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[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 $749, Digital Edition $599 @ Harvey Norman


Missed out on a launch preorder PS5? A second drop of PS5's is now available for preorder at Harvey Norman with the expected December 2020 date. Get in quick as they will sell out fast.

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  • +2 votes

    Does anyone know how to transfer my ps4 CD games to new Digital Edition ?

    • Buy digital copy then sell physical copy.

      • +84 votes

        Buy digital copy = $100
        sell physical copy = $10

        negative profit $90

        • Exactly, why would anyone want to limit themselves to digital copies is beyond me

          • @FireRunner: Short-term savings.

          • @FireRunner: Most of my games are digital because of Sony's distribution strategy - physical games sold in AU region just don't have all language built-in. If I want to use my preferred language, I just have to create an account in that region's PSN store and buy the digital copy.

            This truly sucks and I think Sony is the only one out there that still does this BS.

            But the merit is all digital games can be shared with a friend so they are essentially 50% off. And HK region's games are normally 25% cheaper than the AU PSN Store during first release.

            • @KLDL: Interesting, my friend has just told me he gets physical games to actually have the preferred language. Otherwise (he said) his Aus PSN account offers him English-only FIFA.

            • @KLDL: OTOH they are still releasing games for PS4 for around another year, they didn't just suddenly stop after PS5 release. I know where you're coming from, I used to buy Region 2 games because I wanted to play RPGs with the original Japanese audio. I will still keep my PS4 and since my backward-compatible PS4 died I took out my Japan-imported PS3 out of storage.

          • @FireRunner: Convenience and reliability

            • @lostwasgood481516: Convenience as in just not needing to swap the discs I understand (though it’s hardly a mild inconvenience imo)
              But how is it more reliable? If anything you’re subjected to Sony T&Cs and are always dependent on Sony providing the service. The disc will play regardless. Banned console/PNID or shutdown servers and you lose all your games for digital folk.

              • @FireRunner: Discs can get scratched/stop working. Or you can lose them. Disc drives themselves can die also…had that happen on my launch model PS3 and Xbox One.

                Digital copies are linked to your account.. Although for me the advantage of digital is being able to use one copy on 2 machines at once. I have no interest in re-selling my games. I like having a huge library and my kids being able to play them at the same time.

                Before that I was always disc only. But i regret all my disc purchases on Xbox One and PS4 as i cant use them on multiple consoles at once.

                • @mxlegend99: This is only a problem if you're careless and just leave the disc lying around anywhere except the drive and the case. I can understand if you have kids but it'll have to be pretty badly scratched to not read.

                  All my discs since the PS1 days have been scratch free.

          • @FireRunner: Im new to playstation, never owned one. Digital seemed the best option for me considering i buy digital games anyway on xbox

          • @FireRunner: Save the environment, less plastic usage 😂😂

          • +2 votes

            @FireRunner: Yeah. Most of the time I can find a deal for a disc that's cheaper than the PS store

    • i dont think you can do that….

      I got a lot CDs…

      But i ordered digital version for PS5

    • 99% of existing PS4 games will play on PS5.

      edit Oh you bought the digital PS5.

      There's no way to transfer disc based games to that system.

    • Literally not how that works

      • -2 votes

        Literally you have to pay an extra $150 just for using your existing games

        • Welcome to the digital world. As a PC gamer, I haven't touched a game disc since 2009, Oh, and yes, I can play game have been released in the last 20 years. About time PS and XBOX catch up

          • @Jack D Price: Pc gaming and console gaming are 2 COMPLETELY different things, completely. PCs don't have generations and you're not forced to move forward hardware wise and at the same time leave your games behind as they are not playable any more. You can play your pc game whenever you like in the future on whichever pc machine as long as the hardware can support it specification wise. While with consoles your digital game library dies with the console and online services as once they turn it off its game over to redownload and play those games again whenever you feel like. And if some of those games come out again or become playable on the new console you'll probably need to repurchase them… Again.

          • @Jack D Price: well, the same specs pc will cost $2-3k vs $700
            i guess pc gamers are not very good at budgeting

            • @rwt: You should compare it with same specs laptops not a PC.
              PS5 should be $ 200-300 with those extra high costs.

