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Console Trades: PS4 & Xbox One Consoles up to $350, Nintendo Switch up to $300 (up to 25% Bonus for EB World Members) @ EB Games


EB Games are having a trade credit increase on consoles until 23 August. Advert says "get up to" meaning console must be complete and fully working with a controller, power cord and hdmi cable to get full amount.

EB Games will also donate $10 to the Starlight Foundation for every console traded in

Trade your Get up to EB World level 2 EB World level 3 EB World level 4 EB World level 5
PS4 Pro 1TB $350 $385 $402.50 $420 $437.50
Xbox One X 1TB $350 $385 $402.50 $420 $437.50
Nintendo Switch $300 $330 $345 $360 $375
PS4 Slim 1TB $300 $330 $345 $360 $375
PS4 Slim 500GB $250 $275 $287.50 $300 $312.50
Xbox One S 2TB $250 $275 $287.50 $300 $312.50
PS4 OG 1TB $250 $275 $287.50 $300 $312.50
Xbox One S 1TB $230 $253 $264.50 $276 $287.50
PS4 OG 500GB $220 $242 $253 $264 $275
Nintendo Switch Lite $200 $220 $230 $240 $250
Xbox One S 500GB $200 $220 $230 $240 $250
Xbox One OG 1TB $180 $198 $207 $216 $225
Xbox One OG 500GB $170 $187 $195.50 $204 $212.50
New 3DS XL $100 $110 $115 $120 $125
New 2DS XL $100 $110 $115 $120 $125

Thanks to gibspmuh for Xbox pricing and BMX221 for Nintendo pricing


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  • +1

    How to trade if in Vic?

    • +99

      (1) Go to store and use your phone to film yourself standing outside demanding that they open so you can trade your console whilst babbling in pseudo-legal-ese about your "rights" (that may or may not have ever actually existed at any point in time) being violated.

      (2) Punch yourself in the groin for being a ****

      • +62

        Has anyone confirmed this at their local Vic store yet?

      • +17

        You called?

      • +13

        I don't come here for the deals, I come here for the comments. hahaha

        • haha me too

      • +9

        As a living woman, I agree with point (1) completely.
        I'm off to Bunnings now

    • -1

      By following strict lockdown rules

    • +6

      You can do a reverse click and collect. Where they come and collect the console from you. /s

      • +14

        I believe that service is only available in Soviet Russia.

    • Post it to a friend or relative living in QLD or other states. Ask the friend to trade it in for you.

      • Next post. How to get back at someone who cheated you

        • Isn't that the whole point of OZB? More popcorn moments?

    • Here in Stage 3 Vic we can go to the stores.

      Sorry about your Stage 4 :(

  • +8

    Nice find OP, I don't think I'd have the willpower to not casual game on my PS4- between now and when next gen drops

  • +11

    I sold my first gen ps4 On market place for $300 You could get more selling it private, easy considering they're very hard to get atm

    • Why? Is the first gen ps4 better than the slim?

    • +1

      who pays that for a second hand console? new PS4s have been $300 for years

      • +5

        Stock is hard to get, look at the prices of New PS4 bundles all around $400-450. I sold mine PS4 for $300 cash and once I finish The Last of Us 2 I'll sell my Pro around $500

        • +1

          I've never had any issues selling used PS4s for very close to their RRP, even when there aren't shortages.

          I have absolutely no idea why people pay it (and often worried it was a trick and they were going to steal it at the pick up) but they always have.

          I can only assume they are too lazy to do any research and didn't know what they're meant to cost.

        • I beat it three times but they just dropped Grounded mode… tempted. You should check out Ghosts of Tsushima if that sort of thing is your jam though, it's hyped but it is enjoyable.

    • I bought my ps4 slim on a deal at jb for $300 so I would make money but it's to much work

  • +5

    I got Xbox pricing in my email, the trade in values are:

    Xbox One X - up to $350
    2TB Xbox One S - up to $250
    1TB Xbox One S - up to $230
    500GB Xbox One S - up to $200
    1TB Xbox One - up to $180
    500GB Xbox One - up to $170

  • +4

    do you get further bonus with EB World?

    • +3

      sure do!

      Level 2: 10%
      Level 3: 15%
      Level 4: 20%

      • +2

        Are those in ADDITION to the stated "up to" trade-in values in the OP? Or do you need the level 4 20% bonus to bring it up to that level?

        I.e. if I'm level 4 and I bring in my PS4 Pro 1Tb, will I get $350, or $350 + the extra 20% on top ($420)?

