This was posted 1 year 4 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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PlayStation 5 $449 ($749.85 without) /W PS4 Pro Trade-in, Digital Edition $349 with PS4 Slim Trade-in @ EB Games


Edit - deal is back though console will be available post launch. Appears that EB Games are releasing stock every now and then. Note - next batch has a release date of "TBC 2021".

Update: Playstation 5 (with Disk) is now sold out. Digital only edition is still available for pre orders but available post launch.

EB games have just announced this deal on Twitter

Digital edition is $349 when you trade in a PS4 Slim ($599.95 without).

Pre-orders are now open. $200 pre-order deposit. One per person. Console will be available November 12.

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EB Games Australia

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      • I can't wait to replace my ps4 pro because I never want to hear it's noisy ass fan ever again. If PS5 is noisy like the PS4 pro… I'll sell it for a Xbox SX. I don't want to have to raise my volume to drown out this jet engine sounding POS.

      • I heard there is only backward compatibility for some games, not all

        • +1

          The magical marketing number I heard being tossed around was '99% of titles'.

          But yeah I imagine most of the mainstream/commercially popular ones would be included at the very least, which is mostly all I have outside of some obscure Psplus claimed ones in the past.

  • both are sold out now

  • +6

    Sony: "We'll give you plenty of notification about pre-orders"

    Also Sony: "…"
    EB Games: "pre-orders are up at now!"

    Sony: "We believe in generations, these games are built for ps5, we don't want to be held back by weaker hardware"

    Also Sony: "Actually they're coming to PS4 as well, but that weaker hardware thing isn't real anymore"

    Good job Sony, way to stay on point.

    • This - wtf LOL came out of nowhere

    • It's quite understandable, from a business point of view. Neither Sony and Microsoft can just abandon PS4 / XB1 series just yet. There won't be enough user base for PS5 / XBsX right away. There will still be substantial user base on current gen.

      With consoles using PC like hardware, it is not that difficult to configure the games for lower spec consoles.

      Another interesting news is Demon's Souls will be on PC eventually. We are seeing Sony releasing games on PC after a certain period of time.

      It's not so bad… more choices. You don't have to buy PS5 right away.

      • +2

        I'm all for it, in fact I was attacked on some forums for saying the games should be on PS4 for those reasons listed.

        But doesn't change the fact Sony is being disingenuous and at the last minute changing their tune.

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    Amazon preorder $749 + $30 credits for prime member

  • What does non digital version mean?

    • +8

      it's all analogue with no HDMI just composite connectors to a CRT tv

    • +1

      digital version - no disc. all games gotta be bought digitally (from ps store)

      Non-digital - has a disc drive. allows you to buy disc games (and digitally too if u want)

      • +2

        I was surprised with the price difference but I hope >90% purchase the disc version as f-you to Sony for their over inflated digital games pricing in Australia and no ability to sell back the license

  • Thanks for the update Classical, just ordered from Amazon. $30 credit is a bonus!!!

    • Don't forget 50 bucks back for zip

  • Just get this amazon deal,

    • Guaranteed order
    • Extra Cashback of 30$
  • Damnit I have $350 credit with EB that I've been saving for six months to preorder a PS5. Meeting first thing at work means I don't get the chance to purchase.

  • Has anyone used a gift card to pay for the $200 deposit?

  • Okay pre-ordered via Amazon for free shipping and credits, and will cancel EB to free one up. Does anyone know where I can find the cancellation form they refer to in their FAQ? Can’t find it.

  • got it just in time! thanks for the post op

  • EB games “post launch” (expected 2020) pre orders go live at 10.45am

    • Not sure the trade in deal still applies though?

  • They are re-allowing pre-orders for a second shipment in 5 minutes.

  • can i play ps4 games on this? if yes than i got no problem swapping mine in,

    • Yes

    • -1

      of course, imagine the backlash if you couldnt

      • -1

        Like all the backlash the PS4 got for not being backwards compatible?

        • There was a chipset x86 chance. Not an easy thing to do. It's now easier so most generation from PS4 will be back compatible.

    • i think the official word was 'Backwards compatibility will be available for supported PlayStation 4 titles'

      So i hope it support all the games that i am/haven't playing….

    • It's not guaranteed for all PS4 games, but Sony have stated they've concentrated on supporting 'almost all' popular titles for launch and then more will be added.

      In the meantime I'll be trying to finish off FF7 Remake and Spiderman before the PS5 arrives. Hopefully my saves transfer across too.

  • +1

    I love that the date for release is the 1st of Jan 0001. Thats a long time to wait for my preorder.

  • Best place to get ebgames gift card to pay the remainder? :)

  • @OP Back in stock now

  • Got one.
    Thanks OP.

    Now wait and wait….

    • post launch - no date

  • +1

    I ordered from the post launch batch. Collection date is listed as 'December'.

    • Same. Told em to canx straight away

      • It sucks but I'm prepared to wait. I'd probably jump on the Amazon deal if I didn't have a bunch of EB credit sitting there.

  • PlayStation 5 Console - Post Launch (Expected 2020)… hm…….

    • December 31, 2020

      • On the flip side, I have 3 months to finish off all my PS4 games in case they are not backward compatible.

        I got heaps from PS Plus though, thought will be lost cause

  • Yay got 1 thanks

  • Preordered my disc version. Might trade in my slim console. Don't need 2 PS4s in the house.

  • How does the trade in actually work?

    Pay 200 now and pickup the ps5 and give them the ps4?

  • +1

    What are people's thoughts on the digital only version. I'm tempted to as it's so much cheaper. And I'm lazy with my PS4 and buy digital so I can bounce between games with out getting up….

