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[PC] Free - RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition @ Epic Games


Upcoming freebies from Epic games. As usual, available from 1am.


Credit to Dealabs

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  • This game was my favourite when I was younger. Holds up okay now - but would definitely recommend Planet Coaster over this these days.

    • To the person who negged you. Get a life.

      • Yeah, I have no idea what in my comment above was negworthy but I guess some people neg just for the sake of negging or out of some kind of dislike.
        If it makes them happy I am happy - at least they have a good weekend with some kind of fulfillment and satisfaction then. ;-)

        • That's ok, we both have our 'followers' :)

          I got 2 here haha

          • @scuderiarmani: I have been keeping track for a while and if comments get too much I give a copy to the cops here as much of what goes on on the site is in fact a chargeable offence under Tassie law (and that of other states) (harassment, bullying etc via electronic means and communication - too many derogatory comments suffice) - Police here is very strict on this and will definitely pursue.

            • @Lysander: My favourite is the hate on anyone who buys digital products… because that somehow impacts them.

              I've raised concerns on this site with the constant sexist BS towards anything targeted for females… pretty embarrassing when I fwd links here to many females, OzB where it's 1930 all over again.

              • @scuderiarmani: Well, let me put it this way:

                If Ozbargain came to me as a client and wanted me to provide them with risk management and business development advice, cracking down on sexism, racism, bullying etc. would definitely one key pillar of the strategic advice. What is done so far is insufficient from a legal perspective (in my considered professional opinion of 16 years' experience) to dispense the duty of care so that liability can be avoided.
                Another would be clear and uniform application of the site rules meaning the same outcome should be achieved for the same behaviour regardless of the mod/power user making such decision.
                But generally speaking, it seems pre-emptive action is frowned upon in Australia (based on my experience). Most businesses escalate until the last step before litgation - while that often works it sometimes can backfire. One company pissed me off so much personally that I simply refused any mediation and settlement at that stage as they had ignored my offers for several months before and essentially forced me to file charges.
                They then lost and had to pay a lot of money and the client was very happy. One manager lost his job for being so ignorant, and of course their whole system of doing business had to be changed which also cost them money. It does seem that it takes things like this for many businesses to listen. US companies are generally smarter as they are much more aware of the effect a legal precedent can have on their business.

                • @Lysander: Here we go again… the circle jerk of bullshittery 'round here amazes me sometimes. You're going down the slippery slope of what can and can't be said and tying that to the website being responsible for the user. Don't know if it's apt but it'd be like blaming Greyhound for someone swearing on the bus. Or a charity for people swearing at the markets?

                  I'm basically comparing OzBargain to any other forum/communication product such as Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp etc. and they're vastly better in that respect lol.

                  • @TogTogTogTog: No mate, you are failing to see the distinction.

                    In your example, Greyhound would not and should not be liable if someone is racist on the bus but they are liable if they do not stop this after it happens the first time.
                    Before the first time, obviously they are not and cannot be aware but after they aware and they do nothing they fail in their duty to protect their passengers from harassment, threats etc.

                    The companies you are mentioned are well aware of their duty and some have been fined.
                    There is a good reason they spent millions in order to comply with their duty in that regard - they know they will be held liable otherwise which will cost them a lot more.

                    And given I work in the legal field and have been to court a "few" times in my professional career I can assure that the law law is all about those distinctions and whether someone is liable or not hinges on such distinctions.

                    Finally, while Ozbargain might be better than Facebook etc. this does not mean they are good with their moderation and policing of this as being strict and kicking out users that threaten, troll, and harass can present an economic issue, too.
                    Non-commercial websites have it easier as they can uphold principles without having to ensure profitability at the same time.

                    I think you agree that if a website is informed 3, 4, 10 times about harassment, trolling and they do nothing that is not good or acceptable. Or if they tell the victim to leave rather than reign in the bad conduct.

                    • @Lysander: I don't think I am but okay… You're effectively saying they aren't taking your repeated complaints into consideration ergo they've failed to protect you and are therefore liable. But when you join OzBargain they clearly state they have no obligation to investigate/enforce such violations and it's basically the user's responsibility.

                      So couldn't you extend this same reasoning to the Police? You've clearly reported such infractions to them before, but if they didn't follow-up on it, aren't they even more culpable than OzBargain?

                      • @TogTogTogTog: Well, first up I did not say they are hundred per cent liable but could be - it all depends on the individual circumstances but yes, the more complaints and the more inactivity the higher the risk of liability, especially if something then happens due to such inactivity.

