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PlayStation 5 $449 ($749.85 without) /W PS4 Pro Trade-in, Digital Edition $349 with PS4 Slim Trade-in @ EB Games


Edit - deal is back though console will be available post launch. Appears that EB Games are releasing stock every now and then. Note - next batch has a release date of "TBC 2021".

Update: Playstation 5 (with Disk) is now sold out. Digital only edition is still available for pre orders but available post launch.

EB games have just announced this deal on Twitter

Digital edition is $349 when you trade in a PS4 Slim ($599.95 without).

Pre-orders are now open. $200 pre-order deposit. One per person. Console will be available November 12.

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  • +1

    good thing sold my ps4 pro for 450$, so 300$ more for me i guess

    • +41

      You got $150 more, not $300.

      • +10

        $300 more to fulfil lifelong ambition to own PS5.

        • +2

          Ah, I see, I read it as getting $300 more through the sale than what the trade in was offering.

        • well u got it. what are with people negging?

          • +7

            @V003: You just worded it poorly unfortunately…

          • @V003: Yeah, it was very clear to me what you were trying to say.

    • +4

      How do you figure? They're offering $300 for PS4 Pro which isn't too bad.

      Edit: Ahh, I get it, you mean just $300 more to pay for you.

      Pre-ordered! $200 deposit to pay. Never traded in anything before but tempted to give them the ageing PS4 Pro.

    • +4

      I really dont understand why people are downvoting them, it was very clear to me what they were trying to say.

      • it was very clear to me what they were trying to say

    • +1

      Sold my pro + 2 games (fifa20, cod) + extra controller for $600 that was prior Vic lockdown

      • i am keeping cod modern warfare and some other good games, but now i don't need to since god of war and some others games gonna be available free on ps plus with it

  • +2

    Plus 1 for actually adding something else (the trade in)

    And beating the person who didn't… :)

  • +2

    $300 for a PS4 Pro trade in is actually a good deal IMO. Console is worth RRP$450ish

    • +3

      I'm kinda bummed that the value is 50 less than the Xbox one X when they were both trading in for same price a few weeks ago. Xbox one X still 350 trade value.


      • Even more with EB world level!

      • Argh, wish you never linked that. I didn't see it last month and probably would have traded my Pro in for that level 4 bonus.

        I feel yah, man.

    • I just sold my standard PS4 for $300. Surely a pro is worth more??

      • +2

        Emphasis on trade in value at EB Games.

        • You've missed the point though. Don't bother trading it in, and sell it on gumtree for more.

          • @ldt: You've missed the point.

            • -3

              @Dagmar: Yeah, no.

              • @ldt: I think you did since it was my point so I'm pretty sure you didn't get it.

                • -2

                  @Dagmar: And you're still not getting it.

  • +3

    You can trade in your PS4 after pre-ordering the PS5, same as the Xbox pre-order trade in deal. The staff will adjust the remaining price to be paid on launch day.

    • +1

      Any idea how much we will get for the PS4?

      • Yeah, my day 1 PS4 needs a new home

        • Not a lot I'm afraid. https://www.gamesmen.com.au/trade.

          Ive got a Day 1 PS4 as well. Sounds like a JET but still gets the job done. I might move it to the Shed or something with the VR.

  • +1

    This is a really great deal woah.

  • Thanks

  • +1

    Thanks OP didn't realise we could already pre order

  • +3

    This feels like Christmas

  • Confused about how this works can I just take my pro in in launch day and swap it over?

    • Yes

    • +1

      Yeah, you pay a $200 deposit now to guarantee your console on launch day but on the day you just take in your Pro/Slim and they'll take that off the remaining balance.

    • -2

      Yes but I wouldn't wait until launch day to take the PS4 in. Lots of people.

  • Done

  • +7

    Done… $200 down. Looking forward to GTA V with Ray Tracing.

  • So can you order 1 x Digital and 1 x Disc Version? But only 1 extra controller?

  • So I'm in Victoria. Does anyone know how to trade in during this times?

    • +17

      Do you mean during these challenging times?

      • Lol

      • +12

        You’re missing the word “unprecedented”

        • +6

          remember precedented times?

      • +1

        These extraordinary times, you mean :)

      • We’re all in this together

      • unprecedented.

    • Basically you can’t, I asked them the other day. So this deal will hold until they re-open basically.

      • Oh nice. But do I still need to pre order? Or when they reopen that's the time to come in, trade in my PS4 Pro, and pre order?

        • You'd still need to pre-order if you want to guarantee you'll get one out of the first shipment, even if they don't reopen before the launch date. I've done that just to be safe.

    • -2

      Hope that retail opens up on Oct 26th or you won’t be getting it launch day.

      • +2

        Please don't spurt false information, it makes you sound completely dumb. I've been click and collecting games since we locked down. I've also preordered and have been told to click and collect from Chadstone.

        • +1

          Click and collecting is one thing, I’ve been doing that as well. How are you going to trade in your old console when currently EB are specifically not doing trade ins until restrictions are relaxed?

          • +1

            @TightTerry: Bring the console upon collect and they'll adjust the price. These are questions already answered?

          • @TightTerry: Worst case scenario if you can't trade-in would be to sell the Pro around launch for at least 300.

            The news that most of the PS5 First party exclusives in the first couple of years are still going to be on PS4, should help keep that resale value.

  • +11

    What’s the trade in price for original 500gb PS4?

    • Yeah I'm in the same boat. Hopefully there is an offer for the og console

    • Me too.

      • And I thought EB games were unfair

    • +2

      $220 trade value for PS4 500gb original.
      I just went in to check

      • Any chance they drop this by the time you go in to pick up the PS5?

    • Just stick it on Gumtree. Sold mine for $300 on Saturday.

  • If it's the same as the Series S/X deals then it will also stack with EB World

    • +1

      What do you mean?

                      • +3

                        @Dingus: Oh, gosh. I feel like a goose, cheers for that!

          • +1

            @DevlicK: No one knows what he is trying to say. Something about combining gift cards and cc/debit card if you don't have enough money on something?

  • +9

    Now I wish I sold mine 50 years ago, when it would have been amazing technology that the CIA would pay me millions for.

  • My PS4 has issues, would they still take it ?

    • Define issues

      • It turns on but controllers wont connect

        • +4

          Well, the next owner will hate you. But it'll probably be allowed.

          I doubt they'd follow you up but there's the ethical debate.

      • +1

        Probably quarantined by Sony😂😂

    • As far as I'm aware most of the stores just make sure everything turns on.

      • +2

        They'll possibly connect a controller though…. Depending on the store and being busy I guess

        • +1

          True. I traded in my vanilla Xbox in for credit during the Starlight week and a few things were less than perfect, but till got full trade in price for it.

    • +3

      I guess Timmy's ps4 is going to have issues then

      • +1

        Timmy will grow up having learned valuable life lessons

        • +1

          Timmy will have to use the EB games warranty period guarantee

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