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[Pre-Order] Oculus Quest 2 64GB $479 @ Oculus Store


Pre sale estimated delivery Friday October 16!

The rumors are true: The Oculus Quest 2 is real, and it's better than the original. It's also less expensive.

Sadly not technically a deal but I thought important to put out there because compared with every over offering this is a bargain.

Facebook has updated the Quest with a new, faster, VR-optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and a higher-resolution display, and dropped the price by $100 to $299. (In Australia it's AU$479.)

The new 1,832x1,920-per-eye pixel resolution is improved from the 1,400x1,600 on the older Quest, and it makes everything smoother, removing a lot of the "screen door" pixelation. The newer XR2 processor also cuts down on the lower-res halo on the edges of the display that happened previously due to fixed foveated rendering (which only made the center of the display look ultrasharp to help the older processor). It's more universally clean and crisp now, even at the edges.

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  • +31

    Not technically a deal?

    That’s a paddlin’

    • +17

      Ooh you betta believe that’s a paddlin!

      • -3

        betta believe? that's a paddlin

      • +1

        This ain't OzTechnicallyNotABargain.com.au

        • New Yorks thata way!

      • -1

        username checks out

  • +4

    $639 for 256GB

    • +1

      $650 for 64GB Quest 1 back in April. I cri?

      • +1

        I feel your pain, I too am a cri.

  • +1

    hey guys, the PC gaming side of things - does it connect and be usable by any VR games in steam or do the games need specific oculus support?

    Apologies, not that clued up on VR


    • +2

      Yes it can via the link cable.
      I would also recommend getting the 256gb version if budget allows.

      • +2

        Thanks - if I was intending mostly PC use though - would 256 really be needed?

        • +1

          I have the 64GB series 1 version. And other than the Star wars game it came with, only use it to play games on steam

          • @Danstar: Thanks. Any thoughts on this vs the HP g2 if PC use was the mostly intended use?

            • @gavincato: No idea. I’m quite happy with the quest and it’s quality and interface

            • +2

              @gavincato: I have the Reverb and will be getting Quest 2. I was hell bent on also upgrading to the G2, but……. thinking maybe not.

              If i had to pick between G2 and Queat 2 only, then i'd suggest G2 because it avoids Facebook (which i dont mind in the end) plus the G2 actually has 4k but Quest 2 has near 4k.

              A lot of little things may influence the decision too - Reverb has speakers integrated so it's also one less cable/thing to manage.

              At G2 at $899 preorder too, it's only a little more for a better visual res unit, but at the cost of other things that the Quest 2 has, e.g. weight, better hand controllers, etc

              • @Porker: Thanks heaps for that.

                • @gavincato: Any advice re display compression?

                  From what I understand, the Q2 has some kind of compression to send PC video data into the headset.

                  Whereas the G2 is uncompressed (effectively another monitor)

                  How bad is the compression/how much lag does it introduce?

                  • @CharcoaI: G2 will look better but it's not mobile and it's more expensive. Both have pros and cons.

                    I use the quest with link and it works great with no noticeable lag. They must have a lot of confidence in it to be able to replace both quest 1 and rift s with the quest 2. I would say Link will only get better and officially be out of beta.

              • @Porker:

                Reverb has speakers integrated so it's also one less cable/thing to manage.

                From the Q2's product page:

                Hear in all directions with built-in speakers that deliver cinematic 3D positional audio.

                • @haru: Yes, I stand corrected. The consideration is speakers vs headphones

                • @haru: Is it possible to use bluetooth buds with these things? I've never bought a HMD before but at this pricepoint this is really affordable…

                  • @monky: No idea, I've never owned nor used HMD / VR.

                  • @monky: Bluetooth wasn't supported on the Quest 1 (Can't remember the reason though I do think Facebook commented on it once) and I don't think it's supported on this either :)

                    • @rofarge: Very cool! Thank you Facebook!

            • +5

              @gavincato: HP G2 if you are thinking of using it as a PC VR headset.

            • +1

              @gavincato: See this video review


              timestamp 27:40 regarding PC VR for Quest 2 or dedicated PC unit

    • +8

      You don't need the link cable. You can install sideQuest and buy Virtual desktop on the Oculus store for $29-39 and as long as you have a reasonable GPU & wifi 5(AC) or above you can play Steam VR as well as Oculus Rift games wirelessly.