                        Secondly, websites can state whatever they like. The same way that companies can write in their T&Cs whatever they like. That still does not mean the statements.T7Cs are valid, enforceable, comply with the law. I cannot even count the number of times I have seen attempts by websites and companies to exclude liability for everything under the sun which of course did not comply with the law and hence were unenforceable if tested.

                        The police has always followed up on those things so far at least where I am now - they know they are in deep "bulldung" if they are not, especially if something happens.
                        And in case you are wondering - yes I have sued police before for clients and won (when I lived and worked in a different place).

                        The lesson is; people, and website operators etc. must finally understand that not everything can be said and it is not okay to harass, stalk, intimidate, insult badly and constantly people online. Just because you can use a fantasy name does not mean people have a carte blanche and can do whatever and behave whichever way they want online.
                        I really do not believe you condone such online activity either. And whether or not you like it - there are also criminal consequences for such behaviour which seems to be the only way to reign in such behaviour. Unfortunately, asking nicely does not work due to anonymity.
                        I mean generally, our whole value system and structure is build upon accountability and consequences for actions - it is no different online.

              • @scuderiarmani: I buy cdkeys, and I will not be swayed.

                How do you know those commenters are male. Did you just assume their gender?

                You should hear the way girls talk about guys sometimes, their locker-room talk, it's as bad as male locker-room talk, shock horror.

                Actually hateful comments get hidden by mods. Deliberately inflammatory posters get sin binned or banned. A comment on a "massage wand" product post that says something like "the misses will love it… When I buy this for her to use on my lats after the gym" is just good humoured ribbing combined with a bit of jealousy at the superior technological state of sex toys for females compared to toys for males. And I think better sex toys for men is a cause all of humanity can get behind.

                Come on now.

            • @Lysander: Please be kidding.

              Or harden up you most pristine and delicate prince of all snowflakes.

              • @ozbjunkie: Just a few examples:

                Have a read and then trivialise it again:





                www.accc.gov.au › filesPDF
                Cyberbullying - ACCC

                You are doing it too: just because you disagree with me and maybe don't realise the effects of certain behaviour you insult me with what is clearly a degrading term instead of conversing with me in an objective, civil and non-insulting way. Why? What is your purpose and objective?

                • @Lysander: Yes chronic cyber bullying is a massive issue. Kids pick on one another at school, then home, and then it never stops, and they top themselves. I don't minimise the issue with cyberbullying.

                  But you're on an anonymous websites, and you were anonymously negged by 1 person, without obvious justification, and you're talking about going to the police rather than realising "some people are dicks".

                  Are you joking, are you 12, or are you legit this sensitive. Sensitive empathetic people are the salt of the earth. But crybabies… Man… Look there is an element of hardness you need to develop in order to be allowed to use the internet. It is somewhere between hyperfluid liquid hydrogen and a puddle of sticky honey.

                  • @ozbjunkie: Not talking about that one person in particular but I am more than happy to fill you in what I am talking about/what took place over the last 6-12 months. If I ask for such behaviour to stop, it doesn't, then I ask the mods to stop it, and it is not stopped, then what other choice but the police do I have? It is not acceptable to me that people can bully other people here and nothing happens but if you call someone a Steam Social Justice Warrior you get banned. I think the priorities are messed up in that instance.
                    I am sure you will change your tack a little then.
                    PM me if you want.

                    Plus, negging of correct, actual facts is concerning. The legal situation as stated is correct. Just because people do not like the truth they neg. It still remains the truth but the fact they neg the truth reveals their attitude towards the behaviour in questions and again, that is very concerning to me.

                    I think it is time to de-anonymise negging of comments. If you neg, stand by it. We know who downvoted so why should the comments be any different.
                    As always, I guarantee as soon as you introduce some kind of transparency things will improve drastically.

                    Finally, if you think this website is anonymous think again. It is not. And I won't say more than that.

                    • @Lysander: De-anonymising negging would lead to more bullying and harassment, not less.

                      You can't guarantee that "transparency" would improve things. Indeed, the mods made negging anonymous for a reason. I think it is, as I have stated above, to reduce harrassment of people who neg a post or comment.

                      Negging correct information is absurd, and whoever did that sucks something serious. But that has been corrected with the overwhelming amount of upvotes in your favour, and I'm proud to have contributed to those upvotes because I find you to be a helpful and valuable contributor to this community. Definitely moreso than I am. And I respect your efforts.

