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[VPN Required] 65% off Netflix via VPN (Mobile/Standard/Ultra $3.70/$5.12/$7.01 Mth w/No Fee Card)


Mod remove if incorrect but just want to bring attention back to this post since Netflix jacked their AU prices today. It's been almost a year since it was originally posted.


All credit to @Ulysses37

Basically use a VPN to subscribe to Netflix Turkey and get up to 65% off.

Instructions from prior deal posts https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/469062/

STEP 1: VPN Trial

SaferVPN (no Turkish IP)
Express VPN
PureVPN (bad reports)

Decent VPN Guide @Reddit

STEP 2: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check
IP Check

STEP 3: Sign Up

Open a new incognito/private-browsing tab in your browser. Might not be enough

Visit Netflix

STEP 4: Enter Card Details

Working: Citibank Debit, 28 Degrees, Macquarie, ANZ Rewards

Mixed reports: ING, CBA

Note: Some banks block 1st attempt & send you a txt to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt will work.

Once complete, it may ask for a mobile phone number. Ignore it, open netflix site in a fresh tab & confirm account is running.

Existing Subscribers:

Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow instructions above.

Plans and pricing

(kudos to sleep24seven)
Argentina Plans and pricing Turkey Plans and pricing GST/VAT and Tax related questions

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    • Content is IP specific, so you get "local content" wherever in the world you go no matter where you're "from".

      • Awesome. Thanks guys.

  • Pretty sure they've blocked all the nord vpn servers because it still shows me US pricing any time I connect to any of the Argentina or Turkish servers.

    • Sorry had the post open before the other comments about this were posted.
  • +3

    Spent a few days playing with this and finally got it. Turkey I could never checkout. Other VPNs were virtual Argentina and billed in USD.

    This is for my existing plan that expired 2 days ago.

    I recommend:

    1. Wait until you plan expires completely + 1 day

    2. Use Windscribe build a plan US$2/mth, select Argentina and another

    3. I used UBank, charged me $8.21 for 4K

    • +16

      No need to pay for Windscribe, just ask the bot for a free trail and they give you a 24 hour Pro trial (no details needed apart from making up a username).

      • +3

        My guy take my Ozbargain licence and lock me up I had no clue

        • Haha I’ve seen people make the same comment before so don’t feel too bad. You’re still well ahead by changing over from AU pricing anyway 😉

    • Thanks Clem….I was losing my mind over the whole USD thing…using WIndscribe solved that.

      I did as Porthos said and asked the robot for a trial…and that worked also.

      Ozbargain….you've done it again!

  • +8

    Argentine peso must have fallen off a cliff, back in november 2018 i was paying ~$8.50 when it was only 229 peso for netflix premium and now its 449 peso and im still paying around the same. NordVPN would not work when i tried this back then, from memory i think i signed up to a trial with cyberghost vpn which would let me change my region to argentina.

    heres a link comparing worldwide netflix prices to AUD:

    • Yeah my money got taken out last week, $5.94 for standard which is insane.

      I think it started at around $8 when the aussie dollar was a bit weaker but it's gone down now.

    • Nice work, thanks👍

  • Any free or trial VPN which works with this

  • I have Netflix gift card applied to my account and my account is having credit balance.

    What will happen if I cancel my account? Will credit remains on the account and can be used for once I resign from Turkey or will lose my credit?

    • +2

      I would finish out the credit to be safe, this option has been here for a while. My understanding is the gift cards are currency specific, so wont be spent on the Turkish subscription (you seem to know that). No reason it should disappear but would be safer to use a new Netflix account or let the credit run out.

  • Is itunes payment an option if signing up via IOS device?

    • Nope netflix suspended billing service with itunes long time ago; if u have a current subcription it will remain but not open for new customers

  • +5

    Thanks to op and ozbargain, I now have a Turkish Netflix subscription and an Indian YouTube family premium subscription, the globalisation is really happening!!!

    • +1

      Which payment method you used? I have tried macq bank and citi. Both didn’t went through

      • ANZ travellers for Indian YouTube and Turkish Netflix

    • How did you sign up for Turkey Netflix account, which VPN did you use and did you pay by credit card or Netflix voucher?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Can I use the same method for spotify?

  • Doesnt netflix shit itself when any sort of VPN activity is detected?

    • Only need VPN to sign up. Sign in as normal.

    • +1

      You don't need VPN for streaming.. Only to sign up initially.

