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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 $749, Digital Edition $599 @ JB Hi-Fi ($50 Pre-Order Deposit)



Pre-orders are temporarily suspended
Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve had to hit pause on taking any more pre-orders. Don't worry, as soon as we have more visibility on stock availability we will re-open pre-orders.

JB's pre-order page has just gone live. They're taking $50 deposits for pre-orders and say they'll SMS links to pay remaining balance and choose delivery options 'closer to release day'.

$749 regular, $599 Digital Edition. Worth noting that JB does not guarantee you'll actually get one on launch day:

About your pre-order
Your console pre-order will be placed in our priority queue. Closer to release day, we’ll SMS you a link to pay the remaining balance and choose the delivery option.

Important things to note:

• Due to stock demand your pre-order does not guarantee availability on the day of release (or a specific date).
• If you want to cancel your pre-order, we'll process a full refund and you will lose your place in the priority queue.
• If your contact details change after you pre-order, please let us know, or you will not have an opportunity to complete your order

Release Date - 12/11/20

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    Might be better going with EB Games for now as JB doesn't guarantee it will be available on release:

    About your pre-order
    Your console pre-order will be placed in our priority queue. Closer to release day, we’ll SMS you a link to pay the remaining balance and choose the delivery option.

    Important things to note:
    • Due to stock demand your pre-order does not guarantee availability on the day of release (or a specific date).
    • If you want to cancel your pre-order, we'll process a full refund and you will lose your place in the priority queue.
    • If your contact details change after you pre-order, please let us know, or you will not have an opportunity to complete your order

  • Note it should be pointed out that JB’s page states you are not guaranteed a launch day model if you pre order.
    Looks like they plan to take orders for more than just the first shipment.

  • Can order direct from Sony -

    No deposit required by the looks of things.

    • Why would one gamble with jbhifi purchase with deposit when you can get direct from Sony.

      • Cause you have coupons which friends gifted you and you saved them for this very moment

      • I don't know why anyone would gamble getting consoles direct from the manufacturers when you get better consumer protection for refunds/warranty etc from physical stores.

        • Lol are you serious? I think always easier to deal with manufacturers than physical stores. They’re middlemen anyway. Your statutory rights do not change regardless of who you buy from.

        • This is not true, at least in australia. Though it may be more convenient to walk into a B&M store, you are equally protected by the Retailer and Manufacturer, and despite what ANYONE says, the laws says you are protected equally by both.

          • @softwhite: Its easier to walk into a JBHifi/EBGames shop to deal with warranty cause by law in Australia you are required to pay for the cost of returning them/bringing them to the shop/manufacturer's online shop.

            Some online stores provide return satchel but its not really required by law.

            • @4iedemon: @4iedemon Yes I mentioned the convenience but thank you for clarifying that return shipping is not required by law to be covered by manufacturer/retailer.

          • @softwhite: The law says that, the reality says otherwise. It depends entirely on the company. Sony online I've only had great experience with. Jb in store fantastic. Dlink online? Absolutely trash (3mo to try and process an rma then stopped replying).

            I mean sure I could sue dlink. Sure.

            • @incipient: Maybe a good knowledge to share as well…

              How was your experience with Sony online? If you got issues, do they send a return satchel (free return shipping cost)?

              • @4iedemon: Pay with paypal for free returns; needs to be activated i believe

                • @queer dog geyfrog: If its just a return its easy yeah just deal with PayPal…

                  But if it's one of those warranty problems where you need to bsck and forth its a bit annoying dealing with online stores…

                  Also, some stores that used to have PayPal as an option had now removed them recently probably due to the PayPal claims based on long delivery times.

            • @incipient: @incipient there are steps which you can take including talking to an ombudsman or reporting to the ACCC. I can't say that any one retailer 'in general' will abide by the law more than another.. that is purely case by case, but JB have also told me information that is contrary to Australian Consumer Law.

    • Cashrewards is 5% from Sony. I wonder is PS5 is eligible?

