Subscribe to 1 Year Meta Quest+ for $99.95, Get $38 Meta Store Credit @ Meta


Starting March 1, the Meta Quest+ subscription will add a "games catalog" of over a dozen set games.
You'll also continue to get two new games per month: specifically Contractors and Shadow Point in March.
From March through May, if you subscribe to an annual Quest+ plan, you'll get A$38 in store credit — even if you're a current monthly subscriber.

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  • -4

    They should just make Quest+ free for a year, you need a Quest to use it

    • +3

      Great idea. You should tell it to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo too

    • +4

      You get 6 months free if you get a 512Gb Quest 3. (not worth it IMHO).

      • Thought 6 on the 128gb. Said on amazon but couldn't see full terms. Not worth it but nice to try for 6 months.

  • -2

    i still haven't'; used my 1 month free trial

  • i prefer to own games sorry.

    • +3

      Not my neg but I'd still suggest not to buy from Quest store if you want proper ownership.

      Remember when their servers had problems and people couldn't even start their games even though they were loaded locally on their headsets? Not my definition of owning a game. (Of course meanwhile those that had sideloaded their cracked games played without issue)

      • I buy only from steam and only PC VR game, the only things I have got from the quest store are usually free games I got with the system

        • If you're buying from Steam you don't actually own the game either

          • @ldd-mn: really? I have games in my library that have been removed from the store still in my library cant' say the same for sony or meta.

  • +1

    Actually not a bad deal now if you want to play a number of their “catalogue” games, most of which are good. The two preselected games per month deal (with no discount if you already own both of them) was mostly only worthwhile for free.

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