    Potential prophecy: I think Sony will be looking closely at digital only launch sales. If they go well it could be the nail in the coffin for the following generation not having disc?!?!

    • Following generation will be all digital guaranteed.. but maybe not as you know it, I.e. no console, just an app.

    • I love not having to change discs, but I also love having the option to pay $70 for discs on release from Big W.

    • Yes eventually consoles won't have discs but you buying a digital ps5 version would not make that come any faster. If you buy digital 99% of the time on your PS4 I would suggest buy the digital ps5 and save some money

    • It's the fact we're in a transitional period. The discless version is the true vision of Sony. They made their beautiful symmetrical console the digital one, not the disc one. Sony is also showing their hand with the $399 price of it. They can sell at a $100 loss per unit, because they know that it'll make it's money back faster than disc versions.

    • Hmm. I agree its definetly where it's all going. But I'm not convinced globally bandwidth would be "across the board" fast enough in assumingly another 6-7years. Though who knows really all interesting guesswork.

      I'm torn, the Aus PSN prices do REALLY suck. Some PS4 games that are super old are at ridiculous prices still.

      May need to stick with PS4 and 2060Super until late 2021 for Christmas sales. 😑

    • Not sure about the PS5, but there's a demo and footage of the Series X/S having multiple suspended games in sleep mode and being able to swap between all of them on the fly.

      Not something really doable with discs, and it's something I would definitely take advantage of personally. (Need that on the switch too..)

      I haven't bought or used a physical game since halfway through the PS3 era, so it was a no brainer choice for me regardless :P

      • Good point, also the xbox game pass would tie in with my PC rig. Ahhh 🤯

  • +1

    Whoever doesn't preorder a PS5 today or tomorrow will be paying upwards $1000 if they want to buy it at the last minute as a Christmas gift.

  • +1

    Thats a decent trade in price for the Pro for those who bought one during the Black Friday Amazon sale last November when they were $349.99. A years worth of usage for $1/week.

    • Yeh that's y I decided to pre-order it for sons xmas present

    • I bought mine for I think $310 after cash back.
      Really tempted to trade it in at full price but I'm also thinking of just waiting a couple years for the PS5 to drop in price.

    • Not compared to what it was recently.

      Have to congratulate both eb games and sony for completely screwing over their customer base in WA - Microsoft so far ahead in their handling of day 1 launch at this point - its embarassing.

      like grown- ups v toddlers

  • Dumb question but can I just get my $200 back if I change my mind later?

    • Yep I asked the same question and they said they’ll refund back to your original payment method.

      • Thank you for letting me know.

        I'm thinking I might pre-order even though I'm not entirely convinced just yet.

        • Woop nevermind looks like I was just a few minutes too late.

  • Ordered at - does this mean I get from the first shipment?

    • amazon usually gets days later

      • A few days later but most likely from the first shipment.

    • Is it available there? I couldn't find it there.

        • Thanks, preordered. This is quite nice: Prime Members get a $30 promotional credit for a future eligible order when they purchase a PS5 console sold by Amazon AU

          • @Mistredo: Yeah a nice little bonus. I wanted to go with EB for the Pro trade in value but didn't want to wait until early next year. I'll try and off load the Pro privately.

  • Just sold out in the disc version, so sad. Called my local store, they said the next shipment might be later 2020 or even 2021 😭

    • This is funny AF.
      Defo if you dont get it today, then the next best chances would be 2021.

  • damn….sold out again…

  • Post launch Sold out…

  • I think it's safe to say the PS5 will be the most wanted piece of technology this Christmas. I feel bad for kids who will not be getting one because of scalpers buying it all today

    • nope

  • Already up on ebay for inflated pricing lol. They don't miss a beat

    • +2

      those pesky nephews in the east…

  • So you can't trade in a PS4 pro for the digital PS5?

  • Thanks OP :D

  • +1

    anyone have a copy of the T&Cs for the trade in?

  • Second shipment sold out.

    Feel lucky to have ordered one just after 8am. Hoping all will be good for release day.

  • Wow. It ran out really quickly.

  • There's a countdown timer for another round of preorders of the disc version. 6 minutes until it opens up.

    • 2021 Consoles

      • +2

        Yep. Would like it sooner but not in a particular rush. Mainly wanted to take advantage of the trade in value of the PS4 Pro without having to go through lowballers/timewasters through private sales.

        EDIT - just preordered. Only needed $50 deposit which is good, means I can get more savings out of gift cards :)

        • Would be awesome if you could trade in your ps4 pro when 21 stock arrives and they honour the trade in value but I feel like they will make you do it in Nov to get that value.

          • +1

            @pdcmelb: According to the image on twitter, the trade in value price is valid for trade ins before 21st of Jan 2021.


          • +1

            @pdcmelb: This is what is making me hesitant to Pre-Order actually.

            I want them to guarantee Trade in value for 21' But if they won't then there is no point. Just wait till next year when they will run a trade in deal after all the hype.

            Edit* See the posts below mentioning up until the end of Jan on Price guarantee for Trade in. So Pre-ordered.

        • I also preordered for the 2021 shipment. I did not expect it to get sold out this quickly. I mainly wanted to replay God of War around Christmas to see if it performs better on PS5. Other then that I couldn't really car about the launch titles.

  • Lol, this is insane… I feel lucky to have ordered at 8am from JB-Hi-Fi as they have now closed they're pre-orderes…

    wonder what they meant with: "Due to stock demand your pre-order does not guarantee availability on the day of release (or a specific date)."

    If they closed pre-orders… doesn't that mean they have sold out of the initial release consoles??

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