                      But what I don't respect is the idea that an adult on a bargains website, having complained to the mods, chooses to continue using said website, as well as having to "go to the police". Like, dude, I'm all for inclusivity in the online social domain, but the world isn't your safe space. Ignore the haters, make a different username (with mod permission due to your unrelenting experiences of harassment) or just don't visit ozbargain. But "go to the police"? … I don't know man, what did they say when you called them?

                      • @ozbjunkie: The Police is keen to investigate this type of behaviour - absolutely.
                        I mean I know they have their own reasons and motivations but this stuff is serious.
                        Again, I am not talking about 1, 2, 5 negative comments but having people intentionally seek out every post I make, try to provoke, make derogatory remarks, spread lies etc. And of course the lemmings go for it in a mob mentality. That is the behaviour I talk about. NOT the occasional stupid remark or neg.

                        Funny you say then the neggers get harassed. You might be right but the lesson here then is that it is better that the people who contribute get harassed and negged than those that only neg and are destructive and negative.I would beg to disagree and would rather have it the other way around.
                        However, I do not believe there is a reason for any type of upvoting or downvoting for comments (for deals I can see an argument) - there is no benefit and only downsides.
                        Yes, I know some people say stupid things and offensive things but those can still be reported.
                        The votes add nothing.

                        You know there is one other obvious problem: you simply assume only adults frequent this website. Not true. In fact, I had to block Ozbargain on all our PCs but one. I also prohibited all kids to use the website, mainly because of the people you call d…h..ds.
                        That is not good for Ozbargain as a commercial entity either as the more users the more money through aff clicks and ads.

                        I disagree that Ozbargain is or should be an adult website either. Given the ban on even barely naughty games (like cheap Hentai puzzles) I sincerely doubt the adult status. Also, of course, there is no free speech here either as certain deals cannot be posted so there is some type of censorship.

                        I also have various friends that were very enthusiastic about using the site and contributing it but all stopped after encountering the "d…h..d" people and no action against it. And yes, those are adults.
                        I suggest to look at it this way: we all have stress and crap we have to deal with. If I then decide to use some of my rare spare time to post a deal for the benefit of others I do not necessarily expect thanks (although of course that is nice) but in the very least I do not expect more stress, harassment etc. as a thank you for my contribution.

                        I am all for trying to settle things amicably and with reasoning but with some people that is simply not possible. Trust me, the number of restraint order applications I have to do for clients has increased significantly. I also observed that with some clients I advised, changing from anonymity to some account of transparency has reduced "bad behaviour". And that is to be expected too; if the people who bully, harass etc. have to fear to be held accountable for their actions, they will think twice or thrice before engaging in the bad behaviour.

                        Re negging facts: see my comments above: -6 and -5 votes for merely stating the legal situation and framework. Do you really believe those people can be conversed and argued with reasonably?

                        • @Lysander: Negging and upvoting comments has a purpose which is to highlight good info, and hide bad info.

                          Also hides whining.

                          You're not a child, so stop explaining your situation in terms of some child that needs protecting from the big bad neggers.

                          Also, I play lots of online games, and the kids are able to take some sledging, and dish it out too.

                          I see nothing here that comes close to constituting harrassment.

                          • @ozbjunkie: As I said, NOT talking about here but the period of the last 6-12 months over many hundred posts!

                            I do not play online games and neither do my kids - exactly because of the bullying, and toxicity there!
                            Therefore, given my experience over the last 12 months in particular (and the trend over 7 years!) has maybe made me more sensitive to this.
                            And while I respect and accept your opinion, I will continue to use the law (as that is my profession) to combat behaviour that it is not only unacceptable to me but also breaks such law.
                            To use your argument: there is a good reason those laws were made and exist and are also not limited to children either.

                            Re comment upvoting to distinguish between good and bad info: have you seen how many comments that are totally useless and that do not contain any useful info are upvoted and how many comments that contain mere facts are downvoted just because people do not like to hear the truth? If not, I suggest you take particular note from now on. Very rarely are the upvoted comments the ones with the useful info.
                            In the comments what is expressed are mainly opinions and negging anyone who has a non-mainstream opinion is simply an attempt to suppress such opinion (of course, there are limits e.g. re illegal acts, acts of violence, sexual things etc. given the public nature of the site and its accessibility to vulnerable people such as children).

                            Example: most upvoted comment ever states that something looks like balls. Wow, very essential info. Plus, I am sure it was upvoted for the usefulness of such comments and not the sexual reference because we are all blind and cannot see for ourselves.