          • @Jack D Price: I think going all digital sucks and should be resisted by console gamers. The DRM for nearly all PC games is one of the worse parts of the PC masterrace. I say this as primary a PC gamer

          • @Jack D Price: you realise unlike PC, for consoles its ALWAYS cheaper to get disks?

            Unless you like paying $99 for games at launch

          • @Jack D Price: Completely different mate. Pc has it great where they have a selection of multiple storefronts to purchase their games where consoles are monopolized by only one seller

          • @Jack D Price: I'm the same, however they are two different things by far.
            There are multiple different stores you can purchase games, and they are constantly in competition with sales.
            With a PS, there is the Playstation store. thats it

        • More like you save $150 by forfeiting the disc drive.

          Whether that works out in the long run depends on how much you're spending on games though.

          • @andehh: I don't really get the complaints about having to pay extra to play PS4 discs.

            I am surprised that they offered a disc version at all to be honest. Would have been braver to just cut that out of the offering. Games need to be downloaded anyway, discs are a waste literally and figuratively. A sharing and sell-back model could easily be offered. A large volume of electronic real-estate is dedicated to this redundant process.

            When it comes to complaining about PS4 games… People with a library of PS4 games have… a PS4. If you are happy with the unnecessary inconvenience of inserting/ejecting discs, then surely selecting another input source on your TV isn't a big issue? If you don't have enough connectors etc and you want to be playing your PS4 games… why in the market for a PS5?

            It all seems to be complaining for the sake of it.

            • @ChaseIsOnTheCase:

              I am surprised that they offered a disc version at all to be honest. Would have been braver to just cut that out of the offering.

              This would have been met by huge backlash. They’re working towards all digital but many gamers (rightfully so) would resent being locked into PS Store prices.

              Games need to be downloaded anyway

              Discs contain the game. You can install and run the game without downloading anything. Though you’d probably want to download any updates.

              When it comes to complaining about PS4 games… People with a library of PS4 games have… a PS4.

              PS4 games are enhanced and optimised on a PS5. You get the better experience on PS5

              • @FireRunner: There would have been a backlash from a bunch of losers with nothing better to do than complain about such trivial things.

                Apple faced it phasing out floppy discs, CD/DVD drives etc among other things and people got over it quickly enough. And the same people will be throwing hissy fits next time they cut out something no longer required.

                If there are people who want to play the bug-ridden Release Candidate version of a game on the disc, which in most cases already has an update before release date, then they aren't the market audience for the PS5. The complaints are a waste of digital oxygen.

              • @FireRunner: Not to mention all the physical game selling stores would not stock the console if there wasn't a disk one that at least gives them a chance of selling some disks.

            • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: The point has been made in part because microsoft supports old disks - even 360 discs. Its not as you assert complaining for the sake of it, its a valid point.

              in fact microsoft regularly graphically upgrades old titles for free, unlike Sony.

              • @petry: What is the valid argument?

                That they shouldn't charge more for having a disc drive?

                The world is going to shit, Sony have fully unveiled an amazing new piece of entertainment hardware, and people are complaining about a trivial niche case as though it is some soft of an affront.

                • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: you're the one saying people are complaining - look it's in your post above - did you forget

                  'It all seems to be complaining for the sake of it.'

                  no-one was saying anything about paying more for a disc drive either… but you also came up with

                  'I don't really get the complaints about having to pay extra to play PS4 discs'

                  when what was said

                  'More like you save $150 by forfeiting the disc drive'.

                  now apparently you have me complaining about a 'trivial' variant of a sony ps5…

                  • @petry: Come on mate, there are lots of posts complaining about "having to pay an extra $150 just to play existing games" etc. It's disingenuous to suggest otherwise. That seems quite unnecessarily snide

                    • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: its what you wrote as a reply - so its just a fact.

                      A fact you obviously didn't like at all.

                      And Its just about a 'trivial' - your words- variant of a PS5.

                      • @petry: If you just want to try and embarrass people you are engaging with rather than discuss the issue, at least search for the origin of the phrases you are attributing to me.

                        I am happy to have a civil discussion about the pros and cons of this, petry. You seem to be changing the path of the conversation.

                        • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: not changing anything

                          '@ChaseIsOnTheCase: you're the one saying people are complaining - look it's in your post above - did you forget

                          'It all seems to be complaining for the sake of it.'