  • +2

    I downloaded the windscribe vpn and registered turkish netflix, have tried 3 different cards but still getting error " there appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use". How did you get this working?


    • Same for me CBA

    • yeah same, looks like they have blocked it

      • +1

        Same for me with CBA and Coles Credit Card :(

        • Is it Netflix that is blocking the credit card or our credit card providers?

          • @Ice009: It is our very own credit card providers.

            • +1

              @vivmahi: Hi mate, Thanks. So calling the bank beforehand can/could make a difference? For example, the credit card I used last time is the one issued by my Aussie bank.

              • @Ice009: It's worth the effort.

                • @vivmahi: Thanks.

                  Do I have to tell them I am going to be in that country, or can I just say that I am going to be making a payment for something in that currency, please don't block it. Can I say something like that rather than telling them I'll be in that country?

    • +1

      Use an international card I signed up months ago and it only worked with citibank. Tried ing, 86400, up, westpac etc and all were rejected. I signed up with argentina though.

      • +1

        which vpn did you use?

      • dang I was gonna use 86400 for all me subs,
        can you change card in settings afterwrads?

    • Same here. Tried ANZ, 28 Degrees, Up and Revolut.. No go :(

    • +1

      same issue with HSBC debit card, ANZ credit card :(

  • +1

    I wanted to know what happens when the credit card expires. Will it still continue charging with new expiry dates?

    • I wouldn’t expect it to because you get a bee CVV number with a new card

  • Hmm might give this a tried when my itunes credit runs out.

  • I signed up some time ago and used Windscribe which worked fine - has both Turkey & Argentina options. I was using Qantas M/card or Qantas Amex I think from memory with no issues

    • i either keep failing at the payment screen. I actually got through that once or twice, but then get the SMS OTP screen.

      How do you bypass that?

  • Can I cancel today and signup with same account tomorrow or I have to wait until end of billing?

    Got no issue creating a brand new account, just not sure if using same CC(NAB) would ring any bells…

    • You cancel ASAP but won’t be able to signup to the Argentina deal until your billing period has finished, you also don’t need to make a new account.

      • Billing ends 1/10.. would something like this last until then?

        • +1

          I’m not to sure what you mean but you’d wait until the 1/10 and then on that day you’ll need to use a VPN and use the same login details on the Argentina site, then sign up on the Argentina website.

  • +1

    I keep getting redirected to Romania netflix.com.ro when i try to hit turkeys netflix.

    • Make sure you’re typing in the right URL and your using the correct (Turkey) VPN.

    • I had this issue with Private Internet Access - The Turkish server seems to give a Romanian IP address. But Argentina works and gives you an Argentinian IP address.

      • Yes, I’m using PIA.

        What was your workaround? Especially now that Argentina has added the 35% tax to it.

  • I was able to create an account and used TURKISH ip via VPN express. The 4K plan says 13.99 Turkish currency which converts to like $3. However, when I checked on my card, i got charged $22.72. Far out.

    • +1

      Sounds like that’s not the Turkish site. Netflix Ultra in Turkey is 41.99 Lira, which is around $7.60.

      • yeh.. now im off $22 for the next month.. oh well.

  • +1

    Any luck with signing up? Citibank, ING, UP and Macquarie not working

    • add mastercard (non bank issue), westpac and nab to that list

      • Anz visa debit and platinum credit, and ubank debit not working as well

        • I have been on this for a year now and I use Bankwest CC

  • +1

    Is the same trick available for say Disney or Apple? I was reading that for Disney it's possible to get it through India for $USD20/year, but would prefer to hear from Ozbargainers if it's worked for them.

    • Just tried. Disney+ India and Indonesia (cheaper) want local mobile number to subscribe.

      • Disney+ is part of hotstar Sub in India.
        Does the same subscription works on Disney+ Australia? or do we need India VPN to watch Hotstar/Disney+ India?

        • Its a seperate App which is not available to download through the AU play store.

          If you have an Indian Mobile number, you can register for Hotstar Disney +, but the same login details via this app will be work/apply on the AU Disney + app.

          • @DrKB108: Thanks. Hotstar VIP or Premium subscription, which one to take ?

            • @SUD26: @SUD26 Sorry I just looked into my last reply. I meant will NOT work on AU Disney + app. Sorry to get your hopes up.

              Hotstar Premium is the way to go if you have access to the Hotstar Disney + app.

              • @DrKB108: Hotstar Disney + will only run on VPN - its not like Netflix.

                • @ozultimate: That's correct. The only way content will work without a VPN is if you download it while on VPN and then you consume it without a VPN.