        • +5

          PS4 Pro plus Level 4 = $420! :)

        • +1

          Damn, that's a pretty good trade in value. So tempted to trade in my X1X and PS4 Pro but on the other hand, I doubt I'll buy into next gen given everything good ends up on PC nowadays anyway! Maybe a PS5 Pro for Gran Turismo and back compat… hmm.

          • +1

            @jace88: I really don't see there being a pro version this coming generation unless they're trying to hit 8k gaming. The reason why the Pro / X versions exists is because of the weak GPU's in the OG PS4 & Xbone. Slims are most likely a given considering that they're both behemoths in size.

            • +1

              @Orinshi: I think the key thing is whether or not I should trade in my PS4 Pro. My main objective is to keep access to the games I have bought both digitally and physically… as well as the controllers.

              • +1

                @jace88: I feel your pain. The anticipation for some solid news on the prices and the release dates are at an all time high for me. Ultimately, I think I'll get rid on my PS4 Pro ASAP to get geared up for that Cyberpunk goodness. Good luck to you, sir, hopefully everything works out!

                • @Orinshi: How are you planning to backup your save games etc until you get PS5? Cloud I’m guessing?

      • Sure makes it tempting….but I have a One S with Kinect and while it doesn't get much use, I'll get close to nothing for the Kinect and it might be a nice thing to own down the line in few years. Will possibly hang onto it for that reason, and it's nice to have the extra UHD player in the house.

        • How much does a uhd blu ray player cost in itself?

          Plus the kincect is part of gaming history, if you're not likely to move around much, I'd keep it in a cupboard.

          • @iamhurtin: Dunno but I’m guessing over $100, so at $240 I might hang onto the console.

            When XCloud eventually comes to Australia it’ll still be a great game streaming box hopefully for new titles, and it’ll obviously work with the back catalog.

            Great deal but, especially in time for the new models.

  • Console only? Does that include a controller? Kinda want to keep the controller tbh.

    • +6

      Console trades must be "complete" meaning you give them the console along with a controller, power cord and hdmi cable.

      • +15

        If you include a Monster HDMI cable, they'll give you an extra $100

        • +11

          Man EB trades are a rip off. Monster cables are worth at least $270 used.

      • Does it have to be in the original box too or just the components?

        • +2

          components only.

          • @ThePriceMatchGuy: If I have a white ps4 pro, do I have to trade in a white controller or any?

            • +2

              @jace88: Any.

              I traded in a launch Xbox One without the Day One Edition controller.

              I traded in the Xbox One Elite Console with just a regular controller (got less for the trade, obviously).

              • @iBuzz7S: Thanks so much. I think I'll do the trade in then and hold out for PS5! :D

                (I wonder what other factors might reduce trade in value so I don't get surprised.. hmm)

    • You must be new. Buy a wired or second hand controller and include that one.

  • +3

    Prob way ahead of myself but I wonder if they're taking trade-ins for PS5 yet.

    • +1

      Be sure to report back to us on how you go.

    • +4

      "We'll give you 25 in cash or 50 in store credit"

      • +4

        Or trade it in for what’s in this box

        • +6

          The box! The box!

    • Not yet, only for the PS6

    • +3

      No, but no reason why you couldn't trade your console for store credit / gift cards and put those aside to use as deposit on a PS5 pre-order when they start.

    • I guarantee they are. I worked there for years.

    • +1

      Not yet, but you can put the money on something else in store, pre order the PS5 for 50 bucks - then transfer that money over to the pre order

  • I wonder what a Xbox one x project Scorpio would get boxed

  • +1

    Does this stack with world bonus???

    • +1

      sure does!

      Level 2: 10%
      Level 3: 15%
      Level 4: 20%

      • Hey sorry for the dumb question but how does the stacking work exactly?

        • Any sorta trade promotion we have usually combines with EB World unless specified. Combines, stacks.. same same :)

        • +1

          [trade value]*[EBW bonus]

          $100 trade value = $110 given for level 2, $115 for level 3, $120 for level 4

      • Thank you so much

        This makes it a no brainer then . Slide the PS4 pro and get the preorder for the ps5

  • +2

    It says up to X amount.

    So I assume that's if you're level 4 you get $350?

    • +2

      $420 combined with Level 4 :)

  • Any idea what a 360 would fetch these days?

    • +3

      They don’t accept Xbox 360 consoles anymore (not for a while now, I believe).

      • +4

        Keep the 360. I've still got mine + 50+ games most of which also work on my Xbox One S. After a while it will be the only non-online console left. I have it wired into my Xbox One S through HDMI input. Looking to upgrade my One S actually.

        • How does yours sound?