      It's pretty awesome!

      I've got the 64GB version and have 10+ games installed on it, its more than enough especially if you are going to play on PC.

      • I tried doing the wireless streaming last week using ALVr (free apps) but it couldn’t find my device.

        Is that quest app straight forward ?

        • +3

          It's pretty straight forward and you only have to do it once did read about ALVr but most people recommended Virtual Desktop so went with that.


      • +2

        Agree, I've tried both tethered to the PC, and using Virtual Desktop.

        Virtual Desktop is a much nicer experience.

    • +16

      Was actually tempted until I saw this requirement. Anything that forces people to use Facebook is an instant no.

      • FB do own Oculus, so is it really suprising?

        • +20

          Surprising? No. Pointless? Yes.

          • +11

            @KARMAAA: so if you buy say an echo and you need an amazon account? thats bad too? or a google home requiring a google account……where the differenece? many companies require an account to use thier products/software. you aren't being told to use FB, just have an account.

            • +13

              @Trantor: The difference being is Oculus was an independent company and was supposed to remain independent and free of Facebook big brother data collection under Facebook, except they completely doubled back on those promises.

            • +7

              @Trantor: It if was a Facebook Quest, you might have a valid point. Facebook are hiding behind the brand recognition of Oculus, a pioneer of VR gaming tech, but using it as a trojan horse to gather even more data on users.

              People have no issue making an Oculus account - their objection is to having their gaming hardware and software linked to their social account. This has zero benefit to the user; it only benefits Facebook.

              Oculus was an independent company purchased by Facebook, at which time they made many assurances that Facebook would not meddle and interfere. They also made a specific promise that Facebook accounts would never be required.

              • -2

                @klaw81: If they were hiding, wouldn't they just make people use an Oculus account like they do right now and syphon the data out of it like presumably they already do? For once they're not misleading users, they're being honest that this is a big data sucking exercise, rather than doing it behind the scenes.

                The whole outrage seems a little odd to me, like anyone believed Facebook was being a very good company and totally siloing data before now. Yes, they went back on their word, but their word was solely which website you have to log into. It's not like Nest where Google broke the entire platform and independence that they promised they'd keep.

                • +1

                  @freefall101: user info is more valuable when its all combined. If they had oculus accounts they'd need to figure out what their facebook account is, they aren't being honest, they're just being efficient

                  • @creamandpaper: They're being honest in the sense of klaw81s theory that they're hiding behind the Oculus name. They're not at all, they're quite open about this being Facebook.

                    Totally agree, they're not doing it to be honest, they're simply being efficient. But they're certainly not hiding much, it's very clearly in the open.

                  • +1

                    @creamandpaper: No doubt they will integrate a method to keep eye scans or photos of your retinas eventually.

                    That's absolutely going to be an end-goal for data collection metrics, scanning eye positions and focus length/retention periods is already a mainstay of big data for content creation.

        • -2

          and as pointed out below, make a fake account, its not rocket science facepalm

          • +2

            @Trantor: Fake accounts have periods of active targeting by FB and get shut down. So all the games associated with it, would be lost if that happens.

            And… a fake account can easily be linked back to you through an IP. It's not like that's not already happening. So my bet is that it's still going to be linked back to you, which does give potential for blacklisting.

            Plus, they have pretty liberal rights from the privacy statement (which I admit I have not read fully, more going from some of the concerned VR youtubers). I mean… there are IR cameras viewing everywhere your Quest goes while it's on….

            You might decide it's fine to have, which of course you can. But many want to push back not only against the direct privacy concerns, but the monopoly that FB are gaining. It's up to competitors to step up and provide products that are competitive, and it's up to those who don't like what FB are doing, to support those products instead.

            I think people need to really think why such nice tech is so cheap. You know what they say…

      • +9

        Geez, just make a fake account….

        • +4

          Facebook's systems are pretty smart, and manage to pick up on fake accounts quite regularly. And when you're games are linked to the account … your game library runs the risk of being blocked too sadly.

          • @RNDM: I doubt they will deem an account fake if it has a paid for games library.

