'd a video where they hung something at the back to hold it down. I velcro'd 2 Double D batteries to the back part of the strap

        • -1

          Yes, there seems to be a lot of people with Facebook Phobia

          • @jackwoz: Honestly I don't get it, I don't care what Facebook uses the data about me for - more targeted ads? sure!

            • +6

              @achyd1: My problem is that if I break Facebook's ToS for unrelated reasons, I lose functionality on a headset I paid for. Let's say they delete my account because I use a fake name, I can't play the games I bought on that account anymore.

              I'm fine to give Facebook my real name and credit card to buy stuff, but it's now tied to everything else on Facebook. And they're trying to get people to interact in the VR social spaces, which means that will start being shoved down our throats pretty quickly. I just want to play games and watch movies. Facebook doesn't want my data on that, they want to drag me into their social crap.

              If someone tried to sell you a TV and included the provisions on when the TV would record you, what services it would try sell you on, that you could lose access if you used your fridge incorrectly, you'd
              think twice, yeah?

          • @jackwoz: and the majority would have FB, Insta, TikTok, FlyBuys, Woolworths rewards, etc. etc. etc.

        • The Engadget review seems to suggest that the strap is great for when you want to lay down and watch content, such as 360 degree videos, movies, etc. So positives and negatives I guess. Great that we can easily swap it out though and there will surely be 3rd party options.

        • +5

          It's naive for people to think that privacy is not worth fighting for just because 'Companies already have it all' or 'I don't care what they do with it'. It's still our privacy and being complacent only encourages companies to keep pushing the limits.

          • +2

            @rofarge: Extremely well put, this.

          • @rofarge: My biggest problem is these people who think just because they aren't smart enough to figure out the value of their data that everybody else is the same.

    • Thanks for that, I feel less cheated by my recent Q1 buy now…but only a little.

  • Wonder what the FOV is on the Quest 2?
    I'm happy with the Rift S refresh rate and resolution, but I think a slightly higher FOV would be good (use case: sim racing).

    • I heard that the FOV is similar to the original Quest.

    • Same FOV as original Quest.

  • wow cheaper than previous models, good thing I sold my Quest 1 a few weeks back.

    64GB is more than enough, had quite a few games on it and still had plenty of space.

  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered one 64GB :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered one 64GB + Elite Strap :)

  • Can someone please tell me if I can use this as a 'virtual cinema' and lay in bed watching .AVI or .mkv files I drop into a folder? The Xiaomi one has a virtual tv sitting room just trying to understand which is better for a fat loser who doesn't wanna get out of bed.

    • +2

      Certified fat loser here and I love YouTube on it, and Prime… not watched many full length movies but it works. I stream off the network, never tried loading locally.

      I found it a bit warm in the summer months, but through the rest of the year its been fine.

    • +1

      yes, use big screen skybox vr players

      can even play files from network

      native apps for Netflix & youtube are also good

      • +1

        Found the Netflix app rubbish as it was super low resolution compared with Prime/YouTube.. it was like watching a 640x480 video.

        Admittedly I haven't checked it out for a few months now if they improved it.

        • thank you kings!

  • +3

    Is it for games only or can you see other things that are in POV… asking for a mate

    • Yes you can.

    • +2

      Yeah apparently the new strap is comfy if you're laying down too.

      You know… For Car Mechanic Simulator VR fans.

  • +5

    So many deal gatekeepers on this site, its the biggest turn off. If something is new / just dropped / hyped I feel it deserves a post regardless if its "omg always been this price" .. because someone like me who doesn't browse every relic of the Web found this + the nvidia card drops at mwave. A bargain is a subjective term - I think we all just get hyped on a good purchase. Whether if its something new release just up for purchase for the first time or 30% off. You need to chill yall

    • That's a pretty bad example, the nVidia drop at MWave is now a raffle that ships next month or so.

      I agree though, I think we should call it OzValue because not all bargains are worthwhile ;)

  • -1

    Shouldn't this be around $410aud ( $0.73 exchange rate)?

    • +2

      You gotta add gst. US $399 = $410.94 * 1.1 = $452, leaving a margin of $27 which is pretty small to account for things like import duties, currency fluctiations, etc.

    • especially we now get taxed on any overseas online purchases now :(

  • I was really keen to get this but with my IPD sitting half way between the 63 and 68 setting it seems I've lost the IPD lottery.

    • +1

      Just order it and give it a try. If it doesn't suit you it can be easily returned and refunded by Oculus. (I did this with a Rift S and returned it due to IPD issues).

      • Thank you, I didn't think of that and on a closer inspection there is a 30 day return policy.

  • Bought - I wanted the Reverb, but $400 diff… This will be a massive upgrade over my DK2!

  • +1

    OP should mention these are made by Xiaomi, for more upvotes

  • +1

    Also on amazon for the same price. And you’ll get a more local warranty experience. As in you send it back to amazon rather than oculus overseas if you have an issue. That’s where i preordered.

