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Sony WH-1000XM4B Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones - $459.28 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Pricebeat $436.46 @ Officeworks)


First time poster, sharing what I found to get these headphones after watching the prices for weeks:

Amazon AU currently them for $459.28

I called Officeworks (1300 633 423), asked for their Price Beat Guarantee to get them down to $436.46 over the phone.

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  • Much difference with the XM3?

    • Not used the previous ones myself, Bluetooth 5.0 support was the reason I waited for these (I like to wander around the house away from the phone).

    • Multipoint is the main difference I think.

  • I bought one last week and returned due to hiss from noise cancellation. Worth noting that it might bother some people as it's not completely silent when there's nothing playing.
    I went back to the Bose 700's, they're completely silent with ANC on.

    • I got them yesterday and realised that hiss noise, which was less noticeable on the XM3 - so I guess they pushed it to improve slightly the NC

    • I don't trust Bose after their firmware upgrade destroyed the NC on my QC35s but they claim there's no problem - but hundreds of complaints for it.

      I'd love a pair of Bose 700s but don't trust they wont force users to want to upgrade due to a new firmware.

  • Good Guys have 10% off today brings them down to $445 so price match that at Officeworks to get them to $422.75

    • Tried to do this with officeworks online, got told they don't match promotions requiring codewords :(

  • What is that ‘B’ stand for ?

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    $429 on Ebay (plus) during their current sale https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164326020440

  • Just got a pair for $412 from the Good Guys. Used the 10% off code from their website, 5% off gift card from SunCorp, and then 2.5% cashback!

  • Trying to decide between this and Bose 700. Even though this is newer release, it's already cheaper than Bose 700.

    Any suggestions?

    My main use is listening to audio books and music while out for long walks that we are allowed here in Vic.

    • If you don’t listen at loud volume, then you won’t find any difference. NC 700 is very good but only with very crappy app. Sony has lots of option to control the sound and NC level. Bose NC also have noise control option . But at this price XM4 is better value unless you fall for love with Bose NC700 looks 😊

    • Sonys more comfy too imo, the 700 band is a lot harder on your head

  • now at $445 and free delivery on Amazon for OW price match - I bought