                          no-one was saying anything about paying more for a disc drive either… but you also came up with

                          'I don't really get the complaints about having to pay extra to play PS4 discs'

                          when what was said

                          'More like you save $150 by forfeiting the disc drive'.

                          now apparently you have me complaining about a 'trivial' variant of a sony ps5…'

                          if you have issues with what you wrote get them removed. it's up to you.

                    • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: I see you here your coming from now. I though you were just anti-disc. Only one comment seems to be complaining about the price difference though


                      Literally you have to pay an extra $150 just for using your existing games

                      Everyone else is just arguing that the disc version is the better one (and worth the price difference). It seemed from your comments that anyone that purchased physical copies was part of a real niche

                      • @FireRunner: Yes my broad generalisation about complaints is harsh in hindsight.

                        Casual gamers will lose around $500 over the 7 year life span of a console if they opt for the initial saving on digital. Financially, the disk version makes more sense. The pricing model Sony have put forward seems fair to me (by this I mean the relative gap of the digital/disc versions rather than the entry point which I feel is expensive). The game pricing model, where digital editions are more expensive than discs rather than having parity, or even being cheaper, is not fair. I feel that Sony is abusing that. Seems a conscious decision though

            • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: Thank god they didnt. If PS5 rolling out with the digital model only they would effectively have a monopoly on the game market as everything would run through there own PlayStation store…..this is super bad news for us. The only way a digital only model would work would be if Australian retailers could sell digital codes at a comparative cost to what they currently sell physical discs for. We need competition to keep cost down.

              Also a sharing/sell-back model?? Hmmm. Pretty sure Sony/developers are not fans of the whole preowned market…i mean they dont see a $$ of any of that and every preowned purchase is one less for them. Also what would be the incentive to them to offer a buy back to users for digital content??

              • @britta: A sharing/sell-back model…

                If a game can only be used on one account for X amount of time, and on one account only, and it was monetised as a PS Plus perk, it would be viable.

                As for a sell-back model, if you could receive a trade-in discount your old games to receive a discount on a new release game, you would be encouraging people to buy a game when it is at its most expensive price-point and reducing the size of their game library, encouraging more frequent purchases of new release games at their highest price point. It is economically viable. As there is no physical exchange of products, or transfer of sizeable data, it is essentially free money for the distributor.

                Re: your point about a Sony monopoly not benefitting customers… I agree. I wonder if there was retail pushback from even stocking the digital only version

                • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: Hmm I see. So like a rental style arrangement….could work

                  I see what you are getting at with the sell back but the issue I see is the value of that digital game you own is effectively $0. Yes the developers could front up a scheme were you surrender your digital licence for a small reduction on a new purchase but I wouldn't image it being much as you really haven't given them anything of value to offset the discount.

                  It really is a tricky topic. When you step into digital content the controls need to be solid or it leaves itself wide open to abuse.

                  Your right tho, I cant imaged brick and mortar stores are that happy about selling digital only consoles.

          • @andehh:

            Whether that works out in the long run depends on how much you're spending on games though.

            It depends on a few things:

            • Do you want to follow the rules 100%?
            • If not, how many friends you have.
            • What are your budgets on gaming.

            Physical, generally, is more cost effective, if you sell them quickly after playing. But, how do you fast switch between games effectively with physical.

            Obviously, don't do dodgy stuff and I am not responsible for other people's actions.

        • If it makes people feel better, not only will your old discs not work, but you’re locking yourself into paying $30+ more for new releases as well compared to physical releases for basically each and every AAA release.

          If you’re 100% sure you are committed to digital only then the all digital version makes sense, otherwise it’s only going to take a small number of games to make that $150 difference back.

          • @Smigit: If you are buying physical versions to keep forever, then it is not really that cost effective.

            The reviewers get early digital version of the games and it's most likely they share one common review account (some reviewers had, on some occasions, mentioned that's the case). While I personally don't get involved in any form of account sharing, I've known people who have done that (not for PSN specifically, but for other things).

            Anyway, the line blurred further when you have a big family of adults living in multiple households.

            Don't get me wrong, the version with disc is better no doubt. It's just if the cost gap isn't that big, the digital version of games do have advantages. I've had at times getting not quite pristine copies of disc version of the games and either had to go through refund process or just accepted the inferior condition. Those are purchased of supposedly brand new and EB games considered unplayed display copies as brand new. Likewise for JB, BigW, Target etc… This happens a lot for discounted games.

