Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Charcoal $19.95 (in Store) @ Australia Post


Just grab two of Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Charcoal $19.95 each Australia Post.
WA Rockingham not sure with other store.

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  • Every clearance stock would be hard to find elsewhere.

  • barcode number:841667143484

  • what do people generally use this for? I can't really think of a reason to get one (mobile phone does the same stuff, i think, mostly?) except that it's kinda cool…

    • Home automation, alarm, timer, play music from Amazon/Spotify etc, radio. That's about it for me.

      • hmmn yeah not something i would use nowadays personally, then. Maybe in future I'll have a real reason to buy these cool gadgets.

        • I use for lights, fan, heater, music, alarm.

          • @Dileep7777: The best is the routines you can set it up with.
            For me, I say, "Alex, off to work", and she/it will tell me the weather, traffic conditions to my work, turn off any connected devices I have, and wish me goodbye. It's geeky, and a bit too all-knowing, but whatever, Google owns me already.

            • @anthonettex:

              but whatever, Google owns me already.

              So if Google already owns you why not give up your information to Amazon as well? LOL

              I don't use Alexa (prefer google assistant), but Amazon already knows so much about my shopping habits it's scary. So I don't even know if there's a point trying to cut out Amazon haha

              • @pennypincher98: who cares,

                Amazon knows you are an ozbargain who buys only when there is price errors.
                Amazon will now track our accounts and whenever we buy something they check if the price is correct.

                • @iheartkfc1234: Yeah that's all well and good, I don't mind about my Amazon account tbh.
                  However I trust Alexa even less than Google Assistant.. the latter I've just given up with because Google is everywhere.

                  • @pennypincher98: this is very true, if we forget something, we can just call google and ask them our address, where we work, who we socialise with. Like they have our email and tracks our location. (yes you can turn it off but is it really off or just a fabrication- the great Edward Snowden once said)

                    • @iheartkfc1234: This is very correct. Researches tested airplane android mode couple years ago & found it tracks over 200 different variables compared to the usual 60 or so. The simple act of trying disappear draws more attention to yourself.

        • I use mine to control 3 lights, including dimming or colour, and turn my Xbox & TV on or off or adjust the volume via voice. I can even change Freeview channels with my voice.

    • And much better Mirco phone that picks up your voice easily. Obviously speaker that you can hear from much bigger distance than a smartphone

    • Most phones dont just wait for your command while on idle. I think only the pixel phones do that.

    • I use them to communicate to other rooms in the house and that’s pretty handy

      • Ah yeah the broadcast feature is cool on Google (assume Echo has similar!?). We just have to say "Hey Google, broadcast….wait for it to respond then say "Dinner is ready" kids come running! :)

        • You can just say "broadcast dinner is ready" and save you the pause of recording the message yourself.

        • I have both and googled broadcast feature is pretty nice as you can do it to the whole household. But with Alexa is you can have a phone call with someone in another room but you can’t broadcast to everyone.

    • I also thought I would never use them. Now I have one in each room. I use them for time, weather, news, podcasts, music, radio, turning on the lights etc. oh and Samuel L. Jackson is one of the voices :)

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    I got mine for $10 for signing up with Amazon prime a couple weeks ago. Then signed up for a trial music unlimited last week and got 50% off the echo studio which ain't a bad deal at all

  • This or Google Mini that goes on sale around the same price point

    • One big advantage of this is the 3.5mm audio socket, so easy to connect good speakers for music streaming.
      Google was "courageous" to leave that out.

  • We have one of these or a google mini in just about every room of the house. The house is about halfway there as far as automation goes, lights mostly done, some power points, kettle. My next major investment is heating and cooling automation but both need upgrading anyway (between 15 - 20 years old).

    Handy to check calendar for the day if your hands are wet or dirty, set timers when cooking, check what is on tv, check footy scores etc. I have given quite a few away as gifts over the last year or so and all feedback has been very positive.

    • why do you have both? i thought it would be more helpful if all the devices were under the same ecosystem?

      • Yes for sure and almost all our devices are google. I was given 2 dots so just use those in the lesser-used rooms.

  • Im heavily in the Google ecosystem.
    I do own an Alexa speaker to act as my doorbell speaker that's hooked up to my ring doorbell.
    Also the dot can turn any ebook that you have in your library into an audiobook from your kindle account.

  • Yeah I use Google minis but recently took up the $10 echo offer from Amazon cuz I wanted to use it for my audible books. Also it's so cheap lol

  • Is this in individual Post offices only?

  • got my free one during cocacola promotion

  • I just don’t get it, why would one want to automate everything? - Is having wifi and internet on all the time, plus wifi on a stack of random devices, sucking power all day worth the cost of saving 1 second to flick a switch?
    Not having a go at anyone that does this, but I just don’t get it….

    • You only switch your fridge on when you need to get something out of it, then switch it off again after?

    • those devices use hardly any power.
      A router, a modem, 3 wifi access points and 3 echo dots would cost you under $100 to run non-stop for an entire year. And its the internet stuff which you need anyway is the biggest contributor to that, not the echo's.

    • I can see where you're coming from. I'll try and offer a different perspective - think of it as an opportunity cost.

      • Comfort/convenience - As you've pointed out, saving 1 second to flick a switch. Imagine having a house with 30-50 switches and being able to manage all those switches either automatically or from 1 single location or better yet customised to your very own personal preference.
      • Efficiency - Yes, you're sucking power all day on smart devices, but you can set timers on other electronic devices (e.g. cooling, heating) which generally costs more power.
      • Peace of mind/security - Knowing that your doors/windows are shut and/or locked at any given time without having to walk over to constantly check it. Can also use it to install water spill sensors, perimeter sensors, etc.

      On the flipside, getting to a smart home status is going to be difficult for anyone technology challenged. Especially with the technology in the growth stage, many devices may still have bugs that could deter someone from using them consistently in the future. Also, the cyber security aspect of digitalising everything.

      At the rate technology is developing, in no time, people will be looking back and wonder how did society ever survive without a smart home? Imagine the look on kids' face 50 years down the road when you tell them you used to have to physically walk up to a switch and flick it.

    • I only use them as a smart speakers with occasion usefulness tbh.

  • Also saw the Google Home Mini (not Nest) for $29.95 at my local.

  • Same I went to the post to pick up a parcel and saw this, what a bargain. Already using the plus on my bed side but this has better volume for that usage.

  • Doesn't seem to be any stock in southern Tasmania