          • +2

            @RNDM: I’ve had a fake account for years

            • +2

              @UberIsCool: Yes, I've been using a fake account for 10 years. And it's quite blatantly fake, I don't make any effort to show I'm real. I've had zero contacts from Facebook to ban me or forcing me to update.

              I think the T&C is just one of those just in case clauses, but aren't actually enforced.

    • Very crap move

    • +18

      To add anyone saying 'Just make a face account, duh' you risk losing your account. Facebook doesn't like them. I made one for my Quest to use some of the social features and my account was locked within two days, I was then required to upload Photo ID to verify I am a real person to regain access. Get a Quest 2 if you want to, just understand what you're getting into with regards to Facebook. I won't be buying products from the platform moving forward.

      For clarification:

      “If you log in using your Facebook account or merge your Oculus and Facebook accounts and violate the Facebook Community Standards, Conduct in VR Policy or other terms and policies on any of our platforms your access to or use of Oculus products may be impacted. If your account is fully disabled as a result of this violation you may also lose access to your [games and content]. We are committed to keeping all of our platforms safer".


    • -1

      To anyone who owns an Oculus product with an Oculus account and also has a Facebook account: this has already happened to you.

      • Oculus does not store your camera data remotely
      • Facebook will only be getting basic user data, which they can already track via an Oculus account
      • On the off-chance your device gets hacked, the Oculus lights up when the cameras are in use
      • This is a consolidation of account administration databases and games services between two platforms, nothing more

      If you're worried for the longer term with lax privacy policies and loopholes, that's fine and be vigilant, but Facebook are on record as saying they don't take your video/audio data at all.

      If that statement ever turns out to be false, it will be one of the swiftest and largest civil cases in human history.

      • +2

        I don't trust Facebook because we all know how much Facebook tracks on Android. Android has some limitations on what they can track. What limitations are their on their own hardware and platforms?

        • Everybody tracks. They absorb all of this user data, most of which they don't even know what to do with beyond the most basic of metrics.

          Probably the most beneficial ways this kind of stuff benefits them is debugging performance issues, finding basic market data on their users, and selling off the data (which they have to declare these days I think, just not who to).

          If you're barely using Facebook beyond Messenger, and you're not letting 3rd party cookies and Google cookies be a huge thing in your browser usage, this really isn't anything to be worried about, honestly.

          • +2

            @jasswolf: No I'm sorry that isn't correct.

            There are no current Australian laws that require data aggregation to be declared, the only law similar to the GDPR we have was gutted by the liberal party.

            Any Facebook API embedded in a website can and is being used to form shadow profiles on visitors, even those without Facebook accounts.


            People trying to downplay this behaviour is such a damn terrible idea. Watch the social dilemma, listen to some of Jaron Laniers talks.
            It can and is becoming worse than selling our data for profit.

            • -1

              @Telios: Great, then install a script blocker, set up a controlled whitelist and be done with it. It's mostly junk data, like an oil portrait of a person than anything.

              In time, it can be more, but that requires giving up very clear and obvious data, or for secure messaging to be compromised.

              All I mostly see is children playing as adults with information that can't hope to make particularly actionable beyond influencing some very basic reactions to things, and that people step past as soon as they start asking a few questions via independent sources.

              In the context of what an Oculus device can provide to Facebook, the scope is extremely limited and if that changes it would be a different kind of privacy breach to what you're describing, often subject to criminal laws.

  • +5

    Way to slap fairly new Quest owners in the face, better and cheaper!

    • +6

      feel your pain purchased in July :-) but hey at least it wasn't a 2080Ti in July

      • I bought a quest from amazon and was able to return it over 2 months later. If you bought from Amazon might be an option to return it.

        • Even with being used?

          • @cc23: Yep, I used it heaps. My GF bought it but she wasn't getting enough use out of it so wanted the cash. Just checked on amazon, it was bought on the 21st of April and they said we had to return by the 1st of July.

    • I think it's not that much better than the Quest 1. The FOV is around the same and that's the main factor for getting immersed in VR. Larger field of view and high refresh rate is what I look for. I mainly use my Quest 1 for Virtual Desktop so it's pretty much a poke in the cheek for me.
      Hopefully my computer can hold out till GeForce 5000 so I can upgrade everything lol. By then I should expect VR to be able to cover peripheral vision too.

