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Ultra Jet Butane Hiking Stove $49 Delivered @ Kmart


Kmart have just released their own version of the Jetboil Camping Stove. Jetboil on Amazon

These are very popular for hikers, bike-packers etc given the compact size, rapid boil (3 mins/ltr) and relative efficiency. Given the Jetboil is typically $130-150, this seems a snip at under $50.

Compatible gas cannisters also available at $4 ea in store only

Product Description Below:
The Ultra Jet is ideal for preparing hot food and drinks quickly and conveniently when you want them the most. This handy little stove is compact and light-weight, and ideal for day trips close to home and overnight adventures alike.

Includes 1 x Butane stove and 1 x 1 litre pot
Compact design for carrying, carry case and draw string bag
Pot capacity: 1 litre
Boils 1 litre water in 3 min. 5 sec.
Gas consumption: 140g/hour
Output: 5.4 MJ
Powered by screw top 230g ISO butane canister (not included)
Material: Stainless steel (stove), aluminium and silicon (pot)

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  • Have anyone used it? How is it feedback?

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    • I just went to a local Kmart and bought it.
      Easy to set up. Boiled 1L of water in about 4 minutes or so.
      Can be a little touchy to unscrew the pot when it is full of boiling water lol. But not that hard.
      Piezo igniter worked first go.
      Handle doesn't feel too shabby at all. I was worried it would bend or something when the pot is full, but it doesn't at all.

      Overall … for $50 … This is an awesome piece of kit!

      Edit: Oh one negative about it … The picture in the Kmart website is misleading. You can't pack away the gas canister into the pot. Unlike some of the more expensive Jet boil units. Not a issue for campers…but for hikers it could be a deal breaker.

      • Sorry if comes off the wrong way, but are you definitely using the correct size gas canister? Not to contradict you, just want to make sure as I'm considering a purchase and this would be a deal breaker as you say.

        • They only have 227g size canisters in store. Well, at my store anyway.
          Same as the picture shows, it's a 227g canister.
          But there's no way that the canister can fit inside the plastic cup that comes with the burner.

          Even with leaving the plastic cup out, and just having the burner and canister inside the pot… The silicone lid will not seal closed. The top of the canister is about 2cm too tall.

          Hope that helps.

      • Will the gas canister fit in if you leave out the plastic cup?…

        Also, just out of interest, what is the internal diameter of the pot?

        (some of the Jetboils will only fit a 100g canister I believe, so that may be the case here)

      • If you push the bottom of the gas canister in to the top of the burner ( all the way in where the pot "screws" into it) and remove the plastic seal cap from the gas canister it fits EXACTLY within the lid i.e. the bump on top of the canister fits into the bump on the lid.
        It is a firm push to slide the canister into the burner.
        The plastic cup does not fit though.

      • The real MVP here, thanks!

  • Link to the stove:

    I was almost going to post this as a deal the other day but since it's the regular Kmart price I wasn't sure if it was appropriate, lol

    There's been a bit of talk about the Kmart stoves and gas canisters here:

    • I first noticed it a few days back but it was listed as "coming soon."

      Even though it's their regular price, it's still a great deal compared to the real thing

  • damn! I wish i could go camping ..but I live in VIC

  • Not stock on northside Brisbane yet :(

  • Doesn't look like there's a piezo ignition built in from the photos and product description

    • I had to look up what piezo ignition was - push button ignition :) From the looks of the picture it has a grey ignition button on bottom left

    • Piezo lighters are unreliable anyway. Best to take some WP matches or flint if you're going bush.

      • Why bother… just use a $2 lighter :\

        • I hope you don't apply to go on Survivor with that outlook :)

          • @Click_It: No worries there.
            I'm not manipulative enough to be on that "reality" show. Besides my acting skills aren't upto date to follow the stale script and staging.

            Real bush and camping are exponentially harder. Man vs Wild is also fake, but at least they try. Heard Survivorman is meant to have the most realism.

            • @Kangal: you might like "Alone" - it's a 'last man/woman standing wins' competition. The contestants are by themselves, they do the filming themselves and have zero contact except a sat-phone to send an "I'm still alive" regular notice, and a "help, I'm tapping out" - it's not even like the other shows where they have a cameraman along with them. I think one season lasted for 189 days.

  • I wish they included the net weight of the stove in the product details

  • I've used a jetboil fairly extensively, they are great for boiling water quickly, but very bad for more advanced cooking. Anything more dense than water tends to stick to the bottom, so it's not great for slower cooking such as porridge and rice.

    for anyone counting the grams, I recommend an aluminum pot and a titanium gas stove for fairly versitile cooking - or make a metho stove out of a coke can for a very cheap very light stove

    • how do you make a metho stove from a can of coke?
      Is Metho bottle safe if kept in the car in hot summer days?

      • there's heaps of designs on the internet, I made mine years ago and i can't find the original designs, but here is the process

        • Cut up coke can (roughly into thirds)
        • 'scallop' the top section
        • cut out top of top section
        • make small air hole in rim of top section
        • place top section in bottom section
        • put in metho and light

        images here

        One of the downsides of this design are that it can be difficult to extinguish the flame, but you can just let it burn out

      • how do you make a metho stove from a can of coke?

        Small cat food tin is a better choice then a coke can IMO. Its just a receptacle to burn some fluid (white spirits, meto etc) in, with a few holes in the side to allow airflow.


      • For metho cookers without a shield (Trangia style), it can be quite slow to boil water, especially if it's cold/windy.

    • Be careful of plastic fumes from the lining of the can.

    • Yes, i find the same issue. I have the jetboil compact cooking pot. It takes ages to cook a pack of pasta and the pasta tends to stick to the bottom even with frequent stiring. It took effort cleaning the pot without having to worry about scratching it.

    • You can control the heat and even simmer with the newer burners. (Jetboil)

  • Anyone know if these are good for lighting charcoal chimneys? There must be a better way than rolled up paper and 25 minutes wait!

  • Seems like a good deal, I saw the one on dragons den which used gas to also generate electricity, so could charge USB and random low power stuff but cost $200 on amazon

  • These are great for boiling water quickly. But I went for the weight and space saving of:
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001221095648.html which you can get for under $10
    or for bigger pots:
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32911743465.html around $20.

  • Only just saw this, so I went out and grabbed one. It looks and feels pretty similar to my JetBoil, so looks like a decent deal at $50

  • The 230gram gas canister and burner DOES FIT inside the pot.
    A firm push clicks the bottom of the gas canister into the top of the burner ( all the way in, where the pot "screws" into it), the bump on top of the canister fits snugly into the bump on the lid.
    They should have included a diagram.
    I'm replying again in case my original reply gets lost in the banter ;) .
    The Kmart $4 227gram gas canister deserves it's own post vs $10+ elsewhere.