      • Would be nice if it did

      • in their special terms section it says lay bys are ineligble for it, would this count as a lay by even though you are paying the total up front? considering buying one from sony… 5% off brings the total down to $712

    • I took one for the team and can confirm it charges you the full $750 on the Sony site, but is probably best buying from them directly for obvious reason.

    • Can also get from HN, but I think they charge the full price at pre-order: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/games-central/game-consoles/...

    • I preordered with JB for $50 deposit. I think pre-ordering within 1hr of the actual preorder being listed I would have a high chance of getting one. But I'd take that risk. No big deal if I don't get it on release date.

      Buying direct from Sony is secure, but I don't wanna fork out $749 now on credit card and wait til November 11th. I'd earn credit card points, pay the credit card off and still yet to receive the PS5 lol.

    • Including shipping? Looks like you have to pay full amount upfront?

  • is this rrp, so I can prepare popcorn?

    • +3 votes

      best prepare a lot.

      <insert Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme here>

      • It is 95 cents cheaper, so bargain :)

        • -3 votes

          And the chance that jb hifi over pre ordered and stock runs out. Good luck getting that deposit back asap.

          • @xoom: They say can cancel pre orders for a refund. Not sure why that would be hard to process.

            But anyway, if you have 750 for a PS5, surely getting 50 bucks back asap isn't a priority.

  • Just received a similar email from Sony direct, too (available 12th Nov).
    No mention of needing to pay a $50 deposit.

  • Does JB accept trade ins?

  • So thats how much a PS5 disc drive costs

    • The Bluray disc drives are not cheap. Even the PS4's disc drive is at least $60 on AliExpress last time I looked, after having a broken disc drive.

      This one would be better though.

    • The digital is likely further discounted than just the cost of the disc drive.

      They can make the further cost reduction back a fair bit just through increased profit from people buying digital so makes a lot of sense.

      • Yea realistically it should be around $300 mark to make it even slightly worth it. If you buy just a few disc games on special over digital version you would already be better off with the disc version.

  • What are the differences between the Standard Edition and Digital Edition other than the former can take physical discs?

    Will the two editions have same processing power unlike those in the Xbox editions? Thanks.

  • I guess RRP is the deal price before half end up on Ebay.

  • Waiting for ebgames trade in listing…hopefully its similar to their xbox one x trade in promo.

  • Obligatory OzRRP comment

    • and it'd be a fair comment too
      Plus this is a pre-order for a deal that you're not even guaranteed to get at launch.

      Not a bargain at all.

  • So which edition are you guys thinking of getting and why? Please chime in as it would be really interesting to hear each opinions on the pros and cons between the two.

    • If you have lots of PS4 physical discs, then….

      It depends on whether you invested in digital or physical content. It should have backward compatibility for PS4.

      • Is backward compatibility confirmed? I have a lot of games I still want to play on the PS4 so am deciding whether to hold off buying the PS5 until I finish those gamed

    • Consoles' biggest strength is that you can get some of your money back for games after you've finished with them. Why give that up for $150?

    • It's a tough choice I think. The problem with digital only consoles is that you are locked into the marketplace that sony/MS set up for you to buy games. and they are often quite expensive. consoles aren't like PCs in that you can run games downloaded from a plethora of different game stores, and buy games in bundles/on special at huge discounts.

      If a game is being released digitally and physically for the same price, i'll take the physical version - it can be resold down the track. however the other argument in favour of buying physical copies is kinda dead following the last generation of consoles - that reason being that if you have a physical copy of the game, you aren't at the mercy of the game storefront which might decide one day to remove those games from their servers. having a physical copy won't save you in this instance because the vast majority of games released on last gen (and inevitably this gen) will require updates and day one patches to work.

      I also think that given the price disparity between the digital and disc versions of the PS5, the market for physically released PS5 games is going to die a pretty swift death. I doubt many people will stump up the extra $150 to get a disc drive, and if the majority of PS5s are the digital editions, then that leaves not much of a market left for the physical release games.