                            Plus, also know that I am not the only one here feeling that way (I have been contacted by various users who hate the bullying, and harassment etc. too).

                            Look at the comment below (you know which one): archetype negger and "destructive user" - no contributions but a huge majority of non-constructive etc. comments. In fact, this does seem to be a pattern with the neggers.
                            There is also a user who just makes comments for comments' sakes and often asks (using bold letters quite a bit) "What is the usual price" - majority of 70000+ non-constructive, destructive, superfluous etc.

                            What is the chance this gets negged too (by some of the "archetype neggers")?

                            • @Lysander: Bruh, if you can't handle JV, I'm not sure what to tell you.

                              That's an innocuous and sometimes accidentally humorous troll if ever I've seen one.

                            • @Lysander: you know you can block people you dont like/make reams of pointless posts, lysander? and on that note…

                            • @Lysander: "looks like balls" is a crude expression, it is not sexual (no actions are suggested by the comment) and is not harassment (doesn't target a person).

                              The correct response to a complaint about the comment is to ignore the complaint. Most people don't enjoy long arguments with those who appear to be unreasonable, or are trying to use laws to forward an agenda. From an outside perspective, you are the one harassing the publishers of this website by trying to create legal issues for them where none exist

                        • @Lysander: You are being negged as you are overreacting to the nth degree. Police over someone negging you on a bargain website? Come on now, harden up a bit, or get off the internet if it's all too much for you.

            • @Lysander: God I hope you are being facetious.

    • Cheers big ears

  • I love this game. Is there a Mac version? Why are there a lack of games on the Mac

    • Epic games and Apple don't mix well… I know, very surprising.

    • Macs are transitioning to ARM and will probably soon natively support iOS games, so you should soon by asking why isn't there an iOS version of these games to play on your mac.

    • I'm going to be that guy. If you want to game, casually or not. Macs are not the system to get unfortunately.

  • Why is this game free? Is this kind of in-app purchase game? or just promotional event for short period?

  • Watch Dogs 2 is free now, not next week

  • Got Rollercoaster Tycoon Adventures from an earlier deal so will skip Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, but thank you anyway.

  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is a huge win. It's been missing (or rather only available if you already own it) from the Steam shop due to licensing issues for a few years now. To have it available again is just great. Free is even better.

  • Geeky story. Over a decade ago I built a theme park for my wife for her birthday in RCT3. Complete with zoo, dolphin and whale shows, pools and waterslides, fireworks, music and a laser show that spelt out happy nth birthday. You could ride the rollercoaster at the right time and watch the laser show. Very impressive back then. The park was too big and use to struggle and stutter back then but I fired it up earlier this year to show the kids and modern hardware just copes. Multi-threading in games was primitive. Circumstances didn't allow a trip to Disneyland so this was just as good right? lol.

    • I wish OzB allowed me to give you multiple upvotes.

    • Honey, I just bought a PS5 so I can make an even better present for your next birthday.

      • Actually, I'd rather a new PC build with a 3080. lol. I'm due for an upgrade late next year.

    • The perfect man doesn't exi- …

      • Definitely not the perfect man. Just ask my wife. Lol. But hopefully she'd also tell you I try and I have my moments. :)

    • You are one lucky man. Because my wife always gets pissed off when I fire up any console or PC games. She thinks it's a waste of time.

      Imagine if your partner thought it was trash for whatever you did

  • Watch Dogs 2 deluxe edition is also 80% off at $20.99, but if you "buy" the free standard edition, the deluxe edition deal goes unavailable. So decide if you want free standard or $20 deluxe before clicking.

  • 🥺 Is that the game I used to play when I was younger
    I wonder if you can still play Doom or Age of Empires 😂 Havent played PC games for so long since Windows 95/98 days 🤣
    @}——;}————- ASL? 😩

  • Watch Dogs 2 was free on Uplay (Ubi Forward event) before so it makes sense Epic follows through.
    It's a great game, I've hit 100% progress, kept replaying missions to buy junk and can't wait to try Watch Dogs Legion.

  • I think Assassin's Creed 2 may also be free this week. It's listed as Coming Soon, but it's "on sale" until the exact time the free games release and is the only game in the series (of those listed on the store) that is unable to be purchased


  • Doesn't seem to be available (yet?)

  • In the About Game section, it says 'Available 25 September'.

  • Added this to my list, even though I already own Planet Coaster, and in my opinion the most fun of all, Parkitect.

  • Thank you, haven't played it for a long while

  • Regret buying a macbook pro…