      • Thanks everyone. I was looking at this. The VPN is not the issue but the phone number. I'm wary of using a disposable number.

        I did managed to get to the Indonesian site but it wouldn't accept my Australian credit cards.

        Hopefully India accepts Aussie cards. Unfortunately, I can't register with e-mail anymore :( Those of you who register with Hotstar, do you have an Indian sim card or get a virtual number?

  • Didn't work with my ING or NAB card unfortunately

  • I would like to add my bad experience with PureVPN. It sux. So many times it doesn’t give you an isp address in the country you set AND it is pathetically slow. I now use PrivateVPN and cannot fault it.

  • Can you guys please recommend a VPN?

  • Still working for Citibank Debit? Was going to sign up but keep reading mixed reports.

  • +3

    Tip for people who are trying to register new account.
    1. Register New account/trial without VPN
    2. Cancel the Subscription/trial
    3. Let the Subscription run over.
    4. Connect with VPN and renew the subscription

    Note. Banks like CITIBANK will send SMS on the registered Mobile and transaction needs to be authorized via Mobile SMS when trying to renew the Netflix subscription

  • I am an existing Netflix customer on Netflix Turkey with the 28degrees MasterCard already added I need to update the card, I tried Surfshark VPN with the 28degress MasterCard and it didn’t work

    • +1

      I don't know about the updating the card but I was able to upgrade my plan Turkey netflix plan from the middle tier to 4k without VPN. You should try updating your CC detail without the VPN, it may work

  • Which country is better for price??


  • Existing netflix member and tried using Turkey and Argentina

    Turkey doesn't work with Citibank Debit or Bankwest Credit cards
    Argentina worked on the first go with Bankwest CC

    • U didn't get asked for mobile phone number ?

      • Mobile number came up later but just skip it. This is for Argentina. Couldn't get turkey to work at the credit card stage

        • Huh you can skip Argentina mobile yah?

          • @silverx: i keep getting the text confirmation screen, using both Turkey and Argentina VPNs.

            How are people actually able to bypass this??

            • +1

              @shakir99: I added phone number to my account before signing up to plan

              • @silverx: i tried that as well, but I never receive the text to verify my number. Ive tried with multiple nos… no text.

                • +1

                  @shakir99: When you set up your number on your account. Do that in Australia. Only switch to Argentina when you are ready to pay

                • +1

                  @shakir99: Oh btw I have never confirmed either. I added the number and just like you never receive confirmation text. So I just ignore it since the number shows on my account profile anyway

                  On the last step (after getting through payment) and about to start membership, it will display your number together with plan detail. There is a checkbox if you want to use your listed phone number to recover account etc, I just left that unchecked

  • alright giving this another go
    sign up new account, add mobile phone first to the account before choosing plan by going directly to netflix.com/account
    select plan, go to payment, activate windscribe to vpn to argentina, refresh the payment screen, use my amex, submit and the membership started

    • followed the exact same steps, I tried multiple cards, all failed except my ANZ debit.

      With the ANZ debit, I got the txt confirmation screen after clicking through payment.


  • +1

    I have literally spent hours over the last 2 days trying to get this to work!

    • Have tried countless different VPN's, paid and free, both on my PC and phone.
    • Had the same issue others mentioned with Turkey VPN being seen as Romania or only as Euro dollars.
    • Managed to get through once to the 'enter your mobile number to confirm' stage then it failed.
    • Now all I get when trying to pay is an error message saying something went wrong and to try later.
    • Have tried both an Aus Westpac card and my 28 Degrees card with no luck.
    • Have tried Brazil and Argentina VPN's as well, no luck.
    • Has officially driven me nuts!
    • +1

      Delete cookies, I used panda VPN free and use incognito mode.

    • Always start activating VPN and open an incognito window.

  • +3

    Looks like Argentina price going up

    Just got this email for my account that's via there

    "We hope you are enjoying your Netflix membership. Argentina issued a new tax collection rule on 16 September, 2020, and your Netflix membership will be impacted.

    A tax of 35% will apply to your Netflix subscription. You’ll see the tax as a separate charge on your credit or debit card statement."

    Currently 449ARS on my bill for premium

    • +1

      Yes I just came on to post I got the same. After my billing period is over I’m going to try Turkey instead.

      • +1

        I use to be with turkey but couldn't get a resub working with any of my cards

  • For those using Argentina, just recived an email saying they were putting a tax increase of 35% on the subscription.

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