    • I only see the 256GB version, did you see the 64GB version?

      EDIT: I just refreshed and 64GB is available for pre-order now.

      Geez I'm flip flopping about getting this through my comments about it

    • Good find - cancelled order with Oculus and ordered from Amazon

    • +1

      Amazon links for Q2 and elite strap.

    • hmmm does this qualify for shopback?

  • Will the prices go down later(between now and Christmas)? For Quest 1 the prices never fell, but kept rising.

    • +1

      Facebook has commented that they're producing a lot more in preparation this time so in theory price gouging shouldn't be as bad, can't speak to if the prices will go down from where it is though.

  • This seems like this will have it's own eco system for stores etc.. Will this work with steam games?

    • yes, as does the quest 1

  • If Ebgames come-up with a trade-in option for this one also, I might end-up with 3 console pre-orders with them 👀 .

  • Pity it doesn't come in black

    • +1

      You can have any colour you want as long as it's white.

  • +1

    Got it 256GB + Elite strap from Amazon

    • Keep in mind for elite strap, Amazon: "This item will be released on November 3, 2020. "

      When direct from Oculus = "Estimated delivery: Friday, October 16"

      Prob best to buy headset from Amazon and elite strap from Oculus direct unless you're fine waiting.

      • The elite strap with battery is sold out on but you can still preorder it from amazon.

        • All I could find for that is elite strap with battery + carrying case for $209, which seems a bit much (also with a release date of Nov 17th).

          Just buying the elite strap right now myself and likely a 3rd party case/battery if needed down the line. For comparison, there are 3rd party cases for the Oculus Quest 1 on Amazon for half the price of the official Oculus Quest 2 case. I expect there will be similar cases for similar price points in future for the Oculus Quest 2.

        • Battery added weight so preferred not to have

      • I am to lazy to cancel it. Will play first and wait for strap coming later.

        • Took me about 3 clicks

  • I noticed on the main website that they're selling the link cable (to hook up to a gaming pc when you want to play the more intensive games) for $129. (

    Are there any major differences between that cable and let's say, this $30 one off amazon?

    • +2

      I bought this one for $26, and it works perfectly at full speed

    • +2

      Technically speaking the official link cable uses fiber optic which is better for long distances. In my experience though cheap cables work just as well as my official link cable but I do like knowing that the official link cable supports much higher transfer rates at distance in case oculus decides to get increase link quality, therefore the required transfer speeds. Keep in mind though the official link cable is USB C to USB C so you’ll need a USB port on your GPU/MOBO or an adapter.

      Short answer: I’d still recommend the cheap cable as the link is just too expensive atm, BUT virtual desktop seems to be consistently on par or even better for PCVR on Quest + no tether! If you’re certain on the cable though and plan to use PCVR a lot, invest in a pulley system to hold the cable, increases the immersion quite a bit with no cable around your body :)

      • Thanks for the answer, don't have a USB C port on the gpu/mobo just yet so a cheapo one will work for now!

  • Need opinion, if price doesn’t matter which one better to get 64gb or 256gb? Just community and users of Oculus opinions please.

    • +1

      If price really doesn’t matter then get the higher storage one just because, maybe you might use it, on my original Quest I never even got in the ball park of 64gb but I bought 128gb for more future titles if they do come, no regrets really :)

    • I ordered 64Gb but now I'm thinking of side loading my games free. So maybe getting the 256 version would be better.

    • I went with the 64GB version but my reasoning may not suit your situation. My intention is to mainly get games via SteamVR and use link/wireless stream to the headset like people have been doing with the OQ1. This means I'll not require much storage on the headset and I'm not tied to the Facebook/Oculus platform, only buying exclusives from their store.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered one 64GB.

    It is better older from Amazon Au than the Oculus official website?

    • I bought from Amazon for potential easier warranty returns

  • Why can't quest have an SD slot?

  • Anyone know when card is charged if preordering on amazon?

    • Should be when they are being shipped.

  • +5

    Just an update which may help some. For those like me who recently purchased the original oculus quest from amazon US, only to experience buyers remorse on the new cheaper Potentially better model.

    I went straight to ebay and thought better sell this ASAP but then thought don’t really want to unload this on some poor sucker. I decided to contact amazon and ask for a refund even though it was used and the policy mentioned must be unopened. The guy on the phone immediately approved return and refund almost before I finished my request with no argument, but I had to pay post which came to $68. (I asked for the refund based on the oculus 1 not being good value.)

    It arrived on Monday at amazon us and my money is back on the card. To top it off they also sent me an email offering to pay postage back, $50 cash and rest was amazon credit.

    Already ordered v2.😀

    • How long after you received the quest did you wait before asking for a refund? I am considering returning mine that I only got a week or two ago.

    • Nice work. When did you by the the original oculus?

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