10% off High Definition Satellite Photos @ Soar Earth


10% OFF High Definition Satellite Photos - Available Worldwide.
• Capture new or search historical satellite photos and inspect roofs, pools, gardens, & agriculture.
• Capture your own high-res satellite photo today, without a subscription.
• Search for historical photos by date and location

"It's like having a near real-time Google Earth."

How to order new satellite photos: https://youtu.be/ZbuNeTkBZWU
How to search for and order historical satellite photos: https://youtu.be/grz8G-m8MsA


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  • Awesome, now I can get an overhead view of my neighbours skinny dipping in their pool.

  • How much does a photo cost?

    • I did a quick test - you need to create a map selection that covers a minimum of 50sq km and the price is $550 US dollars. Computer says 'no'.

      • $550 minimum just to inspect my roof via a satellite photo? I would rather buy a drone(if I didn't have one already)

      • The minimum cost for new satellite photos (taken within the next 24-48 hrs) is $500 USD which will give you 50 square kilometers of coverage. The price per square kilometer is $10 USD per square kilometer for new collection photos. Historical photos is $6 per square kilometer, minimum 26 square kilometer.

        Why do new images cost more than historical images?
        -Because with new images, you are effectively controlling the satellite, telling it when and where to take a photo. New collect images require downloading the images from the satellite and preparing them for the customer.
        With historical images, the image have been captured and is in the database, ready for sale.

    • Min cost for historical photos is $156 USD which gives you 26 square kilometers of coverage at 50cm resolution (each pixel covers 50cm of the earth)