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[PC] Epic - Free - Football Manager 2020 and Watch Dogs 2 - Epic Store


The next freebies from the Epic Store.

This time it is: Football Manager 2020

Watch Dogs 2


Mod: Also available: [PC] Free - Stick It to The Man! @ Epic Games

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    Watch dogs 2….. Thank you.

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      You're a poet and don't know it.

  • Thanks OP.

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      You are welcome. Great games this week. Football Manager is rarely reduced - to get it free is bordering on a miracle.

  • Thankyou for your posts

    • You are welcome.

  • +15

    Well, there goes another 500 hours into Football Manager…

    • +6

      Are you sure 500 hours is enough? Did you not forget a 0 at the end?

      • +17

        500 hours just to scout my perfect 16 year old Argentinian wonderkid regen

        • +2

          Ah, that makes sense. Add another 100 for the publicity contemplating a a transfer and making noise because you cannot deal with defeats and then deciding to stay after all.

        • +1

          Only for PSG to come knocking.

          • @MackemAB: And they still don't win the Champions League! Especially with Crybaby as a pillar of their team!

        • +1

          only for his agent to tell you he's not interested in signing to play for Scunthorpe!

    • +4

      Hahaha, honestly the most addicting game I've played. I hate myself when I start.

    • +4

      Hahaha, same. It's so addictive. I've been buying FM nearly every year since 2012. Ungodly amount of hours on CM prior to that

      Out of curiosity I checked my Steam hours for previous editions…

      FM2012 - 2091 hours
      FM2014 - 1028 hours
      FM2016 - 145 hours (This year sucked, went back to '14)
      FM2017 - 320 hours
      FM2019 - 425 hours

      • Ever tried to actually become a football manager?

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    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition is next! OMG OMG OMG

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    Turkish dude played FM during his wedding, what a champ,

    now every guy can try it

  • Epic dad…..

  • +2

    probably never play this but just enjoy pushing the button to collect them ;)
    I got a confirmation email :D

  • +1

    Over $100 dollars saved!!! Thank youOP

  • +4

    Epic week from Epic!
    This made my weekend before it even started.

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    To the person who reported a duplicate: this is not a duplicate as Watch Dogs 2 is free now, NOT in 7 days. The title of the other post is wrong - next week it is only Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition.
    If you wait until next week to get Watch Dogs 2 you will miss it.

  • Football Manager 2020 is broken. I can't get it, the get button just says loading forever! :(

    • +1

      I think the site is getting hammered. Try it via mobile - that worked for me.

      • Thanks mate. Same thing.

  • I wonder if my uni laptop is able to handle Football Manager.

    • +7

      Ask not if your uni laptop can handle Football Manager, but if you will be able to handle uni once you get Football Manager on your laptop.

      Took me seven years and two deferments to complete my MBA thanks to Football/Championship Manager.

      And women…

      • Honestly, I just downloaded for later, I have 5 assessment due by 12th of October and also a placement within that timeframe. So I'm totally screwed

  • Epic games are making the history.

    Just unbelievable .

  • +2

    WOW…FM20 Free..that is most definitely a bargain…..

  • -1

    watch dogs 2 is unavailable currently.

  • Thanks OP for Watchdogs

  • These free games just keep getting better. Finally made my first purchase of rdr2 for $45 after 100 odd freebies.

  • +1

    Last time I got up so early to watch the stupid ubisoft live show to get the Watch Dogs 2.

    • +4

      Lol I registered, slept like a log and still got WD2 . Sorry

  • +2

    holy shit FM20 for free - enjoy losing 1000 hours of your life.

  • +1

    Got Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition for $14.99 with the $15 coupon Epic gave last time, good deal for sure :)

  • Thanks for this OP!

  • FM got me to sign up. Guess it works

  • Nice

  • Wonder how much this costs Epic? I have most of the free games and never spent a cent on their store.

    • Nothing.

      • I doubt the developers are just giving their games away

        • +1

          Don't worry about giant corporations too much. They are not losing anything for promoting old games.

          • @baldur: Maybe I would like to know. I don't give a shit about their bottom line, but I can be curious can't I?

            • +2

              @sallan75: Football Manager 2021 is due to be released in 4-6 weeks. That's why it will be a freebie.

            • @sallan75: See the message below. That's the main reason.

  • +7

    FM for free? This is probably the greatest OZB deal ever.

  • FM2020! Wow that's a pleasant surprise. Thanks OP

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    Any old school Championship Manager players from the 90s still kicking around like me?