    • Yep, my face is firmly slapped, FACEbook living up to their shitty reputation yet again.

  • -3

    Sorry RRP is not a deal.

    • +12

      So go buy the previous model for $800 then negger

      • -2

        I brought one when it was announced a few hours ago but it's still not a deal it's RRP this belongs in the forums.

        • +19

          I’d have never seen it in the forums. I’m glad it’s here.

          • +1

            @cc23: I've never been to the forums.

        • Prove it

          • @MEGASERVE: To clarify I brought the Oculus Quest 2 64GB and Elite strap when it was announced, not the Oculus Quest 1. 🙂

    • +11

      True but this is Ozbargain not Ozdeal and in the current market this is a bargain.

      I did think twice about this but thought best put it out there rather than let some poor fellow ozbargainer buy the old model for over $100 more.

      • -8

        This was posted under the 'Deals' section of Ozbargain… It belongs in the 'Forums' section of Ozbargain.

    • +12

      You do have the option to keep scrolling.

    • And yet that's what the HP deal yesterday was, because of exchange rates.

      By that standard, invalid neg.

  • 64Gb or 256 Gb? Thoughts?

    • +4

      The games are small, I find 64gb fine

    • +1

      Seconding cc789, bought the 256gb Quest 1 way back, haven't even used close to 64gb, let alone 256 :)

      • Quest 1 only comes in 64/128gb though?

        • +1

          My bad, I meant 128!

    • +1

      Wait for the reviews. With the increased resolution and better processor; games might take up more space with more detailed textures and such.
      From my experience the Quest 1 games are very similar to the mobile games from 2012-3 that you would play on an iPhone 4S-5S. Not sure how the Quest 2 would feel like, maybe 2016-7.

  • OzNewsAnnoucements

    Waiting for the PS5 'Deal' today

    • +1

      Me too I’m hyped.

  • +1

    OzRRP strikes again.

  • Hmmm would it be worth seeking my quest original and getting this? They’re selling on eBay for around $450-$550

    • If you still can get a great price, I don't see any reason not too.

      Juat be weary as the buyer may get sooky when he learns of the new model…. Seen that with the GPUs lately.

      • I’ve realised with eBay buyers, they’re not really clued on with new tech or bargains lol

        • Someone's in the process of getting screwed on Whirlpool, I did suggest he might and sure enough….

          Try selling locally with cash on FB or GT if not in Victoria….

    • Would that not feel kinda scummy, almost like a snake oilish thing to do?

  • +22

    By all the negative voters logic, which is ‘lower than RRP is a deal’ nearly everything on earth would be a deal, and somehow this nearly $200 cheaper better item isn’t? The assumption is that an RRP can never be a good deal, which isn’t true.

    TLDR: Boooo negative voters.

    • -1

      I'm a bit of a dope but even I understand the distinction between "RRP is not a deal" and "everything below RRP is a deal".

      It's true something can be outstanding value at RRP, but highlighting those cases isn't traditionally what OzB is about. Pretty big implications if people are seeking to change that.

  • So when using the Quest connected to a PC, is the experience just as good as a Rift or other PC dedicated headset or is there lag?

    • +1

      For me, it runs smooth and no issues

      • Thanks! I still have an original Rift so based on being able to run PC games smoothly I'm now waiting for my pre-order to arrive!

    • +1

      I have played Blade & Sorcery and Arizona Sunshine smoothly using Virtual Desktop. I'd never imagine that the rave about how wireless VR works so great was actually true, but it is.

  • +1

    Wow $200 extra dollars for 200GB.

    • +3

      Think they’ve been reading Apple’s pricing policy.

  • +1

    Have first gen oculus with 4 cameras and was always meh about quest but good lord this seems loke a no brainer upgrade?

    This doesnt need extra sensors, has better specs, doesn't need tether to pc, can either play quest based games or pc powered complex vr…

    Am i missing something?

    • +2


      While I was initially WTF!? I'm now thinking that they're ('THEY') are already getting a bucket load of info from me without me knowing, whoever 'they' are.

      • +1

        Well considering im already on Facebook/instagram/watsapp or having it in the background, what more could they really get from me right?

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