AOC Q32V3/WS 31.5 Inch 2k 75hz VA Monitor $329.00 Delivered @ PC Byte


Is similar to the Dell posted not long ago, expect is bigger at 31.5 inches and has a VA panel (instead of IPS)

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  • VA panel kills the deal

    • I don't get it, doesn't VA have better colour than TN and better responsiveness (less ghosting) than IPS? Sounds like it's a good middle ground for people looking for a gaming and work from home / watching movies monitor in one. Monitor's aren't my strong point tho, happy to be corrected.

      • For monitor IPS is better.

        • Thanks for replying, but without a response to the points I made I don't think it's really useful.

        • there is no "better" or "worse". Each one of those panels have their own downsides.
          you might think IPS is better but IPS is absolute crap when it comes to pixel response times and light leakagejust naming a few.

          It depends on what you need the most.

      • It is a good middle ground. But when you get spoilt by a glossy color accurate IPS monitor like the Mac screens, then va looks less appealing.

  • I've got this as a work monitor. The only complaint I have about it is the colours seem abit washed out. I have it next to a samsung 24" IPS and the AOC colour doesnt really compare. For example, the windows taskbar appears more like a dark gray than a black.

    But the price is great for QHD 32". Would recommend for non-creative type work.