    • The Standard Edition is $150 more expensive, but the Digital Edition locks you into paying $99.95 RRP for every game for the whole generation with no reselling.

      Standard for me, no contest. It'll end up being far, far cheaper over the life of the console.

      • I thought you can buy ps games from place such as cdkey and redeem it?

        • US PSN accounts can as you can buy a digital copy of a game from a physical retailer over there. Australia doesn't sell digital codes for games at retail though, so we don't have that option on local PSN accounts. Codes here are only for promo freebies and subscriptions.

      • Yeah for sure, I bought THPS 1+2 for $49 from Amazon pre order, have played through to end and just sold on FB marketplace for $50. Can’t do that with digital

      • Wait, don't Digital Playstation games go down in price?

        Edit: Nvm, you mean on release.

      • Yeah, even with the PRICE PROTECTION Credit CARDS you can save money with disc versions as theres always sales.
        Some people can go through a game in a week and resell it, so I'd suggest disc however i have 25+ games and played none because i just sit on Warzone so it does make you wonder lol

    • AAA launch games are usually $100 on playstation store. Discs are usually 60-70. So ~4 new games pay for that disc-ed version.

    • Well I'm getting the Disc Version because physical copies are generally sold cheaper than RRP, which is what Sony's digital platform often sells new games. For example, on PS4 I can pick up most new games for $79 from Target/Kmart etc but online the games are $99 or even $119!

    • Think about it this way….If you love buying pre-owned games, then go for the disc edition.
      It saves you a lot of money in the long run if you're not in a hurry to play new games.
      But if you're the type who loves buying new games at release date then by all means, go for digital.

    • The advantages of the disc version is having buying options (retail and digital), an UHD drive for 4k movies, and being able to buy/sell 2nd hand games.

      Retail prices are historically better, and Sony have announced they will be pricing their first party games at $10 USD more. If you buy the digital only console then you are locked into full price always.

      Amazon especially always sells for quite a bit less than RRP.

      IMO the disc version is a must, specially here in Australia.

      • What if different online vendors were to be allowed to sell PS5 digital games as well as the PSN do? Wouldn't that be a big win for everyone including Sony themselves? Just a thought.

    • Pre-ordered the physical version - this is my first console and I just thought that I may as well get the whole shebang.

    • Just read this note on TheVerge:

      Update September 16th, 7:43PM ET: Clarified that Sony’s free upgrade policy for PS4 cross-gen games will require you own the PS5 with a disc drive if you own a physical PS4 version of the game.


      Basically, if you own a disc copy of a PS4 game and want to have it also be cross-gen with PS5 - you DO need a PS5 with disc.

      So that sorts out the requirement for some users with a library of PS4 physicals.

  • EB Games is a better deal, gift card discounts are between 5-8%.

    • true. Though now the disc version is all sold out.

      • Polls are saying demand is ~80:20 on the disc:digital versions. No surprise.

        • wow that blows my theory out of the water then haha. surprised that so many people are stumping up the extra for the disc version. It does give me faith that physical medium games might actually live on for another generation.

          • +3 votes

            @xyron: I like the idea of physical discs. You can resell if you want to later.

          • @xyron: It's probably an OCD + FOMO thing, could you live with yourself knowing you have the cheaper less feature-ful version?

            Also I am a big supported of physical. Recently sold my PS Vita gear, made about 20% more than what I paid for them over the 7 years of ownership. You just can't beat the collectors benefits.

            • @plmko: I agree, I have draws full of games collected since the PS2/Dreamcast days. Its one of the best parts of console gaming IMO (as compared to having a litany of games in my steam library that were bought for $1.50 and never even downloaded, or played). Glad to see that the public seems to agree with that and are buying the disc version of the PS5!

  • Rip NBN when people start taking these home.

  • EBGames disc version all sold out. So glad I didn't hesitate.

  • Better to buy it through Sony if you don't mind paying $750 upfront.