          I got mine out of storage the other day to play the arkham games and I'm not sure if it's the power supply fan or or what, but it hums like crazy!

          Made me realise "oh, you've effectively pulled and old computer out of the cupboard, of course this could happen compared to my psx"

          • @iamhurtin: Well its not loud but it isn't quiet like the Xbox One S especially when there is a disc inside…try running a game without a disc (even if its a demo) and see. I've got the smaller black one (Xbox 360 S) with an upgraded 500GB internal purchased separately. The Xbox 360 E model (subsequent) from S model, what I hear, had cheaper - lower quality parts.

            I had the big one Xbox 360 Elite first generation which I sold looong ago… Those ones were loud as a tank. If you've got one of those then EB won't take them and it probably won't sell on Gumtree. EB used to take Xbox 360 E and Xbox 360 S models but don't offer much value for it. It may be better to sell on Gumtree. I decided to keep mine as I have alot of games that only work with a 360 and I am not upgrading to Series X anytime soon (going to be too expensive).

            • @bigbadboogieman: Ah ok, mine is faltering fan then
              I have the first of the "falcons" released Nov 2009

              Was the first major revision if I remember correctly
              Only hdmi less power usage and better cooling? - got it after my 2007 model rrod

              Talk about fun trade ins

              Game and eb were in competition
              Ps2 and 10 games got you xbox 360

              With some careful purchasing, was able to get xbox360 Falcon for 179 bucks :)

              • @iamhurtin: Believe it or not, up till last year an Xbox 360 S or E with 1 controller and a couple of avg to below avg game discs (fairly non-A rated) would sell for between $100 to $130 on Gumtree.

                • @bigbadboogieman: Yeah, right. Makes sense
                  Still see ps2 and games for going for a bit sometimes on gum tree

                  I have my psx,ps2 and x360
                  I wouldn't sell them for anything

                  In fact, now that you can hdmi your psx - it's worth even more :)

        • Why do you have it wired into your One S? What’s the benefit of that?

          • +1

            @myfeetarehappy: Big Nolan fan?

            Upscale I think

          • +2

            @myfeetarehappy: well for starters I don't have an empty HDMI port on the back of my TV… I've only got 3 ports, used by Chromecast, Xbox One S and Laptop/Computer. Connecting the Xbox 360 to my One S means I don't have to keep switching cables. Disadvantage is that I have to keep both consoles on when I want to use 360.

            • @bigbadboogieman: Doesn't clean up the image too?
              I think I remember one of the df guys saying they did captures of other consoles through the hdmi of the xbox one back in the day

              • @iamhurtin: It probably does but the TV isn't exactly Grade A for me to tell… :) the primary reason was the limited number of HDMI ports.

                • +1

                  @bigbadboogieman: Then you've just been enjoying an extra scoop of ice cream all this time haha

                  That's a cool idea you did

                  I remember I had to get hdmi switch when I got new 360, bloody thing was a pain

    • +4

      Check out CEX, I traded my old PS3 to them a few weeks ago and had no issues

      • I’m guessing you’re not in Melbourne anymore. Your OzB profile says so, but there’s no CEX down here (explains why I have never heard of it).

        • +1

          I'm still in Melbourne, you can sell via the website and they give you a 'return' postage label to print out.

          I packed everything in a suitably sized box with a bunch of bubble wrap and dropped it off at the post office, got my money transferred to my bank account a week later.

          I did used to live in Sydney though, so I've been to one of their physical stores a few times (that's how I knew about them).

          • @Haydos90: How much did they pay if you don’t mind me asking? And was yours a phat?

            • +1

              @ccrap: I got $115 for a 160gb slim, an additional controller, a bluetooth remote and 7 games. Payment was direct bank transfer but there's also the option of paypal.

              They have prices for everything on their website, I was a bit nervous that they'd come back with something like 'the condition wasn't as expected so we're paying you less' (condition was perfect on everything) but I got exactly as much as the initial online quote said :)

              Probably could have gotten a bit more selling privately but that means dealing with people :P

          • @Haydos90: Ah thanks. Sounds like a good service.

            What are they like to buy from?

            • +1

              @sween64: No idea what they're like to buy from online, I only ever bought stuff from them in store.

              Had no issues with the GPU I got from them though if that helps

        • +2

          You sell to them, they email you a post paid barcode, you drop it off at Post Office and they pay you out… CEX is probably the easiest trade in system. If they think the trade grade is lower than the expected, they offer you the lower price or they send it back free

  • +2

    I guess low stock of new consoles is pushing up 2nd hand prices.

  • +6

    $350 is pretty good for a Pro but I don't really want to part with my console until PS5 is here.