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Dyson V11 Outsize $1167.30 (Was $1297) @ The Good Guys


Slightly cheaper than this deal and this deal.

The most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum.

25% wider cleaner head, to cover more of your home, faster.2 150% bigger bin, for bigger homes and bigger cleans.2 40% more suction power than the Dyson Cyclone V10TM vacuum.3 Up to 60 minutes of fade free power with Dyson's most powerful battery.4 Dyson DLS technology automatically adapts to different floor types. LCD screen shows remaining run time and performance updates. Advanced filtration captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.5

High Torque XL cleaner head
FluffyTM cleaner head
Combination tool
Crevice tool
Mini soft dusting brush
Mini motorised tool
Stubborn dirt brush
Wand storage clip
Drop-in dock

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  • I mean they're taking the Mick aren't they? No matter how good it is (and I like the older ones I have) $1200-ish for a cordless vacuum!?

    • Great deal. Would I buy it, uh no.

    • Dyson are a marketing company who happen to sell vacuum cleaners.
      Every one of their machines I've owned has been disposable, loses suction and inevitably needs replacing.
      Why exactly are they concurrently selling like 8 different generations of their product? Shouldn't it just iteratively get better and old products no longer manufactured? Yet, the year is 2050 and the Dyson v7 is on sale at BigW… Again.
      Buy a Miele or Bosch.

  • All this bs about suction POwer. I rented an industrial corded vacuum for my home and the difference is black and white. Not worth that much money but I do like the $500 Dyson V8 which offers great value and powerful suction!

  • Branding like a smartphone?
    What exactly are they improving every year?

  • Lol I'd get 2 roborocks for this price and see them do the work for me.

  • Take a look at the Dreame T20 on Indiegogo.
    While not as refined, also only 25% of the price of one of these.
    Also has swappable batteries (charger can charge unit and spare battery).

    They are also releasing the Dreame V12 in the next couple of months. 185 AW, 27,000 kpa (same power as the Dyson V11).

    • Any link on the Dreame V12? Can't find anything credible on a quick search.

      I thought the T20 was supposed to be the next "V12" version, considering it is already a nice step up from the Dreame V11 (swappable batteries, auto mode, re-designed head). I guess when it comes to Xiaomi vacuums there will always be something new just around the corner, but wasn't expecting to see it before the new one is even released…!

  • If you don’t mind the wait. Cost me $304 delivered

  • One simple thing they have on an older model is the battery just pops out like a cordless drill, so you can have two batteries and swap over, keep working while the other one charges.

    I'm not sure what they do with current models, but the latter one I have they stopped that so if you want more run time you need another vacuum. No logical reason other than to increase sales.

    and don't get me started on their useless fan heater I stupidly bought.

  • We have a V7 absolute and a V8 absolute - the V7 suction wasn't great after a while (everything was frequently cleaned out). The V8 I've already replaced the plastic dust container (clip got brittle and snapped). The handle where the plastic joins the dust container also snapped off (bottom corner), unfortunately nothing can be done about that, so now it creaks when you push it on carpet.

    While Dyson are reliable we haven't been able to get more than a few years out of them. That said, the handheld vac with small children constantly dropping things, bringing sand into the house, etc is used every second day.

    Just wished they sold the T20 with a spare battery and the soft roller (without the mop or filter extras). Money is a little tight at the moment and I don't need the mop or the extra filters. If they set the indiegogo differently, I'm sure more people would join. Item and quantity for each, instead of the predefined "perk" sets (especially as they are set prices).

  • Hardly Normal have the same price, 10% off and a $100 dollar gift voucher to boot

    • Thank you!! This is better deal than the one posted :)

      This vac is good for the spare battery idea, although the spare battery is $200 (or $200 minus 10% for GGs).
      Only reason I am buying is I had a HN gift card to use up due to a pre-order of something that never came in stock, so glad to finally use it up :)

  • Just ask Dyson for a discount, I did and they gave me 15% off so paid $1104 for this. It's great too, huge improvement over our old V6!

    • You get the extra battery or dock thrown in as well or was this before their current deal?

  • Used to be a Dyson fan,But I found XiaoMi made better machine at half price.

  • My dc44 has been progressively (motorised brushed head failed first) failing from 3 years onwards, and has recently after 5 years of use fully stoped working.
    If you go to product review you will find lots of people have similar issues, but the problem is Dyson won't fix anything for free after 2 years.

    I am amazed people spend 1k plus on a Dyson.

  • they r trying to be like Apple. Why isnt there much competition in this area.