    • +1

      Started playing it last few months due to someone creating a Fantasy Football game out of it - https://twitter.com/FantasyChampMan - quite funny and addictive

    • +3

      Raises hand

      Played plenty of the early versions. What got me completely hooked was CM01/02 back in the day. It's available for free now, it's fun to fire up once in a while


      • R9 and Davor Suker were my staples..

      • +2

        This was the best CM for Leeds fans. A great team and more than $100 million transfer budget. Sadly it was rapidly downhill from there.

    • Andri Sigporsson, Gary Teale, Mads Jorgensen, Mike Duff, Tonton Zola-Mokouko and virtually every youth player scouted by Kit Carson for Peterborough (Gareth Jelleyman, Matty Etheridge, Simon Davies) all say hi…

  • downloading. thanks

  • This is my favourite freebie so far!

    • Disagree, nothing will top GTA 5 to be honest.

  • i got watch dogs 2 for free from that ubisoft forward event a few weeks ago that was a total fail…but i cant say no to adding it to my epic library for free as well! Thanks OP

  • C'mon Epic - add in achievements and you'll have me. I feel that's a major missing feature at the moment

    • +1

      It's not that far off I assume given they started/tested it with a few games already.

      • Yeah I heard mention of it being on their roadmap - but haven't seen it yet. I grabbed it of course, but probably won't touch it until achievements come out

        • There are achievements already for a few games. I think Ark Survival is one of them.

  • Is this also available for Mac?

    • +3

      Just found the answer. Yes, it is

      • Great. Well done.

  • FM20 massively addictive,

  • +3

    This is a great game! I have been playing since CM0304…

    out of those thousands hours of playing, S&L must have taken 10% of time…

    • Remind me Todorov in CM0304, what a beast

  • I wish WD2 was free on PS4, i finished it there and just wanna play from where I left it, not start again.

  • I already have both.
    Loving Epic Games, like others say barely see sales for FM!

    Didn't know so many people out there play… maybe we could do an OzBargain Online game? :)

    Would it be able to play with those on Steam?

  • bought WD2 in the last sale…Damn them

  • Thanks Ly again

  • I'm ready to sink another 800hrs into my Nottingham Forest RTG team

  • are you able to get watch dogs 2? It still says unavailable to me.

    • +1

      I got it quite easily. Try mobile or log out and back in. That seems to fix it.
      Also, no VPN. Certain games are not available in certain countries. Example: No Football Manager in Brazil, of all places!

  • I can’t seem to download the games.

    • me neither…

      • Ok my fault. You need to install the epicentre installer first then download from there after you have login.

        • Lol thank you. It appears things have changed since I've last played this… CM 03/04!

          Another noob question - are you limited to downloading a game to one laptop?

          • @rooboy316: No, you can download it to more than one computer but you need to log into your account on each PC to do so and download it via the Epic launcher.
            I don't think you could only have one account and then play the game on three PCs in your house.
            If you need it for more than one PC and want to play it simultaneously, just make an extra account and get it free on that account.

            • @Lysander: Thanks, that’s helpful. I use a pc and a laptop at home now, and wanted to be able to play the same game across both machines. Seems like that’s doable If I use the same account on both machines.

  • Season pass for Watch Dogs 2 is also on sale for $11.99 at 80% off. I got it so this completes the DLC.

  • +1

    I just got Keflavik promoted from the Icelandic Second Division…my job here is done.

  • +1

    Sheesh this is hard work.

    I tried to create an account but got stuck in the world's worst Captcha - I had to find the mouse that couldn't get the cheese twenty times! And then I had to do it again, before I gave up.
    So I signed in with Steam, which didn't sign me in at all, and I still had to make a new account at Epic Games.

    Now I'm having to install an Epic Games Launcher - I presume I need this whenever I want to play the game I "purchased" (I didn't get an email receipt or order confirmation*).
    So what happens when / if Epic Games go bust or remove the game from their server? I won't be able to play anymore?

    I was planning to go to bed and download the game overnight - but the installer is downloading a 500+MB update!

    *Finally got a receipt.
    Oh and the Epic Games Launcher appears to be a pop-up launcher, and is using a lot of my laptop's resources as well as spamming me!

    • Life as an OZ Bargain Gamer! :D

  • All I need now is a gaming PC for all these excellent PC games :D

  • is Fm 2020 still using denuvo?

    • +2

      I use him as a holding midfielder in my Aston Villa save. Works great…

    • Most games are