            • @netsurfer: Physical games can be shared too, and you don’t have to share accounts or add them for a family to do so. If we’re going down the line that costs are less because you use a mates account, then the same point stands for friends loaning you a disc they purchased. Your friend still spent more to get that copy most likely.

              Not saying digital doesn’t have perks, but the gap really is that wide for new AAA titles if you’re actually buying content cost wise, at least for whoever is making the purchase. Right now for consoles, digitals lack of competition makes it a worse cost saving prospect but you don’t have to deal with discs which has pluses.

              In the cases that digital cost less, the people with a unit with a drive can still buy a digital copy where the reverse isn’t true.

          • @Smigit: Personally I favour the digital model for a variety of reasons, but what you say is objectively true. Purely through a financial lens, you will save money going with the disc model.

            If you buy an average of 2 new games a year over the 7 year period where the console is likely to the leading console from Sony, at a minimum saving as you outline, your initial $150 on the digital edition will result in a $270 loss. More if you factor in re-selling and loans etc.

            The digital distribution pricing model is flawed when this is the case, which it is.

    • Not possible. You’ll have to buy everything again digitally. That alone makes it worth buying the disc version imo

    • Just keep the PS4 if you want to play old PS4 games?

      • Better off selling it. The PS4 will almost certainly be able to be sold for more than the $150 price difference. You also get a more capable UHD drive should you want to use it for movies also.

    • Possible solutions:

      • Pray / beg Sony to add those games to PS Plus Collection for PS5.
      • Spend more energy earning more money.
      • Sell the digital edition to someone that's more desperate than you who is willing to pay $749 for digital edition.
      • Wait for someone to jailbreak PS5 and join the dark side.
      • (Go dodgy) and buy codes from shonky sellers.
      • Nag your family members and friends to help you.
      • Learn how to reverse engineer PS5 circuit board / motherboard and mod your console.
    • Just scroll post if you dont care. Its very sought after atm.

      • Yep, I wouldn't have known these were even out if I didn't see the "RRP" posts on OzB. I am very appreciative.

      • Listen up kiddies, back in the day this website was for deals and bargains. Back when catchoftheday had one deal at midday and Kogan was selling TV's from his Elsternwick garage. Take your RRP gamestation to the forums

        • +10 votes

          Just don’t understand people throwing the OzBargain rule book at every post. I’ve seen more personal benefit by ‘in stock’ notices than ‘deals’ recently.

          Without these I wouldn’t have a PS5 & a Game and Watch. I imagine the clicks on the site reflect that people are finding these posts very useful too, otherwise mods would be taking them down.

          Honestly I reckon 90% of the OzB users never touch the forums, the implication they should be there is bonkers.

    • In stock at RRP is not a bargain!

      • In stock

        what is the relevance, better if No stock? ;p

      • Upvoting you on this one, I got smashed with the downvotes on having this opinion yesterday. It's a forum post, no bargain - meanwhile the new Apple Watch 6 is available for full price at Apple website if anyone wants to post the "bargain".

        • the point of the RRP PS5 posts is to tell people where the PS5 is for sale. That in itself is actually the "bargain/deal" and not in monetary value, but in availability value.
          If people want something that is just (or about to be) released and it's difficult to get, this website is great for that aswell.

          In comparison, the Apple watch is not in hot demand and there is plenty of stock, therefore it is not a "deal". If Apple released a limited edition version and it in hot demand at full RRP, then a post would be suitable because it is a "deal" of value relative to the demand.

          • @yellowfever: yea everyone here is so braindead on absolute cost VS RRP that they don't realise that value is determined by hype and demand.

            There is such a large demand for this product that it's only natural that the market price goes up. It's as stupid as price jacking toilet paper but yes this is how it works.

            Here is an opportunity to purchase the console at RRP so the value in this deal is good.

          • @yellowfever: But can't people just check the forums for this? Maybe there should be a specific section in the forums for in stock items.

            • @JRozells: Has this really inconvenienced you so much? Like just scroll on past this. I mean isn’t that what we all do with the front page? Just scroll and click on an item we are interested in? I don’t click on ones I’m not then tell everyone it’s not a deal to me in December when the price of PS5s is like $1200+ on eBay this at $749